Collage of top Cebu Islands

Cebu Islands to Visit That Make for a Great Summer Getaway

Among the things to do in Cebu is to visit these top Cebu islands. For those who want to learn all about Cebu, one of the first things they’ll discover is what is Cebu known for. One possible answer to that is the beaches. All in all there are 167 Cebu islands, each offering something different. But out of the

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picture-perfect view of sandbars in Cebu

Beautiful Sandbars in Cebu That You NEVER Knew Existed

Discover the beauty of sandbars in Cebu. Avid beach-goers know that sandbars are the coolest things to lookout for when visiting a beach. If you don’t know what a sandbar is, then you’re probably not a beach junkie, but that’s okay! We’ll tell you about them. A sandbar is an elevated stretch of sand that allows you to walk across

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