Beautiful Sandbars in Cebu That You NEVER Knew Existed

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Discover the beauty of sandbars in Cebu.

Avid beach-goers know that sandbars are the coolest things to lookout for when visiting a beach. If you don’t know what a sandbar is, then you’re probably not a beach junkie, but that’s okay! We’ll tell you about them. A sandbar is an elevated stretch of sand that allows you to walk across the water. Think of it as a dock, only it is made entirely of sand!

Some sandbars in Cebu allow beach-goers to wade into deeper waters without getting wet. Imagine walking along the beach with the sea on both sides. How exciting is that? Well, not only is it exciting, it is a once in a lifetime (okay, not really “once” because you can always visit again or go to other sandbars) experience that you will certainly cherish for a long time.


Why, you say? For starters, sandbars are a rare occurrence. Not all beaches get the privilege of having one. They are, what you might call, a wonder of nature. Where and why sandbars form from nowhere still remains to be seen.

Being an island city, Cebu has a higher chance of having sandbars form in its beaches, and rightly so. You may never have known it before, but sandbars in Cebu are abundant. You just have to know where!

Don’t believe us? Well, have a look for yourself because we will be telling you where you can find some of the best sandbars in Cebu.

Sumilon Island Sandbar, Oslob, Cebu

Sumilon Island is a tiny island just off the coast of Oslob, Cebu in the south. Even without a sandbar, the island is a picturesque place that every adventurous soul should experience. Aside from the island itself, the waters that surround the area are to die for (not literally)!

The tiny island is surrounded by waters with a beautiful hue of aquamarine. If you’re not familiar with that color, it is a shade of light blue with a tint of light green in the mix. Still not familiar? Visit Sumilon now!

Northwest of the island is where you will find the beautiful sandbar, on the opposite side of the island from where the lighthouse is located. The sandbar stretches several meters into the aquamarine sea, making for a great profile picture for your social media accounts.

Mahayahay Beach Sandbar, Argao, Cebu

Among the many beaches of Argao, Cebu, Mahayahay Beach is one of the lucky beaches to have formed a sandbar. What makes it unique from other sandbars, is its sheer size! You may imagine a sandbar to be a narrow length of sand that stretches through the waters, while you may be right, this sandbar in Argao may prove otherwise.

The sandbar in Mahayahay Beach is wide. While it still stretches to deeper water, it has a distinct teardrop shape that makes it unique from all the other sandbars you may have already visited.

Kota Beach Sandbar, Bantayan, Cebu​

Traveling north of Cebu, you will eventually find the island of Bantayan. It is a popular tourist destination especially during holidays where roughly a thousand people will be competing with you in enjoying the island’s beauty.

The island is not uninhabited like most smaller islands. There are locals living there who call the island home. The good thing about having people live there is that there will always be many options for accommodation, and of course, your bare necessities are available in a heartbeat.

Having proper accommodation also allows tourists to spend the night, or even nights, on the island. So where’s the sandbar, you might be wondering? The sandbar, as the header suggests, can be seen in Kota Beach, which is somewhere in the southeastern tip of Bantayan island.

Unlike other sandbars that stretch to deeper waters, the sandbar in Bantayan island is more of a premature one but not in a bad way. Premature because it is formed just a few feet from the shore and is curved to the point where one side of the sandbar creates a pool of water with the beach.

Nonetheless, the sandbar presents more photo opportunities!

Gibitngil Island Sandbar, Medellin, Cebu

Another one in northern Cebu, Gibitngil island is an island off the coast of Medellin. It is located on the western side of the municipality of Medellin. It is also known as Funtastic Island, offering a multitude of fun activities for both local and foreign visitors.

The island’s sandbar is located on the eastern side, extending several meters into the sea. This side of the island is usually filled with hundreds of dinghies that you can rent and paddle to your heart’s content. The waters that surround the sandbar is a hue of emerald green, while moving deeper, the waters become a darker shade of blue.

Caohagan Island Sandbar, Lapu-Lapu, Cebu

Caohagan Island is certainly a little slice of heaven. Caohagan, or Cawhagan, is a small island just south of the popular tourist destination, Olango Island. Caohagan, though significantly smaller than Olango, offers nothing less than the best.

You can access the island from Lapu-Lapu, an outlying island that is connected to mainland Cebu by bridges.

The island is situated in a protected marine sanctuary, making it the perfect diving spot for enthusiasts. The clear waters surrounding the island also make for a fun swim for just about anyone.

The food? Well, no question it is one of the things that keep visitors coming back. The delicious seafood menu, and the pork skewers known by locals as barbecue, leaves nothing to the imagination. Your tastebuds will be craving for more!

The sandbar can be found on the northwestern part of the island. A protruding part of the island that is a picture-perfect wonder. It may not be as distinct or as long as the other sandbars, but the mere fact that you are walking in the middle of the sea, in the middle of nowhere, is a breathtaking experience.

So if you are ever in Cebu for the next few days, or weeks, or months, don’t forget to visit some of the beautiful sandbars that are scattered across the Queen City of the South.

We’re pretty sure that you will not only enjoy the beautiful Cebuano people, but you will also be captivated by pristine beaches, and of course, the awe-inspiring sandbars in Cebu.

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