Talamban Times Square Halloween Pet Fair Highlights

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Talamban Times Square celebrated their yearly pet fair in line with the spooky season.

Halloween is big in countries like the U.S. But in the Philippines, it has slowly become a reason for the locals to dress up and hold different events and parties. 

Instead of going trick or treating in different towns and neighborhoods, you’ll find that a lot of malls and establishments ride in on the hype of the spooky season by setting up costume parties, fairs, and art exhibits

The Halloween-themed pet fair consisted of several exhibits and kiosks.

Talamban Times Square is one example. They celebrated Halloween with their yearly pet fair, aptly named “Pet-a-Boo.” 

The one-week event gave animal lovers and fur parents something to look forward to.  

Held at the mall’s activity center from October 23rd to 28th, there were several animal exhibits and pet supply kiosks. Visitors could buy something for their pets at home or get up close and personal with some furry babies. 


Apart from animal lovers, students from Talamban National High School converged around the mall. Many participated in games and contests, while others walked around to see the exhibits. 

The first day consisted of Pastor Alejandro Brufal blessing the fur parents and fur babies present at the event. He also used religious lessons to teach pet owners the importance of having animals as companions.

Visitors participated in the talent show where they showed off their different skills and abilities

The main attraction, however, were the exhibits, which included dog food suppliers, pet groomers, and groups dedicated to taking care of different exotic animals in the Philippines.

The Alliance of Cebu Rabbit Raisers displayed rabbits of different colors and sizes. Visitors could pet them from outside their cages and others could even adopt them as pets. 

According to Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, rabbits can be great alternatives to cats or dogs since they are relatively smaller and are low-maintenance, with no need for vaccines and a spacious room to keep them safe. 

They are worthy companions that will definitely brighten up your day the moment you see them.  

The Aqua Pet Shop offers everything you need for fish and marine life pets, such as stylish glass cases, fish food, and other cute items you can use to customize your aquarium. 

Some fish were also sold at the event. You may not be able to hold or touch them like cats or dogs, but having one as a pet has its own benefits. 

 Caring for fish can be therapeutic for some, especially since you only see them up close at oceanariums and beaches. They are also low-maintenance as long as they stay inside their aquariums and are fed well.

Other than that, Remarca’s Aviary brought out some feathered friends, which were also showcased during the event. 

The group consists of Cebuano bird enthusiasts specializing in taking care of exotic birds.  

With the help of its exhibitors, visitors could hold them on their hands or fingers. One of the birds featured at the event was the rose-ringed parakeet, also known as the Indian Ringneck. 

This type of bird is famous for its bright yellow feathers and penchant for gnawing at shiny jewelry. 

Remarca’s also showcased the Japanese shamo, a chicken with a long neck. Collectors typically use them as display pieces, and sometimes cook them when they are big enough. 

Finally, the Wild Rescue Crew promoted the adopt don’t shop trend by putting stray dogs and cats up for adoption. Visitors were able to hang around and pet these furry babies until they decided whether they wanted to adopt one.

While the Pet-a-Boo fair was technically a Halloween-themed event, attendees were in awe of the friendly and intelligent creatures looking for their fur-ever home.

The event was a fun and memorable experience even for those who have never owned a pet in their lives.

We definitely have to commend fellow Cebuanos who continue to organize a pet fair to give stray animals a second chance. This is also a great way to encourage visitors to become a fur parent. 

If you’re interested in attending the next pet fair, check out the schedule of activities they have planned for Talamban Times Square. You can also visit them on social media to stay up to date on similar events in the future.

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