The Belmont Hotel Takes Inspiration from Cebuano Culture

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The Belmont Hotel is one of the newest establishments at the Mactan Newtown.

The hospitality industry in Cebu is lucrative because of the many high-end hotels around the island. That being said, you can expect world-class accommodation when visiting areas like Cebu and Lapu-Lapu City.  

The Megaworld Corporation is famous for promoting Cebu tourism through its resorts and business districts, and they are adding yet another prestigious establishment in Cebu – the island’s first Belmont Hotel branch. 

Belmont uses artwork inspired by Cebuano culture for a distinctive design.

The 20-story building stands along Mactan Newtown, Lapu-Lapu City’s premier business district. This location surrounds Belmont with several eateries, heritage sites, and shopping malls for guests to enjoy. 

It is also perfect for those looking for a hotel near the airport since it is only a few minutes away. 

With its interior design inspired by Cebuano culture, this three-star hotel gives a familiar aesthetic that can be very educational for foreigners. 


Belmont carries a long tradition of high-end hotels on Mactan Island.

Guests can stay in one of the 550 rooms and suites fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. This includes comfortable furniture and a city view to give your vacation a relaxing ambiance.

There are five room types at the Belmont Hotel, namely the Executive Suite (48 square meters), the Junior Suite (34 square meters), the Queen Suite (23/25 square meters), the Specially-Abled Suite (34 square meters), and the Twin Suite (23/25 square meters).

Each room is considered a “condotel” because of its condominium-like design. The rooms may be small, but they are spacious enough to be divided into several sections. You can also invest in and purchase a unit for your stay in or sell it in the future. 

The Belmont Hotel has seven Specially-Abled Suites made for guests with special needs, like paraplegics and those recovering from serious injuries. Specially-Abled Suites have roomier bathrooms and can accommodate wheelchairs.  

Each room can be distinguished by its headboards, which have artwork of different aspects of Cebuano culture, such as the guitar-making industry and popular Cebuano delicacies like Otap.

The Cebuano-inspired artwork can also be seen in the lobby, with a minimalistic sculpture of Filipino national hero Datu Lapu-Lapu. 

For recreational activities, you can cool off at any of their two swimming pools or inside the sauna. They also have a fitness center for those who want to work out.  

It is fully equipped for different kinds of workouts, with modern touch-screen treadmills, weights, and strength and conditioning apparatus. 

Like many hotels and resorts in Mactan, Belmont is also ideal for social events and functions. It has four function rooms and one meeting room for more intimate gatherings. 

As for the food, guests can enjoy a fine dining experience at the Belmont Cafe, which offers a variety of Asian and Mediterranean dishes as well as several local favorites. The cafe also has an interesting aesthetic design planted on the walls. 

Lastly, you can try a selection of cocktails and refreshing beverages at the Zabana Bar or at the pool bar. 


Guests can purchase a unit if they want their own place they can also sell in the future. Units at the Belmont Hotel can range from around Php 6.1 million – Php 9.1 million. 

The hotel’s official website points out four important reasons why you should be investing in the Belmont Hotel: 

A Hands-Free and Worry-Free Investment

The process of investing in a unit is smooth, as you can verify using different mediums online. The hotel’s official real estate partner, Prestige Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (PHRI), will personally promote and advertise it for potential renters using different mediums.

They will also ensure maintenance and quality service for the unit and handle other services, like paying the association dues and real estate tax. 

Your Hotel Unit Will Have a Sustainable Income

Condotel units earn higher monthly rental income as they are booked as hotel rooms. This gives them the benefit of having higher room and occupancy rates. 

Unlike condo rentals, income from a condotel is assured even if the unit is rented or not. Furthermore, hotel owners can check in to any room with privileged rates if they own a unit inside the hotel.

Perfect Investment for OFWs and Foreigners

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and Foreigners who invested in a unit at the Belmont Hotel will be given a complete set of furniture and bedroom items. This gives them the perfect spot to spend a vacation in Mactan. 

PHRI also offers owners a free 30-day stay when the unit earns the most lease income. Investors can even bring their families during their free stay and use all the recreational amenities for free. 

Assured Check-In of Guests at Any Time of the Year

With Mactan being one of the Philippines’ biggest tourist attractions, you can be assured that someone out there will be looking for a place to stay. PHRI can advertise your unit to tourists, helping you earn more.

This is even clearer as Cebu is experiencing a growing number of tourists, as the island has recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are many hotels in Mactan, but the Belmont Hotel is the newest addition to its long list of high-end accommodations. With a location close to many businesses and the airport, you can experience a stress-free stay in one of Cebu’s biggest tourism draws. 

You may also want to invest in a unit and earn income to help sustain your livelihood. But even if you stay for a few days, you will find this new Cebuano culture-inspired hotel a great place to spend your summer vacation. 

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