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Most ESL schools in Cebu are not as high-end as the Cebu International Academy.

Want to learn English as a second language (ESL)?

There are many ESL schools in Cebu because of the proficiency in English among Cebuanos. While most ESL teachers hold lessons online, a few allow face-to-face classes with other students. 

CIA has amenities you can find in most high-end resorts in Cebu.

Cebu International Academy (CIA) is one of them. This sophisticated ESL school has highly trained instructors teaching English to international students on a campus filled with facilities straight out of the best resorts in Cebu. 

CIA has been operating on the island since 2003, opening a branch in Mandaue City in 2010. However, the newest campus opened in June at Mactan in Lapu-Lapu City


The Mactan campus is more than just a place to learn English grammar. The resort-like amenities provide a comfortable environment for students to work, play, and relax. 

The campus has three buildings and housing-specific facilities for students to use. Upon entering the campus, students and guests can see the 50-meter swimming pool located in the middle. It’s open from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM on weekdays and 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM on weekends.

The first building on the left side of the school is the IDP Testing Venue. This building has several spacious classrooms for students to take International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exams in a more tranquil and peaceful environment. 

The IDP Testing Venue also has several speaking rooms for testing students’ speech in English. 

The ground floor of the building has a minimart, which sells snacks, drinks, and budget-friendly meals. Students can also purchase local souvenirs like bracelets, keychains, and t-shirts. 

The second building has most of the educational amenities. This includes several state-of-the-art classrooms for various English grammar exercises. 

There are a total of 253 man-to-man, 17 small group, 24 medium group, and 2 big group classrooms within the campus.  

CIA has two libraries on the fourth floor of the second building, with dozens of books of different genres. The library is also perfect for studying, thanks to several private rooms and cubicles. 

The building has multiple recreational areas as well. Students can work out at the fitness center or take time off in the game room. They also have a karaoke room that caters to 4-5 people.

Teachers also get a relaxing lounge, where they can prepare for their next class or take their breaks. The lounge is an ideal place to hold important meetings as well.   

There is a spacious cafe bar in the lobby selling coffee and desserts. The area around the bar is also often used for small parties and gatherings among the students. 

Finally, the CIA has a high-end restaurant-like dining hall, with a buffet of delicious food from various international cuisines. The dining hall has a Halal section for Arabian students enrolled at the school. 

Students study their English grammar exercises in the school’s high-end dormitories.


The Mactan campus, which is one of the most sophisticated ESL schools in Cebu, provides a hotel-like experience through its campus dorm rooms. Each room has amenities that make overnight stays and study sessions more relaxing and convenient. 

Each room has either a single, twin, triple, or quadruple beds for solo and group guests. There is Wi-Fi in all rooms, though connectivity may be limited during classes and break time. 

Each room has a balcony with a view of the picturesque Cebu skyline and the dazzling infrastructure of the school. The rooms also have tables and chairs where students can study. 

Top: Standard Single Room
Bottom: Premium Single Room

The Single Room gives students some privacy, especially when they’re studying. The Premium version of the room has a refrigerator and induction stove where they can cook personal meals. 

Twin Rooms are perfect for enrollees who prefer to have company to study or converse with.

The largest among the rooms are the Triple and Quadruple rooms. These consist of three to four beds. The rooms are perfect for those who want to practice speaking English in a group, especially with students from other nationalities. 


Most of the students at CIA consist of Asian nationals from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, and Thailand. 

Students rave about the school’s wonderful ambiance, with one Thai student saying that it gives “a spectacular view for studying.” He also raved about the school’s dazzling swimming pool. 

One Korean student also loved the opportunity to meet students from different countries that have become her friends during her stay. 

One student from Taiwan said that the dormitories are nice, and that it added to the school’s already wonderful environment. 

You can easily mistake CIA for one of the high-end resorts in the Historic Resort City of Lapu-Lapu, but within this well-maintained structure lies one of the most sophisticated ESL schools in Cebu. 

The dormitories are soothing to live in, while amenities help students develop their personal and social growth. 

CIA gives a one-of-a-kind learning and living experience for students wishing to add English to their repertoire. The school is more than just a place of education. Students and guests can also experience world-class hospitality on the island of Cebu.

Exact Location: 

CIA Building Vistamar Avenue, Sitio Dapdap, Barangay Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines


For students: 

CIA provides pickup services for international students at Mactan Cebu International Airport. 

If you wish to enroll at CIA, visit their website at http://www.cebucia.com/en/ for more details.

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