Lava Mountain River Farm: Your Own Private Utopia in Cebu

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Looking for a private getaway in the mountains of Cebu? Check out the Lava Mountain River Farm!

Being an adult can be exciting and stressful. The more we try to better ourselves, the more we long for relaxation and leisure. This is why a private getaway is a favorite recreational activity among many adults. 

Mountain resorts are a famous option as they provide that much needed laid back atmosphere where you can cool off and let loose. Aside from having a remarkable experience while you’re there, the trip along the way is just as memorable. 

One resort worth checking out is the Lava Mountain River Farm in Barangay Bonbon. This 4-hectare private rest house in Cebu City has a countryside atmosphere that is perfect for any kind of rendezvous.

It is nestled deep within Cebu Transcentral Highway, which already has dozens of attractions with picturesque views and cozy vibes. These places are frequented by Cebuanos and tourists, especially on the weekends.


The resort started off as a private property owned by a family in Cebu City.

Like other rest houses in Cebu, the Lava Mountain River Farm started off as a family property. When the owners started visiting it less, they allowed friends to experience it for themselves. 

The farm was officially opened as a private resort in 2017, promoting sustainable tourism through its outdoor landscape of lush trees and foliage. 

It also promotes farming through fresh fruits and vegetables used to create their native delicacies. Guests also experience the provincial lifestyle with rooms and amenities inspired by countryside architecture.

The mountain resort stands near the headwaters of the Mananga River, one of the biggest water systems on the island, spanning from Cebu City to Talisay. 

Visitors can trek and traverse this massive water system since it is government-owned and free for all.  

Customers book a stay to take some time off of their hectic schedules. It’s only 45 minutes away from the city proper, so it won’t take long for you to get there. 

However, note that you’re going to have to take a lot of turns to get there, so prepare to ask for directions from the locals along the way. 


The Lava Mountain River Farm offers a ton of fun activities for its guests.

The Lava Mountain River Farm has four payag-style huts where customers can stay, each made with native materials to create an elegant, rustic design that is both relaxing and photogenic. 

Each room is well ventilated, as the cool open air makes for a chilly atmosphere. 

The biggest room is the Mountain Hut, located right beside the resort’s swimming pool. It has a Kubo-style lounge, with a dining area and an outdoor grilling station.

It’s perfect for larger groups hosting reunions or team building activities, as it can house up to 22 people. 

The resort’s swimming pool is spacious and starts at 4 feet, then goes deeper at 6 feet. 

There is a Php400 charge if you want to trek the Mananga River with a guide. You may want to go to the furthest parts of the river to appreciate the great outdoors more. 

If trekking along the river is your priority at the Lava Mountain River Farm, you might as well book the Riverside Hut. This offers an overlooking view of the river from the second floor, and is the closest to the path going down to the river. 

For food, the Lava Mountain River Farm offers a set of meals, including famous Filipino breakfast classics. Customers can also have a boodle fight or a lechon prepared for them. 

They also offer complimentary merienda like Banana Turon and Camote Cue. 

Lava Mountain River Farm is one of the few places in Cebu offering Fresh Pako or Fiddlehead Ferns. Not many places offer this delicacy, but it is readily available at the resort if you pre-order it. 

Additionally, the resort has no corkage fee, so you can bring whatever food you want. You can also cook your own meals at their grilling station, with guests given a free kilogram of charcoal to use. 

You can also store cold drinks and meat in the farm’s refrigerator. 

You can enjoy leisurely strolls around the area or sit back and relax on one of the hammocks. Take in the clean mountainside air while you gaze at the peaceful horizon. 

Visitors may also avail massages or start a bonfire to roast some marshmallows. 

With more people looking to spend a relaxing vacation in the Philippines, mountain resorts like the Lava Mountain River Farm are a great alternative to get away from the crowd. This is one accommodation that highlights the island’s rich natural wonders. 

You can also see what it’s like living a simple life in a modern world. The rest house is kilometers away from the city, so you’ll have all the time to unwind. 

The Mananga River also offers a one-of-a-kind trekking experience that will make you appreciate the great outdoors even more. 

A visit to this place will definitely get you longing for a simple lifestyle, as you create wonderful memories away from everyday life.


Each room may be reserved through the Lava Mountain River Farm Facebook Page.


Weekdays (Monday to Thursday): 

Php10,000 good for 12 pax (Php700 per head over 12 pax, up to 22 pax)

Weekends (Friday to Sunday) and Holidays:

Php15,000 good for 15 pax (Php700 per head over 15 pax, up to 22 pax) 


Weekdays (Monday to Thursday):

Php6,500 good for up to 8 pax (Php600 per head above 8 pax, up to 12 pax)

Weekends (Friday to Sunday) and Holidays:

Php7,500 good for up to 8 pax (Php600 per head above 8 pax, up to 12 pax)


Weekdays (Monday to Thursday):

Php3,800 good for up to 4 pax (Php800 per head above 4 pax, up to 9 pax)

Weekends (Friday to Sunday) and Holidays:

Php5,000 good for up to 4 pax (Php800 per head above 4 pax, up to 9 pax)


Weekdays (Monday to Thursday):

Php2,000 good for up to 2 pax, inclusive of breakfast (Php700 per head above 2 pax, up to 3 pax; inclusive of breakfast)




Exact Location:

Sitio Biasong, Barangay Bonbon, Cebu City


You can ride a motorcycle taxi at JY Square and tell the driver to take you to Lava Mountain River Farm. Along the way you will find signs saying you are going to the resort. It will take around 45 minutes to get there from the city proper.

You should also consider bringing a private car, especially with how spacious the area is. It may be best to use navigation apps since the area is quite secluded.

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