This Mountain Resort in Adlaon Is a Relaxing Staycation Hub!

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This mountain resort in Adlaon has high-end amenities for the perfect staycation!

Want to have a staycation in the mountains? 

You may think that this mountain resort is for trekking or camping out, but it also offers you a staycation like no other.

Rancho Cancio is a private rest house in Barangay Adlaon, offering you the ultimate privacy and an overlooking view of the vast countryside.

The mountain resort has stylish amenities similar to that of an expensive condominium. It also has several spacious areas for you to relax and unwind. 

Many consider it to have one of the best infinity pools on the island because of the dazzling view of the mountains of Cebu City. 

There are several areas around the place that make impressive backdrops for photos as well. Visitors will definitely enjoy the peace and quiet in a majestic location such as this.


This dazzling resort offers you a breathtaking view of the Cebu mountains.

Rancho Cancio has not been marketed much, and most tenants have become frequent visitors who simply want a staycation along the Cebu mountains. 

The resort has hosted several company outings and even social gatherings like weddings and birthday parties. Its unique ambiance and wonderful facilities have turned this underrated Cebu resort into a must-visit attraction.

Rancho Cancio is known for its contemporary architecture, with its white walls offering a clean and minimalistic look.  

There are five air-conditioned rooms available for rent, which can accommodate a total of 30 people.

Three rooms on the first floor have single beds. The two rooms on the second floor have bunk beds and are only accessible for groups exceeding 30 people.

The main highlight of the resort has to be the infinity pool in front of the house. The pool is 4 to 6 feet deep, and there are a couple of chairs nearby if you want to relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

If you’ll notice, the pool is shaped like a capital T, with two square-shaped kiddie pools located on the sides. Any part of the pool can give you a view of the lush mountains which serves as a gorgeous backdrop.

The resort also has an open park near the entrance where you can enjoy various outdoor activities. A tree in the middle provides some shade, while the benches offer the perfect angle for selfies and portraits.

Aside from the great outdoors, you can also enjoy the indoor karaoke machine in the living room. This is a great place to hang out and have fun conversations with friends or family.

You can also use the speakers if you want to play some music during your stay.

Other than that, there is a game room with a large pool table. It is located right below the dining area.

There is no corkage fee if you wish to bring outside food and drinks, and you can cook your own meals in their outdoor kitchen. 

Their dining area is al fresco too, with a view of the pool and its dazzling surroundings.

The villa is surrounded by plants and rich foliage, which will make you love walking around the place. You can also find a pond with Celosia plants in the back, and a platform where you can have a clear view of the house. 

If you’re looking for a staycation in Cebu that’s not too far away from the city, consider booking a stay at this private mountain resort. 

Rancho Cancio is a quaint, peaceful, and enjoyable venue that is ideal for any social event. 

Guests are known to immediately fall in love with the place, considering that they have become frequent visitors.

If you have not visited this resort just yet, take it as a sign to have a memorable staycation along the mountains. 


Exact Location:

Barangay Adlaon, Cebu City, Philippines

Standard Check-In: 2:00 PM

Standard Check-Out: 3:00 PM

Reservations are done through their email: 

Unfortunately, there are no public transport options available that will pass by the resort, so it’s best to bring a private vehicle. If not, you can hail a habal-habal at JY Square. 

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