A Euphoric Trip to Cebu History: Visiting the Museo Sugbo

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Museo Sugbo is a museum in Cebu City that houses all kinds of artifacts gathered from the different islands in Cebu.

Museo Sugbo takes you on a stroll along the many years of Cebu history. It houses galleries that transport you back to notable moments from the past and informs you of the lesser known trivia from way back during World War II and the Spanish and American colonial era. This is a place to appreciate the pieces of history and events that summarize all these years of change.

The museum is situated in what was once the main jail of the province. The detention center was famous for the viral videos of the dancing inmates, and it is now situated in the mountainous barangay of Kalunasan.


This is one of the most important museums in Cebu with its many galleries inspired by the island’s different eras.

Now, the museum is home to all kinds of items and antiques curated from the different towns and cities of Cebu. Everything from ancestral tools to religious images are present within the museum walls.

Bantayan Finds is the museum’s first gallery. It consists of items excavated by archaeologists in the island of Bantayan. Clay pots and iron tools dug from burial sites are displayed, and they also have items that prove gold was present on the island.

Bantayan Finds houses excavated artifacts, something common in many of the bigger Philippine museums.

The gallery across from the Bantayan Finds is dedicated to the contributions of the Spaniards. Since they introduced Christianity to the Cebuanos, they have played an essential role in the city’s history. You will find many integral items during the Philippine expeditions of Ferdinand Magellan and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.

Here, you will also find small statues of notable religious figures, as well as the island’s patron saint, the Santo Niño.

Many of the museums in Cebu showcase objects given by the Spaniards.

Right above this gallery is the museum’s collection of wartime artifacts. In the gallery entitled “Remembering the War,” many important items like clothing, weapons, and guerilla apparatus are preserved. They even showcase videos about Cebuano guerilla during the World War.

Take a look at some Museo Sugbo artifacts located in the Remembering the War Gallery which offer a glimpse into both world wars and Cebu’s role during these events.

The next two galleries center around more modern times: Politics and Publishing. In the Politics Gallery, you can find things like the desk used by Vicente Rama, the city’s first Mayor and ballots given during his election.

The Politics Gallery pays homage to Vicente Rama, the first Mayor in Cebu history.

A couple of Museo Sugbo artifacts dedicated to journalists, photographers, and editors can be found at the Media Gallery. These include equipment used by some of the biggest media entities in the city as well as profiles of notable writers throughout the years.

The Media Gallery has a lot of equipment that was used by the many newspaper establishments in Cebu province.

Finally, the National Historical Commission has their own exhibit inside the museum. This is one particular art museum in Cebu where you can witness the creativity of Cebuano ancestors. From old clothing and interesting musical instruments to facts and trivia and detailed figurines, there is much to learn about the knowledge of the city’s forefathers.

Museo Sugbo is also an art museum, offering many interesting creations from the past.


Museo Sugbo is located in Barangay Tejero, which is accessible through many jeepneys. The most famous jeepney route to take is via 01K, which passes from Colon going to SM City Cebu, and vice versa. You can reach the museum either way.

Most taxis will be familiar with this place, considering it’s one of the most famous museums in the city. You can also use navigation apps like Waze to get there.


Entrance Fee: 30


Monday to Friday – 10AM – 3PM

As a historical landmark, Museo Sugbo is one of the most accessible museums. You can learn so much about Cebu history with the different exhibits found inside. This budget-friendly tourist spot is very much worth the visit.

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