Fuente Osmeña Circle: The Central Park of Cebu City

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The Fuente Circle has long been considered Cebu’s most popular nature park.

The Fuente Osmeña Circle is not your typical nature park. Some know it as the popular circular field in the heart of Cebu City, or as one of the liveliest venues during the Sinulog parade. 

It has all you want in a park – a spacious field for recreational activities, a walkway for jogging, and benches to kick back and enjoy the ambiance. 

This recreational area, aptly dubbed “The Heart of Cebu,” also celebrates one of the most notable Cebuanos in Philippine history.

The park is dedicated to Sergio Osmeña, the only Cebuano President of the Philippines.


The park commemorates the “Grand Old Man” Sergio Osmeña, Sr., the first and only Cebuano to be elected President of the Philippines. Osmeña succeeded Manuel L. Quezon to become the country’s fourth President from 1944 to 1946. 

Born on September 9, 1878, Osmeña was a distinguished lawyer who graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest school in the country, in 1903. Three years after graduating, he became the provincial governor of Cebu at 28.

Despite having little political experience, Osmeña maintained order and cooperation in the province, building trust in the municipal government.

He traveled to the United States on multiple missions to fight for Philippine independence. Osmeña was elected President after Quezon passed away from tuberculosis in 1944. 

He was Vice President under the Quezon administration since the implementation of the Commonwealth in 1935. 

Osmeña lost his re-election campaign to Manuel Roxas in the first election of the Philippines as an independent republic in 1946. 

Despite his short tenure as the head of state, Osmeña remained an integral figure in Cebu’s political history, becoming the patriarch of one of the country’s most prominent political families.  

Several relatives of Osmeña Sr. held mayoral, gubernatorial, congressional, and even legislative positions in the government throughout the years. 

Fuente Circle is an ideal venue for various outdoor activities.


Most Cebuanos are familiar with the Fuente Circle, as it is located in a highly accessible area in the city. The park sits at the center of the Fuente Rotunda, right outside the Robinsons Mall.

Fuente is Spanish for fountain, which also happens to be the park’s central structure. The century-old fountain has stood since 1912, during the inauguration of the first waterways system in Cebu City. 

The park’s iconic image is a favorite subject of many paintings created by local artists.

A circular walkway surrounds the outer portion of the park, ideal for leisurely activities like jogging or taking a stroll. You can also sit and relax on one of the many benches in the area.  

The open grass field is perfect for more intense outdoor activities, like dancing or martial arts. It’s spacious enough, and the surrounding trees make it convenient to hang out during the day.


The good thing about public transportation in Cebu is that there are many routes you can take when traveling around the city.

There are also many business establishments in the area, from famous fast food chains and small-scale eateries to large shopping malls. It is also within walking distance of Mango Avenue, the famous nightlife area in Cebu City, known for its numerous bars and clubs. 

You can expect a large crowd in December, where they light up the Tree of Hope every year. Many Cebuanos go to the park to hang out and enjoy the festivities in the evening during this time.

The Fuente Osmeña Circle pays homage to the only Cebuano to be elected President of the Philippines. Its name translates to Osmeña’s fountain, commemorating the dedicated statesman’s efforts to bring independence to the country. 

The park continues to host some of Cebu’s most awaited events, making it more recognizable than other notable historical landmarks. 

It is an iconic structure that is closely associated with Cebu and is undoubtedly the city’s most well-known nature park.


Exact Location: 

Fuente Rotunda, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City


Many of Cebu’s transportation routes pass by Fuente. For jeepneys, you can take any of the following: 12L, 14D, or 17B. Other routes include jeepneys going to Ramos and Jones, both of which are within walking distance of the park.  

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