Spend a Weekend Getaway at Busay Holiday Pools!

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Have a fun summer vacation at the relaxing Busay Holiday Pools!

Busay is known for its many outdoor cafes and restaurants that have become go-to hangout spots during the weekend. Cebuanos also love going on road trips as they pass through Cebu Transcentral Highway all the way to Balamban. 

Other than that, mountain resorts are renowned places to stay in Busay because of the mesmerizing view of the Cebu skyline. These relaxing locations are also perfect for romantic overnight stays or fun social gatherings.

This mountain resort has four swimming pools that can cater to large groups of people.

However, you can enjoy budget-friendly day-use resorts such as Busay Holiday Pools for a quick summer getaway.  

For only a hundred pesos, you can experience the resort’s four spacious swimming pools with a breathtaking view of the luscious Cebu countryside.


There are three kiddie pools and one for adults. They are situated across four platform levels so you have a different view and vibe for each pool you’re in. 

Each pool has distinct features, like its shape and length, as well as nearby structures and cottages. You can swim, get on the slides, or hang out at the cottages.

The first kiddie pool is two feet deep. There’s a beam in the middle shaped like a hut so guests can relax under the shade. There are also tables right beside the pool so parents can watch over their children and keep their valuables safe.

The second pool is notable for its large area and for being the deepest among the three kiddie pools. It is at the second highest peak of the resort, offering a bird’s eye view of the other pools below.

The third kiddie pool is narrow but the longest. You can cross to each side of the pool through a short bridge above the water. There is also a long bench at the edge of the pool with the Cebu mountains in the background.

The outdoor setup gives the entire resort a calming sensation, as the green landscape gives off a serene ambiance.

A slide connects the third pool with the fourth, which is the only adult pool in the resort. It is the deepest at five feet and the biggest among the four pools with a playground next to it. 

One of the more interesting things about this pool is the concrete pillar at the center where guests can sit and take photos as if they were floating on the water.


This mountain resort is pretty good as a stopover on Cebu Transcentral Highway, but you can also consider it a budget-friendly staycation in Busay. 

Busay Holiday Pools has a couple of rooms for overnight stays, which can accommodate four people. They are fully equipped with everything you need for a relaxing vacation, like a comfortable bed and a breathtaking view.

If you wish to stay for only a few hours to enjoy the resort, there are dozens of cottages where you can store your belongings. 

The resort does not have a corkage fee, so you can bring food and drinks inside to snack on during your stay. You can also bring a couple of beers if you want to chill with your friends.

Staying for a few hours may be the ideal choice for some, especially if they want to make the most of their road trip to Busay. You can also visit nearby Cebu tourist spots like the Temple of Leah and the Sirao Flower Garden. 

This Busay mountain resort is indeed one of the many beautiful spots on Cebu Transcentral Highway, especially if you want a change of scenery and head up to the mountains. 

The pools are great for swimming around and cooling off under the hot weather. After all, summer in the Philippines wouldn’t be complete without dipping in a pool to get away from the heat. 

Drop by this relaxing resort on your next road trip to Busay and enjoy a fun staycation with family, friends, and loved ones.


Adults: 100 Php

Children below four feet: 75 Php

Cottages: 300 Php – 500 Php

Room Rates: 1,500 Php


Exact Location: 

Barangay Malubog, Cebu Transcentral Highway, Cebu City

Operating Hours:

8:00 AM – 12:00 AM


Take a jeepney with a 04 number code and get off either at JY Square or Nivel Hills. You can hail a habal-habal to bring you to the resort. The fare will cost you around 50 Php.

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