Cebu’s Best Pasalubong Centers to Buy the Best Local Gifts

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A Cebu Pasalubong Center is a great place to get gifts for the entire family when you visit the Queen City of the South.

“Pasalubong” is the tradition wherein travelers would bring something from their destinations for their loved ones back home. Being very popular among Filipinos for many years, there are several stores made exactly for such a tradition. As Filipinos prepare for the Christmas season, a visit to these stores is essential. Pasalubong centers bring locally made products to the masses, such as figurines, accessories, and memorabilia to make mementos of your stay in Cebu. Cebu’s best pasalubong allows travelers the luxury of bringing some of the city’s best local gifts.

Cebu City has many places to buy popular Filipino products. Shopping malls have many stalls and kiosks to buy your Cebuano items. You can even buy famous Cebuano delicacies at grocery stores. If you want to go somewhere that offers a lot of options, here is a list of places to go to:

Islands Souvenirs

Islands Souvenirs is one of Cebu’s best pasalubong centers, famous for its iconic shirts.

This company is famous because of its famous “I love Cebu” shirts, one of the city’s best pasalubong items. This is one of the best places to buy souvenirs and memorabilia on the entire island.

They sell accessories, toys, and snacks. The most popular of their Cebu products has to be their shirts, though. Islands Souvenirs brings in many influential Cebuanos to endorse and model their shirts.

Islands Souvenirs doesn’t only offer shirts, but also snacks and home accessories.

There are tons of branches in malls like Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu. There is also a very popular branch near the Basilica del Santo Niño where you can buy their products after going to heritage sites like Magellan’s Cross.

You can even visit one as soon as you land in Cebu, since they also have a Pasalubong Center near Mactan Airport.

Kultura Filipino

Kultura Filipino in SM City Cebu is famous for its many Filipino products like bags and necklaces.

In SM City Cebu, you can find Kultura Filpino. Their shirts may be less popular, but they offer many designs and sell jackets and traditional Filipino clothes like the Barong Tagalog. They also sell delicacies, accessories, and even locally weaved crafts.

Many of the things they sell are Cebu branded. Mugs and accessories have the word “Cebu” written all over them. They even sell other unique items like local beers, coffee, and cigarettes.

There are many things that you can buy in Kultura, from coffee and cigarettes to bags and snacks.

You can find Kultura Filipino near the North Wing, across from The North Face on the upper ground floor. You can use the entrance where Cabalen is located to get there.

Go Lokal!

If you are not satisfied with what is in the mall, there is Go Lokal! to give you more options for Filipino gifts.

Ayala doesn’t just have an Islands branch, they also have a DTI supported gift kiosk. If you want more Filipino Christmas gift ideas, then this is the place to buy some of Cebu’s best pasalubong. Go Lokal! is right in front of Rustan’s, offering many local products brought from the countryside.

From woven bags and fans to keychains and figurines, Go Lokal! has something for everyone. They also have fashion items like necklaces and bracelets, and dining materials like plates and wooden utensils. If you want your home to feel like a traditional Filipino house, then you will definitely love shopping for some of the things at the stall.

The stall is quite small compared to other pasalubong centers, but they still offer a lot of choices for beautifully handmade gifts.


Shamrock may be the best place to get food pasalubong for your family. Shamrock is popular for their Otap, a crumbly biscuit that originated from Cebu. They also sell other delicacies like Dried Mangoes.

Shamrock is popular in Cebu City, but in the countryside, Titay’s is probably the most well known. Exported to many malls and convenience stores, you can also try out their famous Rosquillos. It’s a little bit further away than Shamrock in the city, but it’s still just as iconic for its delicious snacks.

If you visit the Fuente Osmeña Circle, you will be within walking distance to one of their most popular branches. This can be found right next to RCBC Bank.

Tabo-an Public Market

Obviously, a public market is also a great place to buy your pasalubong. Though everyone knows that you can buy many items at the Carbon Public Market in Barangay Ermita, since it is the biggest public market in Cebu, another public market in Cebu City that is also well known is in Tabo-an. Aside from being popular for their dried fish, Tabo-an Public Market is also famous for its many choices of pasalubong gifts for travelers and tourists alike.

Most of the staples of a Cebu pasalubong center can be found here. Delicious snacks that you can find in many Filipino food gift baskets and memorabilia that you can bring home to show off to your family from your trip can all be found in the market. You may also want to try out the famous Danggit, a dried fish dish that is a very popular viand in Cebuano breakfasts.

If you’re looking for places where you can buy things to bring home, Cebu’s best pasalubong centers should be at the top of your list. You can buy clothes, accessories, and food for your family and loved ones. With all the options you have at your disposal, bringing home some pasalubong for the people you love should be a breeze.

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