Cebu City Revives the Colon Night Market in 2022

The Cebu City government has revived the famous Colon Night Market.

Two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, government officials have proudly reopened the iconic Colon Night Market. This weekend-only business strip brings dozens of budget-friendly products and food items to fellow Cebuanos, located along the oldest street in the Philippines

The market is a popular spot for budget-friendly shopping.

For the month of September, the night market is scheduled to open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from 6:00 PM until midnight. It stretches from Osmeña Boulevard down to the Colon Street intersection up to Mabini Street.

Cebu City Councilor and Tourism Commission (CCTC) Chairman Joy Pesquera decided to open the night market in September, in line with Tourism Month and the start of the famous “ber months.”

The Cebu City government has proposed to have the market open to the public on weekends to prevent daily traffic jams due to road closures.

It’s also the perfect alternative to experiencing Cebu nightlife.


Pesquera mentioned that around 340 dry food exhibitors and about 120 street food stalls are set up around the strip. Many of these stalls sell Filipino food and delicacies that have been popularized in the city.

Vendors at the night market include the Muslim community, known for selling a variety of budget-friendly items, which make good holiday gifts and souvenirs.

You can find decent and affordable clothing for sale, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

These stalls also offer discounts, where you can pay a specific amount for multiple products. One popular bargain is where you pay around 100 for 3 pieces of clothing, whether it be t-shirts, polos, or jerseys.

You will find a variety of accessories sold at the market, from pairs of sunglasses and wallets to purses and bags.

Kids can also enjoy the Colon Night Market because of the selection of toys available, many of which are sold for as low as 30.

Other than that, sneakerheads of all ages gather at the night market because of the many affordable pairs of shoes, slippers, and sandals being sold.

You can buy cheap jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and keychains as well. Some stalls also have ear piercings and temporary tattoos as part of their services.

Several tech items like phone cases, earphones, and chargers can be found at the market as well. Note that many of these come from third-party manufacturers, so they may not be as effective or long-lasting.

The night market has a small food park with a ton of delicious Filipino food.


The Colon Night Market is also an ideal place to munch on some delicious street food. Some stalls offer budget-friendly meals, while others serve fried food on sticks like kwek-kwek and tempura. 

Grilling is a popular food trend in Cebu, possibly dating back to the time of Lapu-Lapu. You will find stalls grilling barbecue skewers, hotdogs, and the like all over the strip. 

You might also want to try the exotic Cebuano comfort food known as ginabot (deep-fried pig intestines). You will find many variations of this dish in several pungko-pungko stalls, where customers sit down (translation for pungko) and take food from a large tupperware.

For some snacks, you will find fresh fruits, lechon, potato curlers, and the iconic puto bongbong


Pesquera mentioned that the city government teamed up with Iconique Mall to bring a Celebrity Corner, curating several items owned by local celebrities. These include the jerseys of former professional basketball player and current City Councilor Donaldo “Dondon” Hontiveros.

There is also a stage in front of the Colon obelisk used for special performances. Local bands perform songs onstage to give the venue a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

While the night market will only be open on weekends for the month of September, many Cebuanos are excited to see the iconic Cebu nightlife scene back in the spotlight.

With an assortment of competitively priced products and street food offerings to satisfy your cravings, it’s good to see this iconic business center back on Colon Street.


Exact Location:
Colon Street, Cebu City

Operating Hours:
Friday – Sunday
6 PM – 12 AM


The easiest way to get to the night market is to take a jeepney to Colon. Most areas in Cebu will have a jeepney going to Colon, but make sure you get off at the Gaisano Metro entrance. 

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