The Iconique Mall in Colon | An Exciting New Shopping Center

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The brand new shopping center, Iconique Mall, offers an outdoor dining experience along one of the most famous streets in Cebu.

Colon Street is the oldest street in the Philippines. It is arguably one of the busiest places in Cebu because of all the businesses and establishments surrounding the area. There are even restaurants and eateries that have been around for many years.

Most locals who have no idea what to do in Cebu City simply visit this popular street, as there are tons of places to visit where they can shop, dine, and sightsee.

But just when they thought Cebu had enough shopping centers, a new one emerged, and it’s located right at the heart of Colon.

The Iconique Mall is a brand new shopping center that offers a selection of lesser known but interesting restaurants and small retail stores. The grand opening took place during the COVID 19 pandemic, wherein al fresco dining became more prevalent, and it is one of the first malls in Cebu with an outdoor food court.

Situated at the heart of Colon Street, Iconique is accessible through public transport.


One of the best things about Iconique is definitely its location. Colon is a well known destination with many public utility vehicles passing by. It doesn’t matter where you are in the city, you can definitely find a jeepney route to get there.

The mall is a few meters away from two of Cebu’s most famous heritage sites, namely Magellan’s Cross and Plaza Independencia. It’s indeed a great place for a quick snack or meal after a long day of strolling through some of the city’s historical attractions.

If budget shopping is on your Cebu bucket list, then Iconique is definitely worth a visit.


The most interesting part of the mall might be their food court, which is designed like an outdoor food park. It may be smaller than other well known food parks like the Sugbo Mercado franchises, but it definitely has the same relaxing and enjoyable vibe.

Iconique is the first mall to have a food park situated outdoors.

Iconique’s is situated on the roof deck, you can get an interesting view of the busy streets.

There are a few food and beverage stalls that are new to the food park scene, and they make a great addition for anyone looking for a quick affordable bite. The food served ranges from hefty grilled meals to a selection of sweet desserts and delicacies.


  • Bella Tea & Chocoffee House
  • Buongiorno Pizza Pasta
  • CMYK Restaurant
  • Don Takoyaki
  • Green Kiosk
  • JSpot
  • Mangolicious
  • Mart’s Kitchenette
  • Pungko-Pungko & Dumplings House
  • Rodi’s Grill
  • Tapawarma

There are an array of options to try at this budget-friendly food park.


Iconique is located right across from another popular mall in Cebu, the Colonnade, right in the middle of Colon. As mentioned, there are a lot of public utility vehicles that pass by, and some of the biggest heritage sites in Cebu are only a walking distance.

The mall has an open parking space, so you may bring your own vehicle if you wish. Its location is very accessible, so you don’t need to use navigation apps unless it’s your first time in Colon.

The mall is open from 10:00AM – 8:00PM every day.

The parking lot in Iconique Mall is pretty adequate for those who wish to bring their own vehicle.

Iconique is clearly a welcome addition to the shopping industry in Cebu. If visiting all the different food parks in the city is on your Cebu bucket list, the mall’s outdoor food court would make an interesting addition.

Though newer compared to shopping mall giants like Ayala and SM, its location is definitely an upside. There is so much to look forward to, so commute to Colon Street and experience this new food and lifestyle shopping center that’s both accessible and budget-friendly!

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