Are Islander Slippers Worth the Investment?

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No footwear is more Cebuano than Islander slippers.

On December 27th, 2023, rumors spread that Cebuano footwear brand Islander was closing down. This brought mixed reactions from locals remembering their own pair of these iconic flip flops over the years.

However, the company clarified that only their factory outlet in Minglanilla will cease operations, and the production of Islander slippers and other footwear will continue. 

This was a huge relief for Cebuanos, as many have expressed their love for the footwear brand since they were young.

Islander slippers are one of the most well known Cebu products because of their combination of style and function. Their durability makes it so they can last for years, and they are comfortable enough to use as house slippers. 

Their factory outlet officially closed on New Year’s Day in 2024, but many of their products are still available at malls and business centers. 

Are you thinking of getting a pair?

These iconic flip-flops are some of the most reliable footwear made in Cebu.


  • Durability and Comfort 

Islander slippers are extremely durable, as they can last for years after being used for different outdoor activities or in different environments.

It’s perfect for walking the streets or even hiking up mountains. It’s great when worn outdoors, thanks to its thick sole supporting the bottom of your foot in every step. 

These slippers are also known for their grip, which helps when walking around slippery surfaces. Some even wear these slippers when playing games outdoors since the traction and weight make it easy to move around in.  

Flip flops are arguably the best footwear for any beach attire, and with Islander, their thick rubber soles make it easy to move around in the sand and water. 

Even with a simple beach outfit, these slippers can make your look more appealing.

  • Easy to Find

This footwear brand is sold in several malls in the city, so you won’t have to travel far to get one. 

Pass by the footwear aisles or ask around and you’ll most likely find tons of Islander slippers in different colors, styles, and sizes. 

Islander also has an official store called Footstep, with a dozen branches all around the country. In Cebu, you can find one at Colon Street near Metro Gaisano.

You can also buy them online through shopping apps like Lazada and Shopee, which is also highly recommended and marketed by the company itself. 

  • Various Styles and Colors

Islander has an iconic silhouette that is familiar to many Filipinos, but they also offer alternative versions varying in thickness of the sole or strap, the material, and colors. 

Many of their regular slippers cost around Php420 on Shopee, but they also sell alternative versions that have thinner soles or rubberized straps.

They offer sandals that are great for long walks and hikes. These are the most expensive products you can order from Shopee, costing as high as PHP 770.

You may even use Islander slippers for your OOTD, especially during summertime. This is the perfect lightweight footwear that will help you walk the streets of Cebu with ease.  

  • Worth the Price You’re Paying

While you can definitely find house slippers at a cheaper price, you can save money down the line with something as durable as Islander.

For less than Php500, a pair can last for several years, sometimes even decades, if properly cared for. 

You can bring them anywhere you go and still be assured of its comfort and style.  

You can’t go wrong with owning an iconic pair of Islander slippers, especially with all the fond memories many Cebuanos have over the years. To them, these are more than just slippers. They are gifts from relatives or parents, or an investment that definitely paid off.  

Islander is great for casual strolling or a fashionable streetwear alternative. Many Filipinos are relieved to know that this footwear brand can still be purchased online or on several store shelves.  

Rumors of its closure reignited an interest among those who owned a pair since they were kids. It’s great knowing that many more generations can also have their own pair that will last for a long time. 

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