Cebu Guitar Factory: The Historic Resort City of Lapu-lapu

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Lapu-Lapu City is the Cebu guitar factory, where high quality string instruments are made.

Cebu is considered the guitar capital of the Philippines. This is in no small part due to the world class popularity of Lapu-Lapu City’s local craft. Lapu-Lapu is known throughout Cebu as the historic resort city, also because this is where the airport is. It is also known, however, as the Cebu guitar factory. This historic city is home to some of the most well known guitar shops in the entire island, and their quality is indeed top-notch.

There are several stores in Lapu-Lapu dedicated to these premium string instruments. The most popular area in the city to buy one would be Pajac, which is where you will find shops like Alegre, Ferangeli, and Susings.

You will need to travel a little bit further, though, as traffic at the Mactan bridge can be quite annoying. Luckily, there are places like World Class Guitars and Island’s Guitar in Pajo that are easier to go to since they are along the highway, making it accessible via public transport.

Alegre Guitars is a world renowned Cebu guitar factory in Pajac, known for its world class quality.

Island’s Guitar is a smaller but more accessible guitar factory for tourists because it is found along the highway.


Lapu-Lapu guitars aren’t a new trend. Several guitar makers have been crafting guitars for years, and they are a great symbol of the city, similar to the home grown shoes in Carcar. Celebrities even take a stop to see the guitars for themselves. The Alegre Guitar Factory in Pajac is a very popular tourist spot. These guitars could even be considered one of the best things to buy in the Philippines.

The guitars vary in size and design. They use durable wood and stone for different parts, but the sound quality is consistent no matter the price.

Speaking of price, some stores sell their guitars for as low as 1,500 ($31) and as high as 9,000 ($187). However, some customizable guitars are more expensive. There is an area in Alegre that focuses on premium guitars that are made of imported materials, which could cost as much as 65,000 ($1,300). You can take a look at the Cebu guitar price list online to find the best value for you.

Lapu-Lapu’s local craft is made in different sizes and colors.

The locals are very proud of their work, boasting about their sound quality and durability. Some stores even give you the option to customize your guitar, making you decide on what it should be made up of. Some of the popular types of wood they use are Narra, Mahogany, and Nangka. You could do some research ahead to decide on your guitar’s makeup. They will even offer a case for more protection.

Stores are also customer-friendly. Some of these stores have websites that will show you more of their product’s features.

The craftsmen will also suggest a good piece based on your preference. There are hundreds of designs that will help you make a purchase decision, and you can even test them out yourself. Regardless of the price or design, you can be assured that these guitars are class leading in the island.

Curious about how they’re made? The craftsmen do it in front of their shops for the customers to see. This is interesting enough to become a notable tourist attraction. Who knows? Maybe you would want to learn and try it out yourself?

You can spend your time studying the many ways and processes that make guitar shops a staple in every Lapu-Lapu City itinerary.

Guitars in Lapu-Lapu City are class A Philippine souvenirs that will last.

Some guitars are exported to Cebu malls. They increase the retail price, though, so maybe buying them directly from the suppliers will be a bigger bargain. Buying at the main stores will also ensure that the product is authentic and original. You’re really going to get your money’s worth with a trip to Mactan Island.

Bringing the guitar overseas will be a big concern. Some guitars are known to break when they are shipped abroad. Make sure that the material and quality of your guitar will make it good enough to be shipped. Read articles online on how to properly ship a guitar when you go home.

The good thing is that some shops ship these themselves, and have been shipping them to many countries around the world.

The Philippines is a popular place for all kinds of musicians. Filipinos are known for boasting a powerful vocal range and energetic instrumentals. As such, it is no surprise that Cebu makes some of the best modern musical instruments in the Philippines. Audiophiles and music buffs should definitely consider Lapu-Lapu City as a go-to place.

When choosing from a variety of Philippine souvenirs, be sure that it can stand the test of time. Lapu-Lapu City has been the Cebu guitar factory even before it was known as a resort city. Being passed on from generation to generation, it looks like there’s no stopping the economic boom in this type of business. As music continues to connect us, the sounds of strings being strummed and plucked will last forever.

Every list of best things to buy in the Philippines should include a guitar from the historic resort city.

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