The Premium Fruit Store in Uptown Cebu: Prutasan ni Adan

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Get your friends and loved ones baskets of fruits from Prutasan ni Adan!

Fruits are essential to any Filipino diet. 

Comfort foods like halo-halo, banana cue, or even holiday favorites like fruit salad aren’t the same without fresh produce giving it its flavor and color. 

This has made fruit stores extremely lucrative businesses in the Philippines, many of which you can find at public markets, streetside stalls, or outside a church.  

Prutasan ni Adan is located at Tancor Residences in Barangay Kasambagan.

A fruit store in the residential area of Kasambagan is known for its high quality service, providing more than just a selection of the freshest produce. 

Prutasan ni Adan is a small-scale grocery store that aims to provide some of the best fruit baskets in Cebu.

They offer everything from apples and oranges to bananas and dragon fruits, and so much more. They also sell salads and fruit cups. 

Even some of the most exotic fruits in the Philippines can be found here.   

This impressive fruit store has definitely become a staple as one of the top fruit stores in Cebu, with their services extending to some of the biggest shopping malls and food delivery services on the island.

However, things were different in the beginning. 


An article on the history of the fruit store is framed and hung on display.

Prutasan ni Adan was founded by Bobby Adan. 

Before establishing his business as a high quality fruit store, Bobby sold bananas at his corporate job, then supplied them to companies and canteens all around Cebu. 

Bobby realized how big of a business opportunity this could be, so he left his corporate job to start Prutasan ni Adan with his wife Shera. 

The store’s name is taken from the couple’s surname. 

Their first concept store opened in 2017 in Lapu-Lapu City, selling fresh fruits like lemons, oranges, and apples. Their main selling point was baskets of fruits, which they still sell and deliver to this day. 

However, despite Bobby’s pursuit in improving his business, it closed due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Bobby still managed to secure a reliable supplier and kept a substantial supply of his fruits. 

He decided to continue selling them to the public through online delivery services.

After gaining more popularity, they finally opened their main branch at Tancor Residences 1 in Barangay Kasambagan in 2020.

As business boomed, more food offerings were added. 

Aside from fruits, Prutasan ni Adan offers meals, fruit bowls, salads, and their famous yogurt ice cream. 

In 2023, the fruit store opened its second branch at Banilad Town Center, giving Cebuanos further access to their products and services. 

Aside from their main store, you can also buy salads and fruit cups inside supermarkets, or try out their yogurt ice cream at IL Corso Lifemalls. 


Prutasan ni Adan offers not just native fruits in the Philippines, but also exotic fruits from outside the country. 

They can be a bit pricey, but they are well-preserved within an air-conditioned room. 

Air conditioning units bring lower air temperatures, which guarantee a longer shelf life for fruits and vegetables. Some are even kept inside refrigerators to preserve their freshness. 

This does not only benefit consumers by assuring the freshness of the products, but also prevents product losses due to spoilage.

Some of their most popular fruits include lemons, apples, and bananas. 

You can also order their mangoes, which are picked from the mountains of Guadalupe in Cebu City. 

Their exotic options include their dragon fruit imported directly from Taiwan, which is said to be the healthiest version of the fruit. 

These are rich sources of antioxidants and help in reducing cancer and diabetes. 

Inside their refrigerators are boxes of strawberries and some avocados. You can also find high quality pork and meat, as well as some cold drinks to cool down. 

Prutasan ni Adan functions as a small-scale grocery store for you to buy your daily essentials. 

You can also indulge in their selection of healthy chips and other Filipino delicacies. 

You should definitely try out their Healthy Cup Ice Cream. 

The fruit store lets customers make their own frozen yogurt cups, where they can add as many toppings as they want. 

Unlike traditional ice cream, frozen yogurt has a sour flavor. Their selection of toppings include sliced fruit, cereal, and flavored sauces to help balance out the flavor. 

A fun way to create your yogurt cup is to put half in first, then add a few toppings. Then add in more yogurt and experience a myriad of flavors with the different layers of toppings and ice cream.

The fruit store also offers ice cream made from different fruits including avocados, melons, and mangoes. Unlike their frozen yogurt, these cups have specific toppings prepared by the staff. 

In November of 2023, they offered “Mango-nada,” which is a mango-flavored ice cream topped with real mangoes and kiamoy (dried sour plums) – a sweet dessert with a kick of spice. 

Level up your noche buena with a wide selection of fresh fruits at Prutasan ni Adan. Make sure to try out their do-it-yourself frozen yogurt, which is a great alternative to the traditional soft serve ice cream. 

What started off as an online business for fruit lovers has become the go-to fruit store for many Cebuanos. Though they’re a bit pricey, they are sure to offer fresh, quality produce that is worth every centavo. 


Exact Location: 

Tancor Residences 1, Barangay Kasambagan, Cebu City

1st Floor, Banilad Town Center, Barangay Banilad, Cebu City

Operating Hours:

8:00 AM – 8:00 PM  

The fruit store is located on the first floor of Tancor Residences, accessible through F. Cabahug Street. From the main highway, take a left on the corner of Sarrosa International Hotel, then go straight until you reach the residential area. 

Prutasan ni Adan is located right across from Abaseria Cafe. 

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