Places to Go Shopping on a Budget in Cebu

Downtown Cebu is a great place to go shopping on a budget

Shopping on a budget is more fun when you know where to go.

Looking to bring home gifts for family and loved ones? Indeed, traveling to the Philippines wouldn’t be complete without purchasing more than a handful of souvenirs and not to mention some of the country’s famous delicacies.

You will most likely rush to the nearest mall and look for items with discounts or products that are on sale. But take note that malls and retail outlets are not ideal if you’re shopping on a budget.

Luckily for you, Cebu has its fair share of cheap but valuable shopping centers.

Here is a short list of notable areas on the island that are ideal for budget minded travelers.


Carbon vendor stands next to local souvenirs

You can purchase a variety of local products at the famous Carbon Market.

Carbon Market is known for selling a variety of products. From second hand clothing to fresh poultry and ingredients, this is a very popular business center among locals and tourists.

This budget friendly place is accessible and almost everyone in the city is familiar with it. The market is usually flocked by dozens of customers looking for fresh ingredients that they can bring home or use for their food business.

The market is also filled with small stalls and food carts serving some of Cebu’s most popular street food, and there are a bunch of cafeterias that offer home style cooking.

While most restaurants put a high price on the healthy meals they serve, you can spend less at Carbon Market.

Tourists traveling to the Philippines easily fall in love with the country’s local delicacies.


Colon Street

One of the most accessible places for budget shopping is in downtown Cebu.

A few minutes away from Carbon is the iconic Colon Street in downtown Cebu, the oldest street in the country.

This is one of the busiest areas in the city because of its booming business sector.

The sidewalks are filled with repair shops and street vendors selling novelty products like jewelry and all kinds of accessories. You can also pass by some street side bakeries and eat some hot bread and pastries.

You may have also seen a shortlist of shopping malls lined up in Colon. Malls like 138, Colonnade, and Gaisano Main sell pretty cheap but reliable products. The new kid on the block, Iconique Mall, also has a rooftop food park that offers al fresco dining.

Even street stalls and small shops in Colon offer all kinds of shopping discounts.


Signage of The Outlets, the first Outlet Mall in Central Visayas

The Outlets at Pueblo Verde is where you can shop for expensive brands at a budget price.

Outlet malls are not the most budget-friendly per se, but you will definitely find some great deals at Pueblo Verde.

The Outlets, located in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, houses several international clothing brands such as Levi’s, Adidas, Nike, and Giordano, all in one chic business center. The place is famous for having massive sales on their original and legitimate products.

However, it is located in Lapu-Lapu City, which is a ways away for those living in Cebu City. All you need to do is ride a jeepney at Parkmall to get there. If you take the time to travel, you’ll surely be happy with the items you’ve purchased.

Some of the world’s biggest international clothing brands can be found at this outlet mall.


FUS Shopping Mall

Golden Fus Shopping Mall is a brand new hypermarket in the busy neighborhood of Tabunok, Talisay City.

One of the newest shopping centers in Cebu is the Fus Shopping Mall. This new hypermarket is located in Barangay Tabunok in Talisay City.

Though it can’t compete in size with their contemporaries, the selling prices on their products are their best asset. They sell mostly clothes, appliances, kitchenware, and other home and track essentials.

It is also quite accessible despite not being in Cebu City, as a ride to the south will get you to this shopping mall, which is located right along the highway. It’s easy to locate since it is right across from Gaisano, another highly recognized shopping mall in southern Cebu.

This new mall is perfect for those who want to go shopping on a budget.

If you prefer to save money and still be able to purchase some great products, there are a handful of places perfect for shopping on a budget. You’ll find many essential items that are sold in bigger malls, but at a cheaper price. You should definitely keep these places in mind, especially when you want to bring home some souvenirs and local products. With that being said, your shopping experience in Cebu will not only be fun, but also convenient.

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