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Visit These Craft Beer Bars in Cebu to Satisfy Your Palate

Have a glass of craft beer in the bars in Cebu!

The first creation of craft beer was recorded centuries ago. Until now, microbreweries are still recognized. In the Philippines, more and more people appreciate the goodness of the beverage. Craft beer is surely alive, especially in the bars in Cebu.

Turning Wheels Craft Brewery

In 2014, the first craft brewery in Cebu was built. Turning Wheels Craft Brewery is one of the places in Cebu where one can get different types of craft beer. Although not located near the popular Cebu nightlife spots, the brewery is often visited by avid beer-drinkers.

The interior is simple woodwork, which gives one a vibe of hanging out in their backyard shed. But the beer is outstanding. No matter what kind of drinker one is, there is a craft beer for them in Turning Wheels.

What’s more recommended for beginners or lightweights is Woodwork Wit. In German, wit means “wheat,” and yes, the drink is made of wheat, so it is not bitter unlike other beers. Aside from its citrus taste, the drink’s low alcohol percentage of 4.7% makes it perfect for those who have just started drinking craft beer. Watermelon Wit, a watermelon-flavored craft beer, is also good for beginners but has a slightly higher alcohol content (5%) than Woodwork Wit.

If one prefers a drink with higher alcohol content, try the Mountain King with 7% alcohol. It is bitter but has a fruity scent, which makes it the bar’s bestseller. Coffee lovers can also enjoy the kick of Busted Up Brown. It smells like coffee, tastes like coffee, but can make one drunk because of its 8.7% of alcohol, much higher than the Filipino favorite beer Red Horse.

Cebu Brewing Company

One of the locations of bars in Cebu nightlife is also where one can find the award-winning nanobrewery, Cebu Brewing Company. Qube Gallery, located at The Crossroads, is the official taproom of the brewing company. The gallery is known for local art exhibits, and since the craft beer that CBC creates is art, it is fitting to be displayed.

One can avail of the bestselling Mango Ale at Qube. But if drinks without alcohol are preferred, ginger beer is also available. There are also craft cocktails drinks that one can enjoy while watching art shows.

In 2016, Cebu Brewing Company won the bronze medal during the Asian Beer Medal held in Singapore. The event is a competition of 12 styles of beer among breweries from 48 countries in Asia.

Different craft beers on tray

Choose the right drink for you through beer tasting!

Baguio Craft Brewery-Cebu

The famous craft brewery in Baguio has opened its branch in Cebu. Baguio Craft Brewery-Cebu offers preservative-free craft beers that Cebuanos have loved for years now.

To give one an idea on what to order, the gastropub offers free beer tasting on their bestsellers. There are 21 types of beer available, and one can choose among the bitter ales, the sweet fruit beers, and the frothy stouts. The drinks are properly described from ingredients to alcohol content so one can choose the right craft beer for them.

Since it is a gastropub, Baguio Craft Brewery-Cebu also has a menu of Filipino cuisines that perfectly match their craft beers. From the favorite local street food to ribs and fries, one has a lot to choose from when craving for something to go along with their drink.

Live performances in bars in Cebu give a more lively vibe, and Baguio Craft Brewery-Cebu has that. The taproom is conveniently located at Cebu IT Park, a place where most people go when in Cebu at night.

Craft Cafe Bar

Almost all kinds of beverages are sold here. Craft Cafe Bar has an extensive menu of coffee and tea, with hot and cold variants, and even blended drinks. Also, not only beer is crafted here; the cafe has a selection of craft coffees too.

Only a few craft beers are on the list, but they are among the best that one should try. Pastas, salads, and rice meals are also available, so one does not need to leave the place if they need to munch.

And if one needs to party, they can stay too. Wait until it gets dark and witness this restaurant turn into a nightclub. Be surprised how the crowd goes wild despite the size of the place.


Carnivores would very much enjoy dining here. Meat is the specialty of the restaurant, and the crowd’s most favorite dish is the Fat Bastard, the signature pork chop of the chef. But if one is looking for the ultimate meat goodness, they should try the ribeye, one of the best steaks in the island and should be in one’s Cebu itinerary.

If one is not a meat-eater, they can choose from the salad dishes that are absolutely filling. Jupiter’s Acorn is one of the bestsellers, which has candied walnuts, blue cheese, and maple dressing.

However, food is not the only game in the Weekend. The chef is also a beverage aficionado, especially on craft beers. The taproom, located at the second floor of the establishment, is where one can find the vast selection of gin, rum, mezcal, bourbon, and single malt whiskies. Craft beer holds a special spot in the taproom with its 16 taps of different local and handmade beers.

The Cebruery

The Cebruery promotes artisanal and uncompromising craft beer. With over 20 types of drinks, their innovation in brewing beer makes them stand out among others.

The creativity of the brewery is evident in the names of the craft beer styles that they offer. With a combination of ingredients from different countries and Filipino produce, the drinks vary from light, dark, malty, and hoppy.

Kabankalan Kolsch contains ingredients of traditional German ale Kolsch. Cebu Pale Ale is the Cebuanos’ version of England’s extra strong bitters. Dumaguete Dubbel is inspired by the historic drink brewed by Trappist monks and is mixed with local muscovado. London-original porter beer that started in the 1700s is spun with Filipino taste in Chocolate Hills Porter.

More and more people are getting hooked on craft beer!

To explore the culture of Filipinos is to have a taste of the local craft beers, made from only natural produce and handcrafted by independent breweries. This may not be much appreciated in other places, but in bars in Cebu, the craft beer industry is growing and will be staying.

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