5G Coffee House | The Best Croissants in Cebu

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5G Coffee House is known for having some of the best croissants in town.

Cebuanos clamor for the next binge-eating spot in town. Restaurants and street food stalls may pique the interest of various food enthusiasts, but many of us love the quiet comfort of a roadside cafe.

The coziness of local coffee shops has made them secondary workplaces, thanks to their comfortable ambiance. However, part of the charm of these cafes comes from their selection of desserts and beverages. 

One of the least-known cafes in the city sits in a subdivision in Barangay Apas. This young establishment offers some of the best croissants anywhere in Cebu. 

You will easily fall in love with the cozy ambiance of this quaint pastry shop.

5G Coffee House has garnered fans from around Cebu and the Visayas islands because of its simple, rustic design and unique menu of delectable pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth.   


This bakery and pastry shop is run by young entrepreneur Ricardo Guinto, who wanted to start his own business after learning to make his own brewed coffee in high school.  

After gaining his first capital from his parents, he opened his coffee shop in San Antonio Village in August 2019, specializing in croissants of various flavors.

5G Coffee House offers a variety of tasty and fragrant croissants.

The “5G” namesake comes from the number of members of the owner’s nuclear family (two parents and three siblings) and their family name Guinto. 

Unfortunately, they had to close down because of the COVID pandemic in 2020. The closure was enough for Guinto to master croissant-making. Eventually, he reopened in 2021, albeit only offering takeout. 

Six months later, when cases started to dwindle, 5G Coffee House opened its doors for customers to eat indoors and added online delivery services through its social media pages. 

Since then, the cafe has garnered fans from all around the country, receiving almost 10,000 followers on Instagram alone. 

Most local coffee shops don’t have a wide selection of delicious pastries.


According to their Facebook bio, 5G Coffee House offers the best croissants in Cebu. That is a bold claim, but it may be close to the truth. Their pastries are soft, flaky, and flavorful like no other. 

First off, they are so huge that they may become alternatives for a meal. 5G prepares their desserts overnight and bakes them the next morning for breakfast.

5G Coffee House offers more than the standard run-of-the-mill croissants. Their pastries are filled with cream – and toppings, depending on the flavor – bringing some color and personality to their usual appearance.

Their best sellers include the Strawberry Croissant, stuffed with Vanilla filling and topped with some fresh strawberries. You can also try out their Double Chocolate Croissant, with a sweet chocolate interior and delicious bars on top.

Matcha is also all the rage today, with millennials craving its sweetness. Their Matcha Croissant is filled with sweet matcha cream and sprinkled with matcha powder on top. 

Other than croissants, they have ensaymada cruffins.

You can also order other pastries like the Pain au Chocolat, Cinnamon Roll, and French Toast. The Ensaymada Cruffin (croissant + muffin) is a definite standout, offering a Filipino twist to their internationally-inspired desserts. 

If you’re looking for the best coffee shop in Cebu, you should definitely give 5G a visit.

A cafe would be incomplete without coffee. Their coffee is made from fresh beans, and you can order them hot or iced. Their non-coffee drinks include Strawberry Milk and Matcha Latte.  

Enjoy your coffee and the soothing ambiance of this delightful pastry shop.


Cafes and their aesthetics go hand in hand, but the 5G Coffee House goes for a simple yet rustic design. Its overall warm look gives it a more straightforward appearance.

Despite the small space, customers find the cozy vibe enjoyable. The cafe might be a little mainstream because of their famous croissants, but once you get to visit and try their pastries, rest assured it’s going to be love at first bite.

Early in the morning, customers can see the freshly baked pastries on display. Once you get inside, you will be welcomed by the sweet smell of their delicious croissants. 

It also helps that the cafe is situated within a gated community in a mountainous barangay. With fewer crowds and barely any loud vehicles passing by, you can look forward to enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

This hidden gem of a hangout spot proudly stands as one of the most underrated cafes in Cebu due to its unique menu and simple architecture. 

5G Coffee House has been sparking excitement among food enthusiasts all around the country, and it seems that it’s going to stay that way for a while, now that Cebu City is slowly embracing the new normal. 

Head down to this charming little coffee shop and enjoy the best croissants in Cebu with a cup of equally delicious coffee!



Exact Location:

San Antonio Village, Barangay Apas, Cebu City

Operating Hours: 

Open every day except Thursdays

9:30 AM – 7:00 PM


You can access the cafe through San Miguel Road near the bus terminal at IT Park. You can ride any jeepney to Apas (numbers starting with 17). 

Get off at Second Street, where the subdivision is. From there, you can walk to the cafe, which is the third house to the right.

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