Cupcaken: A Cozy Vintage-Inspired Cafe for Cupcake Lovers

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Cupcaken is a streetside cafe in Cebu City known for selling a variety of delicious cupcakes.

Cupcakes are feasts for the senses with their sweet flavor, irresistible aroma, and cute toppings that will make you want to try them out. 

Their compactness makes them lighter alternatives to bigger desserts. You may end up eating multiple cupcakes at a time because of how easy they are to consume. 

To satisfy your cupcake cravings, check out Cupcaken, a streetside cupcake shop offering some of the most delicious cupcakes and sweet treats in Cebu.

Cupcaken opened in 2012, owned by Marianne Grace and Ken Anoba, becoming one of the only places on the island offering these delectable desserts as their main food offering.  

It is located along R. Duterte Street in Banawa, which has many hidden gems and lesser known recreational spots. It’s pretty accessible from different parts of Cebu, with jeepney routes from both uptown and downtown areas directly passing by the cafe.

However, Cupcaken is pretty easy to miss with its quaint facade, simple architecture, and lack of nearby landmarks. You should watch out for when you arrive near the area, or tell the driver to drop you off at the exact location. 

Despite this, its private ambiance away from large crowds and busy tourist attractions makes it a great place to hang out and chill. 

The intricate interior design is noticeable even from the outside, with one half clad in vintage aesthetics and the other boasting an earthy minimalist design. 

The walls are covered in paintings and memorabilia, with red leather seats and replicas of vintage vehicles giving off an old-school and comfy vibe. 

The area is spacious enough to host birthday parties, meetings, and social gatherings with friends and family. 

Inside the cafe you can take selfies and portraits, or use the interior as a background for when you take photos of your food, drinks, and desserts.


Each cupcake costs Php 95, with various original and classic flavors for everyone to try. 

The toppings not only give it extra flavor, but also some visual flair to attract customers.   

Their cupcakes are soft and moist, and the icing explodes in your mouth with sweetness. Flavors include Chocolate Ganache, Cookies and Cream, and Carrot Cake.

The icing for their Salted Caramel cupcake has caramel cream drizzled on top for extra flavor. This may be extremely sweet for some, so it’s best to pair their cupcakes with any of their beverages or coffee drinks.

You should definitely try out their Red Velvet cupcake, which is arguably one of the best cupcake flavors you can get. The sweet red cake base is perfectly complemented with the slightly sour taste of the cream cheese on top. 

For drinks, you can order them hot or cold. Since the cupcakes are already sweet, why not try a hot or iced Americano to even out the overall taste.

If you still prefer to have your drinks sweet, you can do that too.

Cupcaken offers all-day breakfast meals and hefty entrées as well. That way, getting any of their cupcakes for dessert will definitely make it a worthwhile experience. 

You can also try out their brownies, crinkles, and ready-made cakes. They even customize cupcakes for special occasions like birthday parties.  

Cupcaken may be the best cafe in Cebu City for cupcake lovers, thanks to their take on the popular compact desserts that become instant favorites. 

This hidden gem offers a relaxing ambiance, delectable meals, and of course, some of the best cupcakes on Cebu island. 


Exact Location:

R. Duterte Street, Banawa, Cebu City

Operating Hours:

10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


From downtown, look for a 07B jeepney. This will pass through Banawa via Colon and Carbon. They usually park right across Paseo Arcenas, so you may have to walk a few meters from there. 

From uptown areas like Cebu Business Park, your first option should be a 12L that’s bound for Labangon. This jeepney passes directly in front of the cafe, so you can tell the driver to drop you off there. 

For deliveries, call: 

0915 198 8510

032 429 3109

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