Dessert Shops to Try the Best Pastries and Treats in Cebu

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Craving sweet treats? Check out these Cebuano dessert shops!

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” 

This quote from American author Ernestine UImer reiterates two things: 

Live life to the fullest, and desserts are a huge source of happiness.

This makes dessert shops some of Cebu’s happiest places. You can smell the fragrance of baked goods and marvel at their irresistible flavors. The ambiance also adds to making these places great hangout spots.

There are no doubt a hundred different stalls, pop-up shops, and cafes selling all kinds of cakes and pastries, but this article will feature Cebuano establishments that bring a more local brand of baking to the masses. 

These locations are perfect for enjoying your favorite dessert, and in some cases, coffee and a hefty meal. 

Check out some of the best dessert shops in Cebu where you can get your sugar fix!


Kakka Dairy Bar is famous for its artisan ice cream cups.

With Cebu’s scorching hot weather, ice cream has become an instant favorite. But for many ice cream connoisseurs, quality counts when it comes to having a more enjoyable experience. 

This is where places like Kakka Dairy Bar come in, known for serving artisan ice cream. 

This ice cream parlor used to be located at Vibo Place on N. Escario Street, right next to Starbucks, but they now have branches in Cebu IT Park and Ayala Center Cebu.

Kakka is famous for its irresistible ice cream and cake flavors (yes, they have cake!) inspired by the local culinary scene and other well-known cuisines. They have since expanded their menu to include specialty pastries, coffee, and rice meals. 

Their servings are very satisfactory, and you can mix and match different flavors to see which one you like best.


5G Coffee House is one of the most famous dessert shops in Cebu City.

If you’re more into baked goods, then you should definitely visit 5G Coffee House at Barangay Apas. This is the go-to spot for croissant connoisseurs in the city.

Their pastries are exquisitely made, with their crispy texture and soft, stretchy dough. What’s even better is that their famous croissants come in different flavors like strawberry, matcha, chocolate, and more! 

5G stands out among other dessert shops in Cebu because of its location and design. It’s tucked within a quiet subdivision, giving it a private, almost hole-in-the-wall-like ambiance. 

It also has rustic interiors that give it an old-school patisserie feel. It recently expanded to cater to more walk-in customers. 


Cupcaken is one of the oldest dessert shops in Cebu, known for their delicious cupcake recipes.

Located in Banawa, Cupcaken has been around for over a decade now, serving their very own specialty cupcakes and desserts.

While cake shops are go-to places for when you’re celebrating a special occasion, there aren’t that many cupcake stores that specialize in these compact and easy-to-eat desserts.

Like most dessert shops, Cupcaken also has a selection of coffee drinks and juices that you can pair with their best sellers.

Similar to 5G, Cupcaken stands out because of its warm and cozy look. It combines modern architecture with a vintage aesthetic through classic vehicle replicas and retro diner interiors. 

One of its advantages is the location, as several jeepneys pass by the area. It’s a few meters away from Paseo Arcenas, so it’s pretty easy to locate. 


Octane + Caffeine is a gasoline station that opened recently along the North Reclamation Area. It’s a great place to get your caffeine fix, whether you prefer to dine in or have it on the go. 

This is because their cafe also has a drive-thru, so you can opt to get your coffee and dessert after stopping by to refuel your vehicle.

You will definitely find yourself ordering more than one dessert because of how affordable their cakes and pastries are. This is also where you can try the famous cakes from the Cebuano pastry shop known as Kermit’s

This Cebuano bakery first opened on Bantayan Island, and they now have branches in the city. Kermit’s also has a branch in Bonifacio District City in Banilad and an upcoming one in Banawa. 

  Octane + Caffeine is part of Fueltech, a Cebuano-owned gasoline station that first opened at Liloan, then later on opened more branches around different parts of Cebu. 

The one in North Reclamation is the first to feature a drive-thru cafe. 


If there’s one thing dessert shops have in common, it’s that they are never deserted. Get it?

These places offer more than just sweet treats. They provide you with a comfortable space to enjoy them!

Make sure to regulate your sugar levels because you will definitely want seconds. Don’t miss out on these trending shops in your search for the best or most famous dessert in Cebu!

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