Burg Haus Cebu: Smash Burgers and Draft Beers

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Pair your smash burgers with tasty Belgian beer here at Burg Haus.

Most people will agree that smash burgers are best paired with a beer, soda, or milkshake. 

In Cebu alone, there are more than a few burger joints serving this delicious grub along with a variety of drinks and side dishes. 

You may not expect, however, to find a burger joint inside a mall that sells quality draft beers as well.

Burg Haus is fairly new, a restaurant owned by Open Kitchen Cebu. 

Their menu includes chicken sandwiches, hotdogs, rice meals, and fruit shakes, making each meal worth your while as you’re shopping or taking a stroll along Ayala Terraces.


Burg Haus is located on the first level of the Terraces at Ayala Center Cebu.

Their bestsellers include the Classic Smashed, Cheeseburger Coleslaw, and their Mushroom Melt. 

You can have a patty or two and add Php 150 for a drink and a side of fries.

Each burger contains a smashed beef patty, cooked just right for a delicious, juicy texture. 

Their Mushroom Melt has some extra umami flavor, while the Cheese Coleslaw is more on the sweet side because of the shredded cabbage and mayonnaise.

Fries will always be the go-to side at any burger joint. But at Burg Haus, you can opt for onion rings as well.

Aside from soft drinks, you can order their sweet house blend iced tea, which comes in either lemon, lychee, or peach. 

Customers have also raved about their fruit shakes, which come in a bunch of different flavors. 


The selection of beer at this burger joint is manufactured by the Romer Beverage Company, the world’s leading brewery for Belgian beer. 

Their beers tend to have a higher alcohol content. They’re also known for their taste, which can be fruitier or spicier than other beers. 

At Burg Haus, you can try two famous Belgian beer brands: Stella Artois and Hoegaarden.  

Stella Artois is a lager known for its slight hint of spice. It is famously served through the Belgian Pouring Ritual, which uses a special chalice to maintain a foamy top and to preserve its aroma. 

On the other hand, the Hoegaarden White Ale is brewed with orange peels and coriander to create a distinctive sweet taste. It is named after the Belgian town of Hoegaarden, with a rich brewing culture dating all the way back to the 15th century.  


Finding the right kind of beer to compliment your burger is crucial for a memorable dining experience. There needs to be harmony between the two. 

Since the burger patty is considered the star of the show, it’s best to pair your burger with a flavorful beer. Lagers and ales are primary options since they enhance and complement different aspects of the burger. 

Lagers like the Stella Artois, for example, have a clean, crisp taste, but are milder than most beers. Many like to pair this beer with classic burgers or sandwiches. 

Lagers are also commonly served with cheeseburgers, as the mild sweetness compliments the saltiness of the cheese. 

Ales on the other hand are more bitter and have a stronger flavor. These are best served with more savory burgers with a lot of toppings. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different pairings, though. This is what makes combining burgers and beers fun since you’ll never know which combination best suits your taste buds.

You can ask the staff, ask for recommendations from friends, or research interesting pairings that you’d like to try. 

If you’re looking to experiment with burgers and beer, Burg Haus is a great place to start. Indulge in their scrumptious smash burgers and pair them with quality Belgian beer for an unforgettable combo. 


Exact Location: 

1st Level, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park

Operating Hours: 

10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


You can take any jeepney en route to Ayala Center Cebu. Jeepney routes include 14D and 12L, both of which make their stops at the terminal. From there, you can walk to Burg Haus. 

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