Cebu Nightlife | Best Places to Eat after Partying

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Cebu nightlife’s best places to eat after a night of partying.

After a night of heavy drinking and partying on the Cebu nightlife scene, it’s nice to unwind first and just rest your bones before you head home for the night. It wouldn’t even be a stretch if you find yourself hungry again. Whether you’re hungry or just want to take a breather, treat yourself to some homegrown comfort by sampling some of the late-night diners in Cebu island.

The Rise of Cebu’s Late-Night Diners

Part of the reason why more diners are open late at night until the early hours of the morning is because of the call center industry. Because of the nature of their work, some call center employees work odd hours, such as 9:00 p.m. or even as late as midnight. Before they head to work, some of them look for a place to eat first. Hence, there are some Cebu restaurants that remain open to cater to workers on the graveyard shift.

The tourism boom has all propelled entrepreneurs to keep their businesses open at night. A lot of the foreigners visiting the city want to experience what Cebu nightlife (this is also included in their Cebu itinerary) is like and they tend to party harder than the locals, which means some of them might get hungry after all that partying.

Presenting the Diners

These establishments might not be as heart-pounding as the clubs, but they are no less lively when enjoying the Cebu nightlife scene. Eating from any of these places might just reinvigorate your party energy or simply give you that warm, hearty feeling before you hit the sack. Without further ado, here are the best places to wind down after partying:

1. Pancit Cantonan sa Ramos

F. Ramos Street in Cebu is near General Maxilom Avenue, which some of Cebu’s hottest clubs are within walking distance. If you happen to pass by this street on your way back to your hotel, you might notice a kitchen setup right across Cebu Velez General Hospital. This crowded spot has many names, such as “the vanishing store.” Whatever you want to call it, you would definitely be satisfied by the quick service and student-friendly price. This silog-style eatery is all prepared by Riel in record time. That way, you won’t be hungry for very long.

2. Silogan ni Gian

Silog-style eateries are popular in the Philippines. Cebu is no exception. The food is not only hearty but also fast and easy to prepare. A typical silog meal consists of a cup of rice, egg (scrambled or sunny side up), and your choice of main dish. The staples include corned beef, tuna, bacon, Spam, and tapa. Silogan ni Gian is one of the most popular in Cebu. There are several branches: Banilad, Arlington Pond, Gorordo Avenue to name a few. Since there are so many of them, it is also one of the most accessible silogan in Cebu. The food might be simple, but they are all quite tasty. And if you are particularly hungry, you can request additional dishes on the side. But if you’re exhausted from partying too hard, you can call the nearest branch and have them deliver your preferred meal.

3. Tazza Cafe and Patisserie

Considering Banilad has The Crossroads, it’s safe to say that this street is one of the party capitals of Cebu. After enjoying the Cebu nightlife scene with heavy drinking and partying, sometimes all you need is a cup of joe to wind down a hectic night. With its chill ambience and quirky wall design, you can definitely take a breather in Tazza. This place has an assortment of brews and espressos. If you want something to munch as you sip your coffee, they also have some finger food.

4. Sugbo Mercado

Due to the shortage of street vendors open at night, Sugbo Mercado answered this need by opening the first ever weekend Cebu night market. The founders decided to open this market to give budding food entrepreneurs the platform to showcase their products. So far, the night market has been a success because it has been operating for over five years and has expanded to other parts of Cebu. From seafood, grilled meats, pastries, and even authentic Japanese katsu, you can find almost any food here. So if you haven’t decided what to eat after partying in the club, then head to the nearest Sugbo Mercado and take your pick from there. And because there are stalls that sell some craft goods, you might even get in some souvenir-shopping in Cebu.

5. Braddex

Chinese food is quite popular in Cebu. Not only is it tasty, but some dishes are quick and easy to make. But most of the popular establishments (DimSum Break and Chowking) only operate for limited hours. Luckily, midnight snackers craving for some Chinese food can head to Braddex. Their specialty is steamed fried rice, but you can also order some of their steamed siomai. They also have some noodle dishes if you’re craving for some warm soup. Braddex is open 24/7, so you can get your fill of Chinese food anytime you want, even in the comfort of Cebu hotels.

Just when you think you’ve run out of things to do in Cebu after a night of partying, these Cebu restaurants can give you the breather you need for a night of dancing. Some of the dishes might just even remind you of home.

Now, you have a lot less to worry about if you go hungry after partying at some of the most popular Cebu nightlife spots.

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