Try the Delicious Filipino Seafood at Parr’t Ebelle Tinola!

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Parr’t Ebelle Tinola is known for serving various Filipino seafood favorites at an affordable price.

Cebu is known for making some of the best and most famous seafood dishes in the Philippines. The island serves as the birthplace of sutukil, a three-method cooking concept that has spawned dozens of Filipino seafood restaurants.  

There are several around the island worthy of your attention because of the chic aesthetics and flavorful specialties. But if you want the best signature dishes you can find, make sure to drop by this street-side eatery.

Nestled in a quiet street in Barangay Mabolo is Parr’t Ebelle Tinola, a Filipino seafood restaurant specializing in sutukil dishes like Tinola and Kinilaw, as well as dozens of barbecue dishes like Tuna and Pork Belly. 

The original branch near SM City Cebu was established in 2000 and has grown stronger ever since. They expanded to accommodate the southern part of Cebu by opening a branch in the municipality of Minglanilla.


Apart from their seafood dishes, you can also order Filipino barbecue meals.

As soon as you arrive at Parr’t Ebelle, you will find tons of Filipino barbecue favorites cooking on the grill. They use only the freshest ingredients to maximize the flavor of their dishes.

Their main course is fish, with slabs and slices doused in their signature sauce, which are then grilled on a charcoal stove. Their most famous fish dishes include catfish, tuna, and marlin.

They also serve grilled squid, which is filled with garnish to give it more flavor, and then cut into smaller chunks for easier consumption.

Aside from Filipino seafood, the restaurant also serves grilled pork, with their liempo (grilled pork belly) having an irresistible taste and less fat.

Arguably their bestseller is their Tinola or fish stew. Parr’t Ebelle uses a fish head mixed in with various spices, herbs, and ingredients to create a hefty dish you can share with your friends.

Pair their dishes with a choice of either plain rice or mais. The latter is corn-based rice, which is denser and flakier. The soup from the Tinola will add more flavor and make it softer.

You can also order seaweed salad or what is locally called goso. This is one of the go-to side dishes for fried fish in Cebu, with health benefits that make it a staple in dozens of seafood restaurants.  

Aside from the food, you can also purchase Chicharon or other Cebuano delicacies at a small stall inside. These are popular road trip snacks that are sold at pasalubong centers and by streetside vendors.


Dozens of Cebuanos flock to this Filipino seafood restaurant during lunchtime.

Compared to other Filipino seafood eateries, Parr’t Ebelle stands out for its simple menu and budget-friendly prices. The place is packed at lunchtime with dozens of Cebuanos craving their seafood favorites. 

The Filipino seafood restaurant is so famous it garnered the attention of multi-awarded international food vlogger Mark Wiens, who featured it on his Youtube Channel. 

Wiens lauded the size of the fish, as well as their balance of lean meat and fat. Aside from this, Wiens enjoyed the lively atmosphere, especially after being serenaded by a street musician. 

Cebu has some of the best cuisine in the Philippines, and their mastery of seafood has made the concept of sutukil a gold mine for the food industry. 

Parr’t Ebelle Tinola’s menu of barbecue dishes and fish stew gives you a more budget-friendly option in an easily accessible location within the city. 

You can definitely see why this restaurant serves some of the best fish in Cebu, with its flavorful meals and competitive pricing making it a go-to place to experience Filipino seafood. 


Exact Location:

Mabolo Branch: J. De Veyra Street, across from SM City Cebu V-Hire Terminal. 

Operating Hours: 

Monday to Saturday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Sunday: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM 


Both branches of the restaurant are easily accessible via public utility jeepneys. For the Mabolo branch, you can ride any jeepney going to SM City Cebu. The restaurant is behind Sunvida Towers, right across from the V-Hire Terminal. 

Meanwhile, the Minglanilla branch is accessible by riding any jeepney going to Naga. Unfortunately, some Minglanilla jeepneys might not reach the area where the restaurant is located, so make sure to ask the jeepney driver if they will pass by it.

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