Satisfy Your Filipino-Style Barbecue Cravings at Chixboy

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Satisfy your barbecue cravings at this new outdoor dining restaurant in Busay!

Barbecues are best enjoyed with meaningful conversations with family and friends. This is something you can experience first-hand at the new Filipino-style barbecue restaurant in Busay — Chixboy!

Chixboy is an outdoor dining restaurant that offers some of the best barbecue recipes in Cebu, including the bestselling Filipino-style pork barbecue, chicken inasal, and baked scallops. Moreover, its location near the mountainside attraction, the Temple of Leah, creates a calm and refreshing ambiance — perfect for barkada food trips.


What makes Chixboy stand out amongst the other barbecue restaurants is the view — overlooking the dazzling city lights and massive infrastructure. This should create a relaxing ambiance as you feast on their Filipino-style barbecue dishes.

Dinner dates are more intimate and memorable here at Chixboy, thanks to the magnificent view.

The view is gorgeous and captivating, showcasing the progression of Cebu City as one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the Philippines. However, it also highlights the solemnity and peacefulness of the countryside mountains, which have recently become a haven for some of Cebu’s most popular tourist attractions.

With al fresco dining becoming more popular and preferable these days, travelers visit many restaurants in Busay because of their outdoor setting. With wooden furniture in an open space overlooking the city and mountains, the cool countryside breeze creates a soothing atmosphere any time of the day.

Chixboy appeals to both younger and older generations alike through its food truck. It’s clearly a gimmick, with a kitchen encased inside, although it’s not an actual food truck that you can drive and take anywhere.

Still, many customers flock to take pictures of the food truck mainly because they are an uncommon sight in the Philippines.

Chixboy specializes in Filipino-style barbecue.


Unlike most Filipino-style barbecue restaurants in Cebu, Chixboy douses their barbecue with their delicious signature sauce generously, guaranteeing a complete barbecue experience in every bite. You can even ask for more sauce at no charge; however, try not to abuse it.

Pro tip: Try ordering pulutan — sizzling sisig or pork belly — and pair them with beer (or soft drinks for those who do not like alcoholic drinks).

Chixboy complete menu. (Photo courtesy of the Chixboy Facebook page.)

On a different note, you can buy some drinks or dessert-like coffee, fruit shakes, or the local favorite, halo-halo, at Matana, the cafe right next to Chixboy.

Matana offers delicious desserts that complement the Filipino-style barbecue perfectly.

Chixboy also has branches in Banilad and at the Il Corso Food Yard.

A low-key location and a beautiful view of the lush green mountains in Busay make Chixboy a very rewarding place to visit when driving up the Transcentral Highway. It offers a relaxing ambiance that creates a unique food trip experience.

Their scrumptious lineup of Filipino-style barbecue dishes will get you salivating. These fun and easy-to-eat dishes serve as a great banquet to share with friends and family. You will definitely love dining at this mountaintop attraction.

Restaurants with open-air dining continue to be a popular go-to spot among Cebuanos.


Unfortunately, there is no designated bus or public transport that will pass by Chixboy in Busay, since most jeepneys only stop at Plaza Housing.

You might want to refrain from taking taxis because taxi drivers usually negotiate with a pakyaw (a fixed rate instead of a metered fare) for the long, uphill drive. And most of the time, their fixed rates are unreasonable, unless you are willing to pay extra for the convenience.

Your best public transport option is to ride a habal-habal (motorcycle-for-hire) near JY Square Mall. The fare should be ₱100 (around $2) for one passenger or ₱150 (roughly $3) for two passengers.

The other three branches are more accessible.

For Chixboy Banilad, you can ride a jeepney bound for Talamban (i.e., jeepney route code 13C or 62C) at the Ayala PUV Terminal. Just tell the driver to drop you off at BRIGHT Academy.

For Chixboy Il Corso, you can ride a bus, specifically a CiBus, directly to Il Corso. Upon arrival, just ask the mall security guards where the Il Corso Food Yard is.


Monday to Thursday: 11 AM – 10 PM
Friday to Sunday: 11 AM – 11 PM

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