Try the Japanese Fluffy Pancakes at Euphoria Resto Bar!

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Check out these delicious Japanese fluffy pancakes at Euphoria Resto Bar!
(Cover photo courtesy of the Euphoria Resto Bar)

Do you know what a soufflé is? Although this egg-based dish originated in France, it has become a famous delicacy in Japan. Soufflé pancakes are known for their soft, cloudlike texture. 

Most of all, they are beloved for their delicious flavor.

Japanese fluffy pancakes are not your typical flapjack, and they are pretty rare around Cebu. This may no longer be the case because of Euphoria Mactan Resto Bar, a food establishment located in Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City.

This quaint resto bar offers a cozy ambiance for customers to relax while enjoying their meals.

This Japanese-owned resto bar is famous for its Happy Fluffy Pancakes. These pancakes come in a variety of flavors and are cooked to perfection.

You can order this tasty treat any time of the day, and it’s big enough for two people. If you want, you can order two different flavors and share them with your significant other.

The interiors are impressive and you will feel like you’re in a vintage rustic restaurant in a foreign country. Their wooden floor blends well with the cobblestone, while the warm lighting lets you feel relaxed while you enjoy any of their meals.


Euphoria’s soufflé pancake recipe remains a secret to its customers.

The Happy Fluffy Pancakes were added to their menu in 2023, and they are one of the first restaurants in Cebu to serve this unique dish. 

Non watermarked photos courtesy of the Euphoria Restobar

Japanese fluffy pancakes are made by adding meringue to the pancake batter. Euphoria’s pancake recipe uses special ingredients to maintain the consistency and structural integrity. 

After thoroughly mixing the ingredients, the mixture is placed inside a large icing bag. The cooks will then squeeze the batter out of the bag onto the grill. The thickness of the batter is what gives the pancake its fluffy shape and texture. 

The pancakes take around three minutes to cook on each side. When finished, it should have a soft, airy texture.

These are then stacked on top of each other, with flavored syrup and a few toppings, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Photo courtesy of Euphoria Restobar

Their best seller is the Mango Calamansi, which has whipped cream and mangoes on top. Calamansi purée is then drizzled all over for an extra kick of flavor. 

Photo courtesy of Euphoria Restobar

Other popular flavors include Chocolate Banana and Crème Brûlée, each with its own distinctive taste. You can also order a plain fluffy pancake, served with whipped cream and maple syrup. 

Photos courtesy of Euphoria Restobar

The Tiramisu Cream flavor has an interesting plating method. The pancakes are topped with the cream held together by a plastic cylinder, which the customer pulls to release the cream onto the pancakes. 

This makes for a fun experience for customers before they get to taste the delicious pancakes.


Aside from their Japanese fluffy pancakes, you can also order other food items like steaks, pasta, and some rice bowls.

The most popular meal at Euphoria is their burger steaks. They have several options to choose from, but their best seller is the Japanese Ponzu Sauce.  

This is made from high quality meat and seasoned with Japanese spices. It is topped with some grated daikon radish and a side of Ponzu sauce.

You can order other burger steaks like their Italian Cheese, which is a burger patty topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Both steaks are served with a side of fries, asparagus, and fried eggplant. 

Their pasta dishes are just as good. Carbonara is another best seller, with its flavorful sauce and chunky bacon bits.

Their Bolognese is a close second, with its wine-infused minced meat and finely grated cheese giving it its irresistible flavor. 

They also have a set of rice bowls of famous Japanese dishes, like Gyudon and Chicken Katsu. These are big enough to be shared with others, but will definitely suffice as an a la carte meal.  

You can also visit the bar and try out their selection of alcoholic drinks. They offer a variety of delectable cocktails and a set of light juices, each served with a wedge of fruit, depending on the cocktail.


Euphoria is located along Buyong Road in Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City.

Euphoria was once a steakhouse before it was converted into a resto bar. When the Japanese owners took over, they revamped their menu to focus on Japanese cuisine. 

Euphoria Mactan Resto Bar opened its doors to the public on December 8, 2021. Unfortunately, it had to be renovated for a few months due to the damage brought about by Typhoon Odette

The resto bar reopened in May of 2022. 

The name of the restaurant refers to the happiness and excitement you feel when visiting the establishment. You can definitely experience this through their food, as well as their cozy atmosphere. 

As mentioned, the interiors are a blend of stone and wood, giving it a saloon-like look with its old-school lighting and minimalistic furniture. 

Customers can sing along to some tunes at the restaurant’s karaoke bar.

The karaoke bar has red leather seats that are reminiscent of a 50s diner, as well as an eye-popping mural. It costs around Php600 per person, with half of that amount consumable for food. 

Euphoria Mactan Resto Bar aims to be the go-to spot for delicious Japanese fluffy pancakes, all while providing customers with a fun and memorable experience as they try out the bar and karaoke.

There are only a few places on the island where you can try the famous Japanese fluffy pancakes, and Euphoria’s impressive menu can cater to a variety of foodies. 

Whether you’re looking for a breakfast cafe in Cebu or a restaurant with a cozy ambiance, Euphoria is definitely a must-try for locals and tourists alike. Make sure to check it out the next time you’re in Mactan!


Exact Location: 

Buyong Road, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City

Operating Hours: 

11:00 AM – 12:00 AM 

Closed on Mondays

If you wish to commute to Euphoria, you can ride a bus from IT Park to Mactan Newtown. When you arrive at Mactan Newtown, ride a jeepney going to Maribago. 

Get off when you reach the intersection near Bluewater Maribago and walk along Buyong Road to the restaurant.

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