La Casa Vieja: A Hidden Fine Dining Restaurant in Banawa

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La Casa Vieja is a Filipino fine dining restaurant located in Banawa.

Some people will say that La Casa Vieja is one of the best kept secrets in Cebu’s culinary industry. This mid-range Filipino restaurant is tucked away in a private but accessible location, within the quiet residential area of Banawa. 

Owned by one of the most prominent Sutukil restaurants in Cebu, it offers affordable Pinoy favorites in a vibrant, vintage-inspired venue. 

Most guests book this place not just because of the food, but also because of the outdoor ambiance that offers a memorable dining experience.  


This Filipino restaurant was once an ancestral house and Montessori school.

La Casa Vieja is similar to Paolito’s, as it is an ancestral house that was converted into a fine dining establishment. However, little history is known about this hidden gem in Banawa.  

It is believed that the mansion was once owned by a prominent family in Cebu, thanks to the grandiose infrastructure. Reddit users who were curious about its origins also claimed that it was once converted into a Montessori School in the early 2000s.  

Today, KKD STK + BBQ rented out the place after their branch along V. Rama Avenue closed down. 

The serene ambiance of the place gave them the idea to create a different branch of restaurant entirely. 

The mansion is believed to have been in Banawa since the 40s and 50s, with its stone and wood construction reminiscent of many ancestral houses at the time. 

This was once a requirement for houses during the colonial period in order to withstand natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons. 

The walls are painted white, creating a cleaner, more photogenic look, fitting for modern times. 

This also gives it a more minimalistic design, contrasting the old-school architecture.  

In front, you will find a Volkswagen Beetle parked inside a garage. 

It blends in with the retro ambiance, especially since the German motoring company discontinued production of the iconic vehicle in 2019. 

The restaurant’s main quadrangle is spacious enough for large social gatherings. Fresh foliage creates the perfect outdoor setup, ideal for those looking for garden wedding venues.  

You can avail their buffet service for Php 350 per head. You will need a minimum of 30 people for it, and you will have full access to the venue for 4 hours only. 

You will have to pay extra for every succeeding hour.  

This package provides three main dishes, two sides, a dessert of your choice, unlimited rice, and a round of soft drinks. 

That being said, what does La Casa Vieja have to offer?


(Photo courtesy of La Casa Vieja Facebook Page)

At La Casa Vieja, you can try their take on some of the best local food offerings on the island. Their list of appetizers includes light meat and seafood dishes, while their mains consist of grilled food and deep fried pork meals. 

For appetizers, their bestsellers include sisig, calamares, and baked scallops, which are light dishes perfect for starting a delectable feast at a Filipino restaurant. 

For entrées, you should definitely try their crispy pata and lechon kawali, both known for their crunchy skin and juicy lean meat. Like most Filipino dishes, these have large portions that make it ideal for sharing. 

A Filipino feast wouldn’t be complete without noodles on the table. There is a Filipino belief that pancit can offer long life when consumed on special occasions. 

Many have recommended La Casa Vieja’s bam-i and pancit canton. These are the perfect side dishes to pair with their selection of meat and vegetarian options.

For dessert, your best a la carte option is definitely their halo-halo, which has tons of sweet mangoes, paired with a single scoop of ube ice cream. 

If you’re looking for something to share with others, you should opt for their leche flan instead. 

 Not only is La Casa Vieja a restaurant that specializes in Filipino cuisine, but it also has an impressive outdoor setup that will elevate your overall dining experience.

If you’re looking for accessible and affordable garden wedding venues in Cebu City, or if you’re simply looking for a place that is great for special occasions and intimate gatherings, La Casa Vieja is for you.


Exact Location: 

  1. Fortich Street, Banawa, Cebu City

Operating Hours: 

11:00 AM – 10:00 PM 

For commuters, take any jeepney that will pass by Banawa, like a 12L or 07B, and get off when you reach the Martyr Tattoo Shop along the highway. You can walk from there. 

La Casa Vieja is located right across from the Alliance of Two Hearts Parish. A big signage along the highway will also show you the road to get there.

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