Delicious Smash Burgers Made with Love at Dubby’s Cebu

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Satisfy your burger cravings with some original smash burgers at Dubby’s.

What does it mean to make something with love? Putting in all your effort to make it close to perfect? Making it uniquely yours? 

Everyone shows their affection in different ways, so there is no guidebook to rely on.  

However, artists and creatives are known to pour their hearts and souls into creating some of their best works. One such business venture swears by this principle through its scrumptious smash burgers.  

Dubby’s vast menu has made it a notable food establishment in Mandaue City.

Dubby’s Ultimate Burgers creates a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and milk tea drinks handcrafted from the love and affection of their friendly staff. Their burgers are extremely hefty and flavorful, and they have become iconic images of Mandaue City. 

Many foreign customers are reminded of home due to the internationally-inspired flavors of the burgers, while locals rave and seek out their delicious dishes at food parks or through online food delivery services

Poetically enough, this burger joint originated as an act of love and compassion from a husband to his lovely wife.


Staff of Dubby's Burgers

JP Maunes (in black) posing with staff members of Dubby’s burger joint.

The owner of Dubby’s, JP Maunes, started creating homemade burgers for his wife, Maimai, for her to bring to work as the chief nurse of the Mandaue City Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

JP made sure he served the best burgers for his wife, researching far and beyond what makes the perfect burger. 

Dubby’s started when JP Maunes made smash burgers for his wife Maimai.

“I wanted the burgers to be perfect for my wife, nga inig bite niya mafeel gyud niya ang love ba,” (I wanted the burgers to be perfect for my wife, as if each bite could make her feel my love for her.) JP said in an interview. 

For him, you have to give 100% when making a burger. You need the juiciest meat, the perfect buns, and the perfect combination of condiments to have the best result. 

As his homemade smash burgers garnered attention online, JP came up with the idea of starting his own business during the height of the pandemic. He named his start-up company “Dubby’s” over “lovey-dovey,” a shared endearment between him and his wife. 

Dubby’s started as an online delivery service but has since turned into a small restaurant to cater to indoor seating. To add to the restaurant’s aesthetics, JP added antiques on the walls, like bikes, license plates, and vintage portraits. 

As Dubby’s operated in full swing, it continued to expand to other parts of Cebu, including major food parks like the Sugbo Mercado at Sky Park


Dubby’s supports employee diversity by employing PWDs.

Since JP had minimal business management experience, he needed help in handling the increasing demand for his burgers. He tapped his close friends from the Philippine Accessible Disability Service, also known as PADS, to help him manage the restaurant. 

PADS is a non-profit, non-government organization JP founded to create a disability-inclusive society in the Philippines. He thought about the idea of building PADS as an homage to his mother and a close friend who were both PWDs. 

PADS is famous for its internationally acclaimed dragon boat racing team.

The organization is most famous for its dragon boat racing team which has represented the Philippines in many international competitions. You can take a look at their exciting adventures through pictures and news clippings plastered on the walls. 

Many of its members, unfortunately, lost their jobs during the pandemic, so JP decided to hire them to help out at Dubby’s as managers, customer service representatives, cashiers, assembly line members, and delivery drivers. 

The restaurant has given PWDs like Owen Loceño a chance to earn money and provide for their families. Owen is the restaurant’s customer service representative and all-around employee that helps out with cooking and taking orders online. 

Owen Loceño is a good example of persons with disabilities hired at Dubby’s.

Sa amo mga PWD dako kaayog pagkaimportante ang Dubby’s ug si Sir JP. Ang iyang kasingkasing kay naa gyud sa mga PWD.” (Dubby’s and Sir JP are really important for us PWDs. His heart is really with the PWDs.) Owen said. 

Owen mentioned that many more PWDs have approached him looking for a job at Dubby’s and be part of the disability-inclusive workplace of the burger joint.

Aside from providing opportunities for PWDs, they also handle projects to help other people learn more about them. They even started a youth program where children from around town can help out at the restaurant. 

The management employed a detailed system to help their deaf assembly line communicate more efficiently. Customers are even provided quick guides on Filipino Sign Language (FSL) to better communicate with the staff. 

Customers struggling with FSL can also use their mobile phones and type what they want to say. Make sure to ask which language they prefer to use though, as some can only communicate in English.


Smash burgers at Dubby’s are hefty and flavorful.

Dubby’s smash burgers are their bread and butter. Rather than buying premade patties and buns from retail stores, the restaurant has most of its ingredients specially made. 

Their patties are filled with enough flavor that even their smaller sandwiches are shareable. Made from imported beef, the management meticulously measures the right balance of fat and lean meat.  

The chefs are very particular about this as an imbalance can completely affect the burger’s taste and texture. They are also very particular about the buns they use, making sure that they are freshly baked. 

Their most popular food item is their Double Bacon Cheeseburger. With two hefty beef patties, two slices of cheese, and a whole lot of bacon, this is one dish you won’t be able to eat alone. 

The meat is hefty but flavorful, and it is unlike any burger you may have tried before. Their buns are also properly toasted both inside and out, coated in margarine for extra flavor. 

They have a wide selection of burger meals, as they also include non-beef patties like their Shrimp Patty and Mushroom Burger. You may even order a burger with lettuce for buns if you want to cut down on carbs.  

Dubby’s also listens to customers’ suggestions on food offerings to create some interesting food items, like the 10-inch cheeseburger or the Burger Bouquet. 

The restaurant also has non-burger meals like the Bacon Hungarian Sausage, which is coated in rich ground pork. 

For the rice lovers out there, you can order their burger steak, which is served with a cup of garlic rice. The patty is doused in gravy to give it a distinctive taste. 

For sides, their Ultimate Cheesy Fries are not only delicious but also fun to share and eat. Cool it all off with some of their sweet beverages like the Dark Chocolate Milk Tea or their signature Thai Iced Tea.


Dubby’s only has two branches open, the original one in Mandaue and a kiosk in Sky Park. However, there are plans for the restaurant to expand to other parts of Cebu.

JP hopes that the burger joint can finally start franchising to other parts of Cebu to increase its reach. 

As of now, you can visit the two already open establishments and try out their long list of delectable comfort foods. However, Dubby’s is notable for its extremely kind PWD staff.

Their implementation of employee diversity enhances morale and gives PWDs an opportunity to do the things they love. It also gives customers a chance to relate to them on a deeper level and support their dreams and aspirations. 

At the end of the day, Dubby’s aims to serve some of Cebu’s greatest smash burgers, with its delectable menu of sandwiches filled with irresistible flavors. You will surely be pleased and satisfied with what this Mandaue City burger joint has to offer. 


Exact Location: 

Beside UV Mandaue, 245 Ouano Avenue, Mandaue City 

Operating Hours:  

9:00 AM – 11:00 PM



Ride any jeepney that will pass by Ouano Avenue, or ask if it will pass by Norkis Park. You can get off at the University of Visayas Mandaue City Campus since the restaurant is right next to it. 

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