Read up on Cebu Local News from These Reliable News Agencies

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Find out which Cebu local news agencies provide timely and relevant news updates.

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The rise of digital media has made it difficult for Philippine journalism to grapple with all kinds of misinformation, with illegible news agencies spreading false narratives for clout, profit, and even propaganda. 

This is definitely apparent in prominent and powerful provinces and cities like Cebu. Luckily, there are several news agencies that rectify this issue by reporting verified news stories. 

These companies have operated for decades, as they continue to be innovative in reporting Cebu local news in a quick, reliable manner. 

All information is well-researched and verified, so it will benefit both locals and tourists to familiarize themselves with which sources to access when it comes to news and current events. 

These agencies have gained a good reputation around the island, with their empowerment of ethical journalism practices and their stand on press freedom in the Philippines – all for the pursuit of legitimate news reporting.

That being said, here is a shortlist of news agencies where you can access Cebu local news on the go. 


  • The Freeman

Let’s start with the oldest newspaper in Cebu, The Freeman. They have been valiantly and courageously reporting Cebu local news since 1919. 

It was opened by lawyer-turned-publisher-turned-politician Don Paulino Arandia Gullas. 

The Freeman has witnessed many important moments pertaining to the history of Cebu, especially during World War II, wherein the newspaper unfortunately had to seize operations. 

Bobit Avila mentioned in his column “Shooting Straight” (2009) that one of the earliest copies of the newspaper reported an actual account of the death of Leon Kilat, whom many Cebuanos may be familiar with because of a street in Cebu that was named after him

Soon, Jose “Dodong” Gullas revived The Freeman in the mid-60s, partnering up with Star Publishing Incorporated to make the Cebu news organization the Cebu branch for the national broadsheet, The Philippine Star. 

They continue to report relevant achievements within the Cebuano diaspora. The Freeman even made a list of the Top 100 Cebuano personalities, showing their love and support for famous Cebuanos like Marcelo B. Fernan and Julian Jumalon. 

Lastly, they are known for their strong emphasis on photojournalism, with some of their COVID-19 photos being featured at an exhibit during the Gabii sa Kabilin

  • Sunstar Cebu News

The second oldest news agency is Sunstar, one of the highest selling newspapers in the Philippines. They have several branches around the country, but their humble beginnings started in the Queen City of the South. 

Notably, Sunstar has been a pioneer in Cebu’s newspaper industry, being the first to use colored photos on its first page, and setting up their own website in the 90s. 

Sunstar was the first news agency to livestream the Sinulog Grand Parade through their website,, which propelled them into the world of live streaming and digital media. 

Today, it is hailed as one of the most successful Cebu news outlets. It was also recognized as the “Best Newspaper” three times by the Cebu Archdiocesan Mass Media Awards (CAMMA), which promotes media entities that highlight human values on their programs. 

Sunstar also owns Superbalita, which Vera Files reports is the leading regional newspaper in the Philippines, highlighting its use of the Bisaya language. 

You may have also heard of Sunstar for their Best of Cebu awards, wherein they award different kinds of Cebuano establishments. Seeing these awards will give you an idea of how renowned these establishments are, enticing you to give them a visit when in Cebu. 

  • Cebu Daily News (CDN Digital)

Finally, we have Cebu Daily News – the news agency that opened in 1998, when a group of reporters, editors, and photographers from different local newspapers banded together to form a third player in the newspaper industry. 

Cebu Daily News, or what is commonly referred to as CDN, was branded as the city’s only independent newspaper, as it is run and founded by members of the media, highlighting their pursuit of good and honest journalism.

Reporters stuck their teeth into relevant news beats, but they also stood out for using heart-felt feature stories and groundbreaking investigative reports. 

CDN was originally managed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the country’s leading broadsheet. In 2019, the Cebu news outlet officially stopped physical circulation and converted to a fully digital platform.  

This didn’t stop them from finding more innovative ways of disseminating information to the public. One new addition to their platform is the “Faces of Cebu” series, where reporters interview Cebuanos and highlight quotes for audiences who are interested in these personalities. 

CDN also has a strong presence in the local sports industry because of CDN SportsTalk, where hosts interview Cebuano figures who represent or have made their mark in Philippine sports. 

News agencies are considered the backbone of a functioning democracy, as they fight to inform the public about what’s going on in the world. 

They serve as the first block in the chain of information distribution, and the same holds true for Cebu local news. 

Following or subscribing to these news agencies can indeed keep you informed on what’s happening in Cebu and around the world. You can also do your own research on how these agencies made their mark in the news industry.

That being said, this quote definitely highlights the importance of knowing which sources of information are verified and factual:

“The pen is mightier than the sword, because it has the power to change minds and shape the world.” 


Avila, Bobit. 2009. “The Freeman at 90: Cebu’s oldest newspaper!” Shooting Straight. Philstar Global.

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