Ride-Hailing Apps in Cebu You Should Have On Your Phone

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Travel around Cebu with ease by using these helpful ride-hailing apps.

If you don’t know it already, ride-hailing apps are a must-have on your smartphone. When regular transportation disappoints, these software programs will come to the rescue, allowing you to book a ride to your desired destination.

For years these apps have helped many travelers commute to work or visit dozens of tourist spots with ease and convenience. It is much faster than having to get on a regular public transport vehicle, and you even get to pinpoint your exact location. 

In Cebu, Transportation Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) apps are free to download. They offer four-seaters, six-seaters, and even motorcycle taxis, which have become ubiquitous around town, with dozens of drivers plying the streets any time of the day.



Cebu’s most popular ride-hailing app is also the most popular one in Southeast Asia. It originated in Singapore, starting out as a mobile taxi service before expanding to ride-sharing and online deliveries.

Grab has a ride-hailing service, where you can book private cars instead of taxi cabs. You can see the essential details of whoever is going to pick you up as well as reviews made by previous passengers.

There’s also a Grab Taxi feature, where users can avail a taxi service instead of a private car (also known as a chauffeured ride).

Grab is the oldest ride-sharing app in Southeast Asia, operating for a decade now and recording around 10 billion rides and deliveries.


Habal-habals are famous for offering a faster alternative to public transport thanks to the speed and access a motorcycle can give you. Take note that some of them can seem sketchy, especially if they’re not accredited by any government agency.

Angkas gives motorcycles more transparency and safety by providing fixed rates to avoid overcharging, as well as complimentary helmets and training programs.  

It is the second most popular ride-hailing app in Cebu, giving you a faster and cheaper option for private vehicles. You may know about their hilarious marketing content, where they use memes to promote promo codes and discounts.  

Users prefer a habal-habal service like Angkas because it’s faster and it can access more locations. They are also cheaper, so this can benefit a lot of employees and students.  


Joyride, another Filipino ride-hailing app, started as a motorcycle taxi service, which later transformed into an overall “super-app,” with more services outside of ride-hailing.  

It started its operations in 2019 as an alternative to Angkas. In 2022, Joyride was given the green light to operate its own four-wheel transport service. Aside from this, Joyride lets users book a tricycle.

The app is relatively new, with fewer drivers compared to its competitors on the Play Store, but it is relatively cheaper. One blogger tested the prices between Joyride and its competitors and found that the former was around 30 Php cheaper. 

Unfortunately, other ride-hailing apps have more drivers, so finding one on Joyride can be a gamble.


  • Maxim
  • Micab
  • InDriver 
  • Hirna
  • Hype


Did you know that Uber is unavailable on any app store? 

The US-based pioneer of ride-hailing apps actually shut down its service in the Philippines in 2018. 

Uber operated in the mid-2010s but was temporarily suspended in 2017 due to the number of unregistered drivers on the app. TNVS drivers need to be accredited by the LTFRB to be allowed to operate. 

In 2018, Uber Technologies announced a merger between them and Grab Holdings Inc. to let the Singaporean company take over the Southeast Asian market. 

Singapore is the only country that allows Ubers on the streets.

Other ride-hailing apps offering ride-sharing have soon been reprimanded for not getting the proper papers to operate. 


Ride-hailing apps make traveling convenient, as you won’t have to worry about hailing one along the road. Just open the app, set up your pickup and dropoff points, and any nearby driver will come to fetch you.

These are free to download on the app store, and they don’t require a lot of storage. Their system requirements make them great to have, even in case of an emergency. 

The top three applications, as well as the lesser-known ones, can help you get to your destination conveniently. If you find yourself traveling around Cebu often, it’s a good idea to keep these apps as an alternative to public transportation.

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