Northern Cebu Tourist Spots That Are Worth the Long Drive

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Enjoy a road trip to some of the best Cebu tourist spots in the north!

Which parts of Cebu do you frequently visit when going on road trips

For starters, you can never go wrong with heading south or north because there is a lot to love about Cebu island. 

The southern part of Cebu is famous for its many recreational venues and local delicacies, while northern Cebu tourist spots have steadily developed into fan-favorite attractions for locals and tourists alike.  

The latter is home to some of the island’s most iconic businesses and several outdoor attractions to help you loosen up and relax. Some make for unforgettable overnight stays, while others make for fun stopovers.  

Take note of each of these locations when traveling around the northern part of Cebu province. 


Titay’s is famous for selling local delicacies in the northern part of Cebu.

Looking for some snacks to munch on throughout your trip? Drop by the famous Titay’s in Liloan. 

This decades-old bakery is known for its cultural significance, with its delicious biscuits serving as a symbol of the town. You can find their products in malls, but the place that started it all is the main branch in Liloan. 

Their most famous product is called Rosquillos, taking its name from the ring-like shaped biscuit. 

These are sweet, flavorful, and fun to eat, and they also serve as the theme of the town’s local festival.

The bakery expanded to be more than just a place to drop by for souvenirs. They also have a cafe where you can chill while snacking on some donuts or coffee. 


Tuburan Cafe is one of the low-key Cebu tourist spots worth checking out.

No matter where you go, cafes are popular hangout spots because of the delectable meals and cozy atmosphere that have made them great places to hang out or be productive. 

If you want to try specialty coffee made from locally grown coffee grounds, Tuburan Cafe is the perfect option for you. This cafe is located near the town proper and is a short walk away from the town’s terminal. 

The cafe uses rustic furniture and Filipino artwork for a lively and relaxing vibe. The second floor has an al fresco dining setup with a view of the quiet provincial town. 

Included in their menu are various coffee drinks, like frappuccinos, lattes, and cold brew. Aside from this, you can also buy a bag of their beans and brew your own coffee at home. 


Unforgettable adventures await at Cebu Safari!

Among the many amusement parks and outdoor attractions around the island, Cebu Safari is something you should definitely look out for. 

It is one of the biggest outdoor zoos in the country, housing dozens of different plants and wild animals.  

You can get up close and personal with various breathtaking creatures. You will find birds flying all around the aviaries and wild animals freely roaming the African Savannah.

The Bird Show is a daily presentation held at the park, where intelligent birds do tricks for the viewers. 

You can even participate and have a memorable experience during your visit. 

The Safari also has several botanical gardens and rides like zip lines and ATVs if you want to satisfy your inner daredevil. 

Afterwards, you can dine in at their restaurant, with one that is close to giraffes that you can feed. 


The Bamboo Forest is arguably one of the most captivating Cebu tourist spots.

If you want to chill and take memorable photos of a dazzling location, the Bamboo Forest in Medellin is the best place to do that. This quaint tourist attraction houses dozens of bamboo scattered around a spacious garden.

Its pleasing ambiance is reminiscent of many Japanese anime and samurai films. You can also rent a kimono at the stores inside. 

It’s one of the best-looking locations on the island, with many visitors simply enjoying its calm ambiance and awe-inspiring view. Its popularity has made it a go-to venue for a variety of photoshoots. 

Since the forest also serves as a preservation center for the bamboo plants, make sure to abide by the rules and guidelines when inside. 

You can enjoy the attraction by walking around, taking photos, or taking in the cozy atmosphere. 


Malapascua Island is a popular summer vacation spot.

Finally, the most famous locations to visit in northern Cebu have to be the numerous remote islands. 

The three most frequently visited ones are Malapascua, Bantayan, and Camotes, all of which are popular summer vacation spots for tourists and locals. 

These islands are well-known for the white sand and crystal clear waters of their beachfronts, with many hotels, resorts, and BnBs giving travelers easy access to them. 

At night, these islands come to life as many establishments offer an enjoyable nightlife experience. You can expect a ton of social events like concerts, especially during the Sinulog Festival.

The North Bus Terminal has buses that go straight to Malapascua and Bantayan, but you may have to get off at Danao and ride a separate ferry to go to Camotes. You can also pay extra to bring a private vehicle or find a place on the island where you can rent one. 

Road trips to northern Cebu are much more interesting with stopovers at memorable attractions like the ones on this list. Next time you plan on heading north, drop by these places and experience them first hand.

Stay tuned for a similar article on the top Cebu tourist spots in the south. With so many dazzling locations on the island, you’ll never run out of options for a fun and memorable trip.

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