Festivals in Cebu Province Gather for the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo

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Several towns in Cebu Province gathered to celebrate the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo.

Cebu Province has an assortment of local festivals that celebrate the food culture, the endemic plants and animals, and the general lifestyle of the people. 

These festivals are celebrated through a number of cultural dances that give you a glimpse into what each town or municipality is known for.

Fortunately, a yearly event gathers the best Cebuano festivals to showcase the talented nature of the Cebuanos, bringing it to a bigger audience. 

The event was graced by various cultural dances that aim to highlight tourism in Cebu.

Dubbed the Festival of Festivals, the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo showcases the biggest fiestas in Cebu Province through a Street Parade and Ritual Showdown competition in Cebu City. 

The name comes from the Cebuano word “Garbo,” which means boast or showcase. The provincial government uses this event to boost the Cebu tourism industry by introducing exciting festivals held in various towns and municipalities all around the island. 

Unfortunately, like the Sinulog Festival, they had to cancel the event for two years in a row because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The festival returned on Sunday, August 28, 2022, inviting 50 contingents from different parts of the province. It was a celebration of festivities where each contingent vied for the cash prize.  

The festival featured performances in celebration of the biggest festivities in Cebu province.


The participating groups consisted of several dance performers in colorful costumes and props men carrying lifesize items for their performances. 

Here is a list of the contingents in Pasigarbo sa Sugbo in 2022: 

  • Talisay City – Halad Inasal Festival
  • Minglanilla – Sugat Kabanhawan Festival
  • Naga City – Dagitab Festival
  • San Fernando – Sikoy-Sikoy Festival
  • Carcar City – Kabkaban Festival
  • Sibonga – Bonga Festival
  • Argao – La Torta Festival
  • Dalaguete – Utanon Festival
  • Alcoy – Siloy Festival
  • Boljoon – Bolho Festival
  • Oslob – Toslob Festival
  • Santander – Tostado Festival 
  • Samboan – Dagayday Festival
  • Ginatilan – Hinatdan Festival
  • Malabuyoc – Buyoc Festival 
  • Alegria – Kawayan Festival 
  • Badian – Banig Festival 
  • Moalboal – Kagasangan Festival
  • Alcantara – Bahandi Festival
  • Ronda – Humba Festival 
  • Dumanjug – Sinanggiyaw Festival
  • Barili – Panumod Festival 
  • Aloguinsan – Kinsan Festival 
  • Pinamungajan – Pinamuohan Festival 
  • Toledo City – Hinulawan Festival 
  • Balamban – Lingaw-Sadya Festival 
  • Asturias – Lalin Festival 
  • Tuburan – Tubod Festival 
  • Tabuelan – Ani-Anihan Festival
  • San Remigio – Lapyahan Festival
  • Medellin – Katubhan Festival
  • Santa Fe – Panuhog Festival
  • Bantayan – Palawod Festival
  • Madridejos – Isda Festival 
  • Daanbantayan – Haladaya Festival
  • Bogo City – Pintos Festival
  • Tabogon – Pausbaw Festival 
  • Borbon – Tuba Festival
  • Sogod – Panagsogod Festival 
  • Catmon – Budbod Kabog Festival
  • Carmen – Sinulog sa Carmen 
  • Compostela – Queseo Festival
  • Liloan – Rosquillos Festival 
  • San Francisco – Soli-Soli Festival 
  • Poro – Tagbo Festival
  • Tudela – Katunggan Festival
  • Pilar – Pamugsay Festival 
  • Consolacion – Sarok Festival
  • Cordova – Dinagat Festival
  • Mandaue City – Panagtagbo Festival 

Like many other festivals in the Philippines, these local festivities take inspiration from cultural items and concepts, like special delicacies or the local livelihood. 

The city of Talisay featured the Halad Inasal Festival, commemorating the booming Lechon industry. 

The northern Cebu town of Liloan celebrated the Rosquillos Festival, taking inspiration from a local biscuit of the same name, which originated in Liloan.

The festival consists of the Street Dancing Competition and the Ritual Showdown. Audiences flocked to Osmeña Boulevard to see the contingents bust a move before competing for the top prize at the Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC).

Leading the dance performances were the festival queens, who wore dazzling dresses and gowns designed in line with the theme of their festival. 

Each contingent also had an audio van playing the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo theme song for the street dance competition. These large vehicles stuck out due to their creative designs related to their festival.

The contingents finally converged at the CCSC to compete for the Ritual Showdown. Hundreds of audience members, including government officials, flocked to the sports center to witness the breathtaking performances.


The Carcar City contingent won in the Street Dance and Ritual Showdown competitions.

The Carcar City contingent featuring the Kabkaban Festival has been a crowd favorite in the competition, winning multiple iterations of the festival, including the last one in 2019.

They continued their success in 2022, garnering first place in the Ritual Showdown and Street Dancing Competition. The victory left them around 7 Million richer.


  1. Kabkaban Festival (Carcar City) – 5 Million
  2. Hinulawan Festival (Toledo City) – 4 Million
  3. Dagitab Festival (Naga City) – 3 Million
  4. Sugat-Kabanhawan (Minglanilla)- 2 Million
  5. Palawod Festival (Bantayan) – 1 Million
  6. Halad Inasal Festival (Talisay City) – ₱900,000
  7. Rosquillos Festival (Liloan) – 800,000
  8. Utanon Festival (Dalaguete) – 700,000
  9. Sarok Festival (Consolacion) – 600,000
  10. Kagasangan Festival (Moalboal) – 500,000


  1. Kabkaban Festival (Carcar City) – 2 Million
  2. Panumod Festival (Barili) – 1.5 Million
  3. Rosquillos Festival (Liloan) – 1 Million
  4. Sugat-Kabanhawan Festival (Minglanilla) – 750,000
  5. Utanon Festival (Dalaguete) – 500,000

Carcar also won big in the Festival Queen pageant, with their representative Mia Tamayo finishing first place.

Indeed, Pasigarbo sa Sugbo is the perfect event where you can witness all the different festivities celebrated in each town and municipality in Cebu province. It’s also an effective way of highlighting tourism in Cebu and bringing it to bigger audiences.

Looking at these magnificent performances will give you something to look forward to when traveling around the island. You might even take interest in visiting a few towns after witnessing the impressive performances at the festival.

The name of the festival tells you everything you need to know about it. No other event or festive celebration can showcase the immense talent and energy of Cebuanos like Pasigarbo sa Sugbo!

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