Post Valentine’s Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

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Avoid traffic and crowds on February 14th. Go on a post Valentine’s date instead!

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Let’s be real. Some people just don’t have the time for Valentine’s Day. 

Maybe they have a lot to do at work, or maybe they can’t afford a fancy dinner right now. It may be embarrassing, but it isn’t entirely bad. 

There are many couples who prefer a post Valentine’s date to avoid the Valentine’s Day rush. This gives them a lot more time to plan out what to do and save money.  

After all, this famous romantic holiday isn’t always about lavish dinners or grand surprises. Sometimes, a simple, budget-friendly date is all you need to create lasting memories. 

You and your partner have your own personal preferences, so why not discuss what post Valentine’s date activities you would like to do?

That being said, here are our suggestions for things you can do if you’re on a budget.


Show off your knowledge by bringing your date to a museum in Cebu.

Going to a museum will never go out of style, as several exhibits offer endless topics to discuss with your date. That is if you’re interested in intellectual conversations.

There is also an aesthetic to museums, often a romantic ambiance–especially at night–to make those one-on-one moments with your partner or date extra special.  

Most importantly, going to a museum in Cebu is extremely affordable. 

The National Museum of the Philippines is a great place to start as there is no entrance fee and there is a lot to go around.

If this kind of date excites you, visit Parian district on the weekend and explore the ancestral houses that have been converted into museums for a fun history lesson with your date. 

Learn about the Chinese mestizo lifestyle and colonial era houses like the Yap San Diego and Casa Gorordo. You can even exchange ghost stories surrounding these places to keep each other entertained. 


A food trip consisting of Pinoy street food is often a great alternative to an expensive restaurant.

How often do you go out to try the street food scene in Cebu? 

If you think this isn’t much of a post Valentine’s date idea, wait until you give it a try. Cebu has a lot of delicious street food options at an affordable price. Just check the different food parks in the city that are always crammed with people, even on weekdays.

Make a list of food parks or eateries you want to try out. That way you can get to know more about each other’s food preferences along the way. 

Barbecue skewers, siomai, tempura, chicken skin, and many more–you can have a filling meal for less than Php100. 

Sugbo Mercado is our top recommendation for a street food trip since there are a lot of options to choose from. You can also check out these other food parks:

  • The Barracks
  • Carbon Night Market
  • Larsian 


Enjoy the fresh air and share meaningful conversations at Plaza Independencia.

As we move along the list, your options for a post Valentine’s date are getting more and more affordable. 

Public parks are perfect for leisurely strolls because of the vast open space giving you an opportunity to spend quality time with your date. This may be ideal for those who are still getting to know each other as there are minimal distractions.

Parks are filled with intimate nooks and crannies where you can relax and talk about life, future plans, or experiences. Long-term couples can also rekindle the flame in their relationship by going on a classic date at the park. 

Surely there’s nothing like having deep, honest conversations with the person you care about.

There are several parks in Cebu that are easily accessible. You can also find budget-friendly eateries nearby in case you get hungry. 

Here are a few public parks in Cebu City to consider:

  • Fuente Osmeña Circle 
  • Plaza Independencia 
  • Cebu Business Park


This timeless date idea is something couples can enjoy no matter what. 

A movie can give you so much to talk about as you explore each other’s thoughts and opinions. Plus, having this as one of your post Valentine’s date ideas means skipping the lines and crowds of couples who are also out on the 14th to watch a movie.

Check out which films are currently showing and pick one you’re both interested in seeing.


Finally, what better way to save money than staying at home? This post Valentine’s date idea may seem boring, but it’s one of the best ways to assess your relationship. 

Whether it’s cooking a meal, watching a movie, or making DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for each other, you can definitely learn a lot about yourselves when you’re in an intimate and comfortable place like home.

Being present is an essential love language, so perhaps a simple activity at home can help you achieve this.

Don’t be afraid to go outside the box and explore other post Valentine’s date ideas that won’t break the bank.  

Remember, money shouldn’t be a requirement for you to have a fun Valentine’s Day date with your significant other. Get creative with how you spend your time together and how you want to make each other happy.

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