Coco Palms Beach Resort: Your Vacation Spot in Danao

Large swimming pool at the Coco Palms Beach Resort

Coco Palms Beach Resort is a highly accessible tourist spot with an undisturbed and exclusive atmosphere.

Many of us have gotten used to the idea that the more secluded the resort, the better. But the journey can be tiring at times. The twists and turns of provincial roads can be disorienting, and at other times, there are little to no options for public transportation just so you can get to your desired destination.

Likewise, just because a beach resort isn’t secluded doesn’t mean it can’t be as relaxing and ambient. Sometimes, an accessible resort makes it easier and more convenient for you to enjoy your mini vacation as soon as possible.

Coco Palms Beach Resort in the city of Danao is one such attraction. It brings an exclusive atmosphere that is otherwise unavailable on more secluded public beaches.

This is just one of the town’s many recreational sites and attractions, such as the Durano Eco Farm, Intosan Resort, and Danasan Eco Adventure Park. So if you ever find yourself heading north, you might as well make the trip worth your while by visiting as many attractions as you can.

This summer getaway spot focuses on giving a quieter, more private experience for its visitors.

According to the resort’s General Manager, Winson Collarte, the resort used to be a rest house for the Gothong family, known to own the acclaimed shipping line Gothong Southern. Realizing its potential, they opened it to the public, turning it into a summer getaway attraction.

This northern Cebu attraction has a beachfront and two swimming pools.

This accessible beach resort in northern Cebu has a beachfront and two swimming pools – one for checked-in guests and the other for public use.

Day use visitors can access the main pool, which has a sloping depth of 2 to 5 feet. There’s a long slide you can enjoy using and a small mushroom-shaped spray fountain on one end, like the ones in Cebu Westown Lagoon. These amenities allow for a relaxing bath as you take in the open breeze by the sea.

The main swimming pool’s special amenities can help you relax and enjoy the ocean breeze.

The infinity pool is accessible to checked-in guests who are looking for a quieter and more private stay. Although it doesn’t have a pool slide or fountain, it has a jacuzzi, and it is also much closer to the beachfront. Guests are sure to admire the sea view and its calming breeze as they relax and enjoy their swim.

This beach resort in northern Cebu also has an infinity pool, which is only accessible to checked-in guests.

Though it doesn’t have a massive shore of white sand, the Coco Palms beachfront boasts crystal clear water. The management also has plans to create a diving area nearby because of the prominence of fish and other marine life.

They used to have a waterpark, but they had to cease operations due to damage caused by the changing weather.

The management wanted the place to feel more spacious, so they strategically spread out the cottages throughout the resort. They thought that if it was too congested, it would feel less like a resort.

In the future, they are planning to add a villa near the beachfront, with each room having its own infinity pool.




  • Weekdays (Monday – Thursday) – Php200
  • Weekends (Friday – Sunday) – Php250

Children (3 - 11 years old)

  • Php100

Infants (2 years & below)

  • Free of Charge


  • Weekdays (Monday – Thursday) – Php350
  • Weekends (Friday – Sunday) – Php500


  • Food & Drinks (one time charge) – Php100
  • Beer per bottle – Php25
  • Beer per case – Php250
  • Liquor per bottle – Php100
  • Whole Lechon Baboy – Php500


Deluxe Room

  • Weekdays (Monday – Thursday) – Php3,000
  • Weekends (Friday – Sunday) – Php3,500
    *inclusive of breakfast for 2

Standard Room

  • Weekdays (Monday – Thursday) – Php2,500
  • Weekends (Friday – Sunday) – P2,850
    *inclusive of breakfast for 2

Barkada Room

  • Weekdays (Monday – Thursday) – Php4,000
  • Weekends (Friday – Sunday) – Php4,500
    *inclusive of breakfast for 5

Danao City is quite far, so you might as well book an overnight stay for a more
relaxing and convenient experience at the resort.


Coco Palms is located a few meters ahead of Cebu Technological University. The resort is along the highway, but if you can’t find it, you can always use Google Maps or Waze.

For commuters, you can ride a V-Hire at the SM City Cebu terminal. Be sure to check if the one you’ll be taking is headed for Danao City and ask if it will pass by the resort. If not, you can also ask to be dropped off at Gaisano Danao and take a tricycle from there.

For jeepneys, look for the ones with a number 27 on top. You can find them along the street near APM Mall or SM City Cebu. You can also ask the driver if they will pass by the resort.

With the implementation of health protocols and social distancing, you are sure to
enjoy your stay at this northern Cebu attraction.

Good resorts are not limited to secluded ones, and there are a number of notable options along Cebu’s winding roads. Coco Palms Beach Resort is the perfect place to stay when traveling north. Whether it’s for a quick dip in the pool or a relaxing weekend, it’s the ideal escape from the Metro’s busy streets as you plunge into their fun recreational amenities.

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