Dalaguete Beach Park: A Low-Cost Public Resort in the South

Spend a fun summer vacation at Dalaguete Beach Park!

Want to spend a budget-friendly vacation without skimping on a worthwhile experience? Only a few places can offer this kind of experience, one of which is the uber-famous public resort in Southern Cebu, the Dalaguete Beach Park!

Lots of people have fallen in love with this Cebu beach resort, thanks to its cleanliness and serene ambiance, making it a worthwhile vacation spot for friends and family. This public beach is located around 77 kilometers away from Cebu City.

Coconut trees at Dalaguete Beach Park
Table covered in a tent at Dalaguete Beach Park

Locals have been debating the ownership of this public attraction for years, as it sits by the border between the southern Cebu towns of
Argao and Dalaguete.

Previously, the beach was called the Argao Beach Club, but later on was changed to Dalaguete Beach Park. Nowadays, people simply call it Casay Beach, named after the neighborhood where the beach is located. 

Wide shot of the Casay Beach Resort

Enjoy the fresh sea breeze and serene ambiance at this Cebu beach resort.


Beaches in the south are mostly known for their exclusivity. While lots of people go to these beaches on weekends, it’s not as crowded on weekdays. Dalaguete Beach Park is no exception, as its well-maintained beach front is perfect for a leisurely swim. 

The beach itself is big enough for large groups of people to enjoy. If you want to take a swim, you can use floaters and swimming goggles to fully immerse yourself and have a fun time in the breathtaking countryside waters. 

The lifeguard station is right by the shore. The structure
stands high for lifeguards to have a full view of the entire beachfront.

Guests walking by the fine white sand of the Casay Beach Resort
Locals go to the beach at Dalaguete Beach Park

If swimming isn’t really your thing, you can take part in other beach activities like playing volleyball, making sand castles, or simply chatting with your friends. You can even hold social gatherings at the function area. 

There is a pavilion that guests can use for social gatherings.


Many people consider public beaches as ideal summer vacation spots, especially if they want to save up on expenses without having to miss out on the beach life experience.

The resort’s entrance fee is cheap enough that you can spend a weekend getaway with family and friends. You can also set up a grill to cook some food during your stay and enjoy the sunshine and soothing waters.

Because of its accessibility, the beach brings in a lot of people throughout the day. It can get crowded, especially on the weekends, with some guests loitering, running around, or enjoying a few rounds of karaoke.

However, there are no private rooms for overnight stays at the beach, and overnight camping is not allowed.

You can find stores inside the beach selling swimming accessories like floaters and swimming trunks, but they also sell some snacks and
alcoholic drinks

You can store your belongings and eat your meals comfortably in their cottages, which can fit a large group of people. If you are in a smaller group, maybe around 4 to 5 people, you can opt to rent a table instead.


On November 17, 2022, Cebu Provincial Governor Gwendolyn Garcia announced that the local government plans to renovate the Dalaguete Beach Park into a better tourist spot for travelers. 

Though initial plans haven’t been announced, we can’t help but think about what changes will come. 

Will the resort finally have rooms for overnight stays? Will it be expanded to accommodate establishments like restaurants and shopping centers inside? All we can do is wait and see what Casay Beach can bring in the future. 

For now, Dalaguete Beach Park continues to be an ideal spot for those on a budget. Its wonderful ambiance will excite you as you spend an afternoon away from the pressures of adulthood.  

The best summer vacation for families and friends is usually spent at an accessible beach resort. So tap into your wanderlust and visit this southern Cebu town to experience the thrifty attraction for yourself. Prepare your favorite homemade dishes and bring your friends along to have an unforgettable and jolly good time.


Adult: 30 Php

Children: 15 Php

Table Rental: 250 Php 

Cottage: 350 Php (small)


Exact Location: 

Barangay Casay, Dalaguete, Southern Cebu 

Operating Hours:

7:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

  • BUS

If you wish to commute to Casay, you can take a bus at the Cebu South Bus Terminal going to Dalaguete and get off by the Dalaguete Beach Park signage. The trip will take about two to three hours.  

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