Hermit’s Cove: The Hidden Tourist Spot in Southern Cebu

Iconic stairs of Hermit's Cove

Getting to Hermit’s Cove is a journey in itself.

There are many secluded beaches in Cebu that are simply magical.

The absence of big development projects makes them some of the cleanest and most serene venues on the entire island.

Hermit’s Cove is a perfect example of a tourist spot free from business ventures, and a single visit to this place will allow you to witness the island’s beautiful scenery, which gives off a sense of adventure and vacation for those looking to get away from the bustle of the city.

Located in the South of Cebu, this beach is a hidden paradise worth visiting.

Relaxing, instagrammable, and budget-friendly are some of the best qualities that describe this secret hideout. Its history also makes it one of the more interesting beaches of Cebu.

The name is said to be taken from a myth that a hermit once stayed around the area. It only has a beach and there are no rooms for an overnight stay.

The beach is located in the town of Aloguinsan, famous for several other natural attractions like the Bojo River, Hidden Beach, and Farmhouse.

The iconic steps that lead you to the beach are surrounded by trees, making you feel like you’re in a mini forest. Many tourists enjoy taking snapshots of themselves at this popular spot.

The iconic steps have been featured in many posts and blogs online when it comes to visiting this famous Aloguinsan tourist spot.

The steps may be steep for some, though. It might be easy going down, but going back up can be a nightmare.

The fine white sand is a perfect introduction to the beach. With only a hint of rocks and shells, it’s like you’re getting a mini foot massage as you walk around it.

The crystal clear water is a staple in many Cebu beach resorts, and it’s enough reason to visit Hermit’s Cove.

You won’t see any algae, and the sand is fine and soft. It gives a very tropical island feel to the beach that makes swimming in it a wonderful experience.

Not many resorts in Cebu can provide the ambiance and tranquility that you can find in Hermit’s Cove.

Hermit’s Cove is also perfect for thrifty travelers. At only 100 Php, you can already enter this majestic hideout, and that’s already inclusive of the cottage.

You can even use their grilling station for free. You can drop by the public market to buy some food to cook. There is also a small sari-sari store if you want some snacks.


Entrance fee: 100Php (Inclusive of the cottage)

Operating hours: 7AM – 5PM

Don’t miss out on one of the few Southern Cebu beaches that offer you an experience like no other!


It’s advisable to take a private vehicle. The road going to the beach used to be difficult to drive on, but it has recently been improved. Make sure to use Waze or Google Maps on your way to the South of Cebu.

If you prefer commuting, you can ride a bus at the Cebu South Bus Terminal going to Aloguinsan. You can get off at the town’s market and ride a motorcycle taxi to get to the beach.

You can also book a tour to the other tourist spots in town, which already includes a visit to Hermit’s Cove. A tour of the Bojo River would be the best one to take, as it also includes visiting another Aloguinsan tourist spot, The Farmhouse.

Among the many Southern Cebu beaches, Hermit’s Cove is nearly at the top of the list. Searching for it is an experience in itself, and the beach is definitely something to look forward to.

If you want to go to a remote island without having to go on an expensive cruise, then a road trip to this Aloguinsan gem is the way to go.

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