The Terraces in Ayala: The Perfect Hangout Spot for Shopping

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The Terraces has a relaxing outdoor setup for shoppers to hang out with family and friends.

Shopping at malls can be tiring. There is so much to see that you probably won’t be satisfied with only a few hours of walking around. 

Fortunately, open-air parks give shoppers a place to relax and unwind for a while. 

There are several recreational activities you can do at these parks, from playing with your children or strolling around with a date.

The Kenneth Cobonpue-made Sky Park at SM Seaside is a pretty good example, thanks to the spacious hallways and recreational activities that mall-goers can take part in. 

But years before that, Ayala Malls gave Cebuanos one of its very first outdoor parks. 

Shopping at Ayala is one of the many fun things to do in Cebu, with The Terraces being a popular hangout spot among locals and tourists.

The Terraces was one of the first outdoor parks to be situated inside a mall, located at Ayala Center Cebu. It serves as a venue for customers to de-stress and hang out. 

Many events and social gatherings have been held here, with each of the four floors filled with customers curiously catching in on the action. 

Other than this, there are multiple restaurants and cafes at The Terraces, ranging from productivity hubs to family-gathering favorites. 


The Terraces has multiple levels of fine dining restaurants with a couple of retail stores, accessible from the main mall through automatic glass doors. 

It previously served as a lagoon area where customers could hang out with friends and family. 

It was renovated in 2008, and now it’s become a spacious nature park with trees and plants all around. 

There are aisles along the garden so you can take leisurely strolls. You will love taking photos and selfies surrounded by fresh foliage, and the trees give you shade from the sun to make hanging out more comfortable.  

The large quadrangle in the middle is the area’s main event space, famous for hosting dozens of festivals and meet-ups. The central platform above is visible from any of the mall terraces. 

The large tree on the other side of the quadrangle is perfect for customers who want to relax under the shade. You get a full view of the park and the many business establishments as well. 

You will also notice makeshift fountains near the central platform, with metallic sculptures adding to its overall aesthetics. Beside these are some spacious benches that also offer a comfortable view of the garden. 

You can dine in at several eateries available like Hukad with their Filipino food, Shakeys for some pizza, or Bo’s Coffee for delicious coffee drinks made from local beans. 

You also have access to the mall’s Watsons branch, which sells different hygiene and health essentials. Fully Booked – the famous bookstore selling dozens of classic novels, comic books, and school supplies – is also at The Terraces. 


The quadrangle is sometimes used as a venue for food parks, night markets, and exhibits celebrating different holidays and festivities. This is the perfect place to attract customers with the influx of mall-goers passing by. 

One of the more famous events held at the park is the Vispop Music Festival, which took place early in 2023, where local artists performed their famous Bisaya songs for fans and music enthusiasts alike. 

Some of the performers include Kurt Fick, Lourdes, and Ferdinand Aragon. 

Every year, the Ayala Festival of Lights is also held at The Terraces. This one-of-a-kind spectacle is the perfect event to kick off the holiday season in Cebu, with lights shining bright and twinkling along to some catchy Christmas songs. 

Subsequently, The Terraces was used as a photo shoot spot for cosplayers at the Cebu Literary Festival, using its relaxing outdoor setting as background for some impressive portraits. 

The Ayala Center Cebu is among the top places to visit in Cebu City due to its many high-end retail stores and posh shopping experience. Even window shopping is a fun activity when visiting this iconic business center. 

One of the most popular areas at the mall, however, is the open park that dozens of customers visit to take photos, sightsee, or simply stroll around in. 

The Terraces is a versatile environment with a spacious area for you to unwind, be productive, and have some fun. 

There are many things you can do at the park, but there is so much more you can look forward to all year. That being said, you can never go wrong with a visit to this outdoor recreational area in Cebu City.

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