A Sophisticated Cebu Nightlife at the Garden of Envy

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Experience a vibrant nightlife at the Garden of Envy!

While Cebu is known for its laid-back island life, it also has a bustling city life. And like most cities, it becomes a whole different experience at night. Instead of catching some z’s, many Cebuanos stay up and go partying at the nightclubs and bars in areas like IT Park and Osmeña Boulevard. 

That said, this article introduces a new hotspot in town where you can have a great Cebu nightlife experience – welcome to the sophisticated restaurant and cocktail lounge known as the Garden of Envy!

Visit this gorgeous restaurant and cocktail lounge at The Gallery in Barangay Mabolo.

Though it’s fairly new, many people look forward to spending their evenings at this al fresco dining establishment, thanks to its mesmerizing ambiance and flavorful culinary offerings.

Over the years, there has been a stereotype surrounding bars and nightclubs, that the food at these types of places is subpar. But at this hybrid restaurant and cocktail lounge, you’ll definitely get more bang for your buck.

Not a lot of fine dining restaurants have an impressive outdoor setup such as this.


The main highlight is the outdoor setup, which is covered in artificial grass and hanging plants to elevate the overall ambiance. Suffice to say, it’s a comfortable yet elegant setting where guests can enjoy their meals.

A large arch out front will welcome you as you step inside and fall in love with the beautiful scenery. 

Other than that, local acoustic bands perform at the restaurant every weekend, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of this outdoor setting. 

The Garden of Envy is great for intimate dates, with tables spread out to make the area feel less crowded. Each table has a round lamp, adding to the restaurant’s aesthetic.

They also recently opened a bar in an indoor area with bright artistic lights and more plants to complement the garden aesthetic. 

The Garden of Envy is known for its selection of exquisite food and delicious cocktails.

As for the food, their menu consists of local and international favorites, such as the Beef Tenderloin, Pork Chop, and Norwegian Salmon. 

For their selection of pizzas, the Quatro Formaggi is one of the most popular. This four-cheese pizza has a light, crispy crust with a savory taste. 

Other pizzas include the classic Pizza Margherita, Chicken Barbecue, and Pepperoni.

You can also try out their rice meals, the two most popular being the Kimchi Fried Rice and the Roasted Herb Chicken.

You will love the mixture of Gochu Jang, sesame oil, and sautéed kimchi. A couple of strips of pork belly add some flavor to this already delicious meal. 

On the other hand, the Roasted Herb Chicken is marinated with herbs and spices and accompanied by Shitake Mushroom rice infused with mushroom broth. 

If you want to end the night with a bang, order any of their exquisite cocktails. Their two most popular ones are the Queen of the South Spritz and Juna’s Drink. Both drinks are known for their fruity flavor and fizzy texture. 

The Queen of the South is a spinoff of the Spritz, replacing Italian Bitters with St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur. Dry Vermouth and Guava make the cocktail more bubbly. 

Juna’s Drink is a combination of fruit juices, including apple, cranberry, and lychee, with brandy as its base alcohol. 

Your Cebu nightlife experience is incomplete if you don’t get to explore what their menu has in store. Let your taste buds go on a craze and be sure to try out their drinks!

The Envy Cocktail Bar & Lounge is one of the newest bars in Cebu.


The restaurant is right beside the Envy Cocktail Lounge, where customers can dance, sing, and party all night. 

It’s one of the newest hangout spots in Cebu, complete with a bar lounge and dance floor so you can have fun with your friends. 

Bust a groove on the dance floor as energetic EDM music plays throughout the night. If you want to chill out, you can also relax on their comfortable couches. 

The bar is open from 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM. It usually gets crowded towards midnight, with guests socializing and having a great time.  

The Garden of Envy is a great alternative to common Cebu nightlife trends like bars and nightclubs, bringing in a fine dining experience through its outdoor setup and relaxing ambiance. 

Their signature dishes will satisfy any food enthusiast, and their flavorful cocktails are the perfect drinks to end your evening. It’s a great spot for family gatherings, intimate dinner dates, or late-night parties with your closest friends. 


Exact Location: 

The Gallery, Mabolo, Cebu City

Operating Hours: 

Garden of Envy: 

5:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Envy Cocktail Lounge: 

8:00 PM – 2:00 AM


If you prefer to commute, you can ride a 04L jeepney at SM City Cebu going to IT Park. This will pass by Pope John Paul II Avenue. Then get off at The Gallery. 

A one-of-a-kind Cebu nightlife awaits you here at the Garden of Envy!

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