21 Kilometers Coffee: A Lowkey Breakfast Cafe Along TCH

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Did you know that 21 Kilometers Coffee is a popular stopover along TCH?

No one can resist a good cup of coffee, don’t you agree?

For some, that extra kick of caffeine is all they need to start their day and get productive. They may get their coffee fix at home or drop by their favorite local coffee shop on the way to work. 

Cafes have become so popular that many would go out of their way to travel to far-flung areas like mountainside neighborhoods to have some of the best specialty coffee drinks on the island.

This kind of road trip can be a gold mine for those in search of the best coffee in Cebu.  

One such stopover that is known for its cozy ambiance and reasonably priced meals is 21 Kilometers Coffee – aptly named for its distance away from the city. 

Motorists can’t get enough of this coffee shop in Cebu!

This coffee shop in Cebu is perfect for escaping the hectic city life and experiencing the tranquility of the lush mountains. 

It has become a popular pitstop for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

The meals, coffee drinks, and pastries are reasonably priced, and they don’t skimp on the quality and taste. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly breakfast cafe along Cebu Transcentral Highway, make sure to give 21 Kilometers Coffee a visit.


You will definitely fall in love with the view at this charming breakfast restaurant and cafe.

Its location is definitely a strong selling point, as it is easy to find along the highway. 

Often referred to by locals as TCH, this 40.5-kilometer highway is home to many of Cebu’s most popular tourist spots, as well as some must-visit hidden gems like Utopia and Little Kyoto. 

21 Kilometers Coffee also has an overlooking view of Cebu’s landscape, which you can enjoy at their al fresco dining area or from inside their function room. 

Both areas give you a glimpse of the breathtaking mountains to make your stay more worthwhile. 


Don’t miss out on affordable food and drinks at this famous Transcentral Highway tourist spot!

(Photo courtesy of 21 Kilometers Coffee Facebook Page)

21 Kilometers Coffee is a great spot for a quick coffee break or a hefty breakfast meal to start your day.

Their coffee beans are from Tanzania and Mt. Apo.

Tanzania shares the same borders as Ethiopia, known as one of the best coffee producers in the world and the birthplace of Arabica beans. 

Tanzanian coffee is believed to have a fruity flavor, with a slight sweetness similar to that of brown bread. The beans are also notable for smelling like apples with a slight floral fragrance. 

On the other hand, their locally ground beans are from Mt. Apo, which aside from being the country’s highest peak, is one of the most popular places in the country to grow coffee beans. 

(Photo courtesy of 21 Kilometers Coffee Facebook Page)

These beans are also being supplied to popular cafes in the Philippines such as Bo’s Coffee.  

At this breakfast restaurant, you can pair any of their meals with their brewed coffee or seasonal drinks. With less than Php200 you can already have a memorable culinary experience. 

One of their most popular breakfast specials is the Waffle Breakfast, which is served with Hungarian sausage and a sunny side-up egg. 

Their banana pancakes are served with bacon, which costs Php85, making it the perfect budget-friendly meal for hungry motorists.

Other food items include a selection of sandwiches, rice meals, and pasta. You can also finish off with any of their desserts, such as cakes or cookies. 

21 Kilometers Coffee may seem like a low-key streetside cafe, but its budget-friendly offerings and breathtaking ambiance definitely help it stand out among the many other coffee shops in Cebu. 

All you need for a great time in Cebu is conveniently situated 21 kilometers away from the city. 



Exact Location: 

Cantipla 1, Barangay Tabunan, Cebu City

Operating Hours: 

7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

The cafe is around 8 kilometers away from Sirao Flower Garden and around 4 kilometers away from Balamban. You may want to take a habal-habal to get there faster, and it’s around 35 minutes away from the city if you travel by car.

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