Utopia Cafe: A Cocktail Bar and Restaurant in Busay

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Utopia Cafe is known for its intimate al fresco dining setup and delectable drinks.

What makes a great date night venue? 

Is it the ambiance? 

The food? 

The service provided? 


All of this is considered when planning out an intimate dinner date. After all, picking the right venue will make spending quality time with your special someone extra special and memorable. 

Cebu Transcentral Highway in particular has dozens of places that have become popular date night locations for many Cebuanos. That being said, a new al fresco cafe and restaurant offers a soothing ambiance in a secluded area. 

This way, you are sure to enjoy a romantic night out with your significant other.

This mountain cafe is nestled between two famous tourist spots located in Busay.

Utopia Cafe is one of TCH’s best kept secrets. It is located by the side of a hill between Mountain View Nature’s Park and the Temple of Leah. It utilizes the area’s breathtaking view of the city as a backdrop. 

The outdoor setup of green and lush foliage adds to the overall fine dining experience. Its minimalistic architecture also creates a rustic vibe that you will immediately appreciate once you step foot in the establishment.

The cool countryside air paired with the spectacular view definitely makes every visit feel special. The lights hanging from the trees also create a beautiful spectacle at night.   


Utopia Cafe offers cocktails, coffee drinks, and snacks to pair with the soothing ambiance.

At Utopia Cafe, you can indulge in their signature pizzas, coffee drinks, and cocktails.  

Their pizza has been a best seller ever since it was added to the menu. It’s 12 inches long and is divided into eight slices. They offer classic pizza parlor favorites like Pepperoni and 5 Cheese, with a few original flavors that make them stand out. 

Their best-selling pizza is the Utopia Special, which is made with homemade alfredo sauce, glazed chicken, and kangkong chips. 

Utopia Cafe also pays homage to Cebuano food culture with their Cebuano Pizza, which has Cebuano chorizo and homemade kesong puti (white cheese). 

It’s also served with a bowl of their signature pasyotes puree, which gives some rather extreme spice to the pizza.  

You can pair their pizzas with their House Fries, which is served with a flavorful signature sauce. It’s big enough to be shared with a friend or two.

Drinks at Utopia Cafe are served on top of stone blocks. This adds to their elevated look, which will surely leave people asking where the place is located.

Their selection of coffee drinks is well known for their unique taste and flavors. One of their best sellers is the Cloud Mousse, which is basically chocolate-flavored coffee with white chocolate syrup, with a toasted vanilla biscuit and white cream on top. 

They also offer a bunch of fruity cocktails if you’re up for some light drinking. Their Pillow Inn signature drink has a cherry-like taste but is made up of tiramisu and vanilla.

The drink uses vodka as its base, so you may feel tipsy in an instant. You can balance it out with a chaser like any of their Premium tea drinks, or a glass of soda or water. 

Feast on their delicious meals and drinks and enjoy the relaxing ambiance of this new mountain cafe. It’s located near some of Cebu’s most popular tourist attractions, so it’s a great stopover before seeing them. 

For around P1,500 you can already have a memorable dinner date. It’s also a great place to hang out with friends and family if you want some peace and quiet.


Exact Location:

Busay, Cebu City (Between Mountain View Nature’s Park and the Temple of Leah) 

Operating Hours: 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 2:00 PM – 11:00 PM


The best way to commute to the cafe is by riding a motorcycle taxi at JY Square Mall. Tell the driver to drop you off at Utopia. You can mention that it’s near the Temple of Leah. 

You may have to pay extra or negotiate with the driver if you want them to wait for you. There is a chance you can find motorcycle taxis along the Transcentral Highway, but having a driver wait for you somewhere would be more convenient. 

Utopia Cafe also has a spacious parking lot for private vehicles.

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