Capu Coffee: The Newest Hole-in-the-Wall Cafe in Cebu

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Enjoy the cozy atmosphere at this quaint hole-in-the-wall cafe in Cebu!

Nowadays, startup companies are burdened with having to come up with something new or unique to attract customers. This is especially true for the coffee industry. 

A typical cafe in Cebu has to have the perfect blend of ambience and food to make a lasting impression. 

This requires teamwork, with each member contributing something to the table. There should also be a sense of community for customers to be able to create and share something beautiful during each visit.

So if you were to build your own coffee shop, who would you trust to help manage it? 

For a trio of Cebuano siblings, they would say… each other. 

Capu Coffee cafe in Cebu Capu Coffee will captivate you with its chic design, delicious coffee, and irresistible desserts.

Welcome to Capu Coffee, a newly opened coffee shop in Camputhaw. Customers have raved about how its modern aesthetics complement the delectable food and coffee drinks, all in a charming hole-in-the-wall location. 

This new cafe in Cebu is managed by the Tans, who combined their passion and expertise to create a cozy nook for coffee lovers. 

Their beverages and desserts will surely entice coffee addicts and dessert enthusiasts alike.  

Despite the rather quiet setup, it’s pretty accessible, with several public transportation options that pass by the area. 

So far it hasn’t gone mainstream since its soft opening back in December 2023. 

Now, it should definitely be on your radar.


Capu Coffee first opened in 2023, in a discreet, hidden area within Barangay Camputhaw.

Capu is managed by three siblings, namely Adrian, Beatrix, and Mandee. 

According to an interview with, the idea of creating their own coffee shop had been floating around the family since 2016. 

At the time, commercial coffee shops like Starbucks and Bo’s Coffee dominated the coffee industry, so the siblings continued to flourish within their respective careers.

As more hole-in-the-wall cafes started popping up in Cebu, the Tans finally agreed to create their own coffee shop, each contributing their own skills and talents to the business. 

Adrian came up with the coffee drinks, taking inspiration from his hobby of brewing and mixing coffee. Beatrix used her design background to come up with the interiors and branding. Lastly, Mandee came up with their selection of cakes and pastries. 

Thanks to their team effort, Capu Coffee officially opened to the public towards the end of 2023. It is located at the Advent Business Center, a few meters away from Ayala Center Cebu. 


Their bestsellers include the ube cake and Spanish latte.

As a startup company, Capu offers the usual coffee staples you would typically find in a regular cafe in Cebu. 

The baristas experimented on different flavors using locally-sourced beans and ingredients. 

Each drink is served on a wooden board to give it a more appealing look for photos. 

Their bestsellers include the iced matcha latte, which many customers have lauded for its mix of earthy and milky flavors. 

Another crowd favorite is their long black, which is great if you need that extra caffeine kick to stay productive. 

The Spanish latte is another popular drink at Capu Coffee. 

As for their cakes, they are all made from scratch. Mandee – who also manages her own bakery online – mentioned that she baked each dessert to cater to the Cebuano palate. 

They have three main cakes, namely the Chocolate Moist, Strawberry Shortcake, and Ube Creme Cake. 

The chocolate moist cake is a classic, with its crumbly texture and sweet custard giving you a blend of mouthwatering flavors.

The strawberry cake had been experimented with as well. It is filled to the brim with strawberry goodness, from its filling of blended strawberries to a caramelized piece that is placed on top. 

However, this cafe in Cebu takes pride in their ube cake, which is also made from natural ingredients. Their filling is infused with ube halaya, which is made straight from the root of an ube. 

Currently, the cafe only offers coffee drinks and desserts, but they will soon serve meals and snacks in the future to turn it into a brunch restaurant where customers can relax. 

As for the interior design, their head designer Beatrix mentioned that she took inspiration from trips to coffee shops in Thailand and Korea. 

The cafe uses a minimalistic design with neutral colors, giving it a relaxing, moody ambience. Dark accents give it a photogenic appeal that looks great no matter what time of day. 

You can visit Capu Coffee at the Advent Business Center, located on the right side of Eden’s Place. It is accessible through the street right next to BPI across from Harold’s Evotel. 

If you plan to commute there, you can either ride a 12L at Ayala Center Cebu and get off at Eden’s Place, or any bus going to IT Park via Lahug. For the latter, get off across from Harold’s and you can walk to the cafe from there. 


Monday to Friday: 

8:00 AM – 6:00 PM 

Saturday and Sunday:

8:00 AM – 8:00 PM 

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