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The Coffee Project brings its world-renowned aesthetic and instagrammable atmosphere to Cebu.

Art and coffee are pretty much synonymous with each other. Coffee shops use paintings and murals to elevate their soothing ambiance as instagrammable places. 

Rest assured, you can feel this connection at Coffee Project, a coffee shop in Talisay City that combines contemporary artwork with rustic interior design.

This cafe in Talisay City has a contemporary rustic design.

This cafe can spark many creative endeavors with its ambiance, perfect for those who want to chill, relax, work, or study. Cafe-hoppers will also love the long list of delicious coffee drinks, breakfast meals, and sweet snacks available. 

The cafe is known nationwide for its first branch in Starmall Alabang, recognized as one of the most instagrammable cafes in the world by Big 7 Travel, ranking 24th among 50 coffee shops. 

As more Starmall branches opened outside of Manila, more parts of the country had their own Coffee Project branches.  

In Cebu, the Coffee Project opened its first establishment in the south, at Starmall, right outside the southern tip of South Road Properties in Barangay Lawaan, Talisay. 


The cafe has a relaxing ambiance to pair with your meals and coffee drinks.

Art plays an integral part in the Coffee Project’s ambiance. Large artistic murals and bikes on the walls give the cafe a photogenic and youthful vibe. 

Pots and vases of plants and flowers are scattered around the cafe to add to its homey atmosphere as well. Artificial trees create a soothing indoor garden ambiance for you to relax and unwind. 

You might also notice the use of memorabilia inspired by British culture. The sofa at the side of the store is Union Jack-designed, while the restroom is called “The Loo,” the British terminology for toilet.

As for the things you can do at the cafe, Coffee Project offers free wifi so you can browse or get some work done. They also have a few private rooms for small meetings with colleagues or friends. 

You can show your appreciation for the cafe by leaving a review on their Freedom Board, situated right outside the loo. 

Coffee Project offers a variety of desserts, including bread, cakes, and pastries.


The Coffee Project blends its drinks with 70% Arabica beans from Brazil and 30% Robusta Coffee from Sumatra. Their most popular drink is their Vietnamese Latte, made from rich Nguyen beans blended with sweetened milk to give it a chocolatey flavor. 

The cafe provides sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and breakfast dishes to feed hungry customers. They also offer shareable finger food items like french fries and fish and chips. 

If you have more of a sweet tooth, try out their selection of sweet desserts, which range from bread, cakes, and pastries.

You can buy their cakes in slices or as a whole to share with a group.

Cafes are perfect for students looking for a quaint area to finish their assignments or study for their exams. Employees will also appreciate the ambiance and atmosphere as they accomplish their workloads. 

The Talisay City establishment elevates this environment with an emphasis on interior design and artistic flair. Aside from getting some work done, you will surely want to take a few snapshots of this artful cafe. 

The Coffee Project showcases their love for art in Cebu through murals and memorabilia, making it as photogenic and aesthetically pleasing as any coffee shop on the island. 

Visit this homey coffee shop and witness its world-renowned interior design for yourself.


Exact Location: 

First Floor, Starmall, Talisay City

Operating Hours: 

8:00 AM – 9:00 PM 


Take any public utility vehicle going to Minglanilla or Naga and get off at Starmall. It’s only a few meters from South Road Properties. 

The cafe is right in front of the mall, across from Chowking. You might have to use the entrance inside the mall to get in. 

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