Outback Servo | A Breakfast Cafe in the Mountains of Busay

Outback Servo is a breakfast cafe in Cebu that serves Australian-inspired meals with a Filipino twist.

Nothing beats a delicious and hefty breakfast to jumpstart your morning. As the most important meal of the day, it’s not surprising that many of us fill up our stomachs that will leave us satisfied till noon.

If you’re looking for a breakfast cafe that can offer you that and more, then take a look at this relaxing place located in the mountains of Busay!

With a cozy atmosphere and a selection of hefty meals, Outback Servo has been a go-to location for young professionals, cyclists, and food enthusiasts who want to enjoy a good breakfast with a fantastic view.

The cafe has some great aesthetics thanks to the overall ambiance of Cebu Transcentral Highway.

Located in the neighborhood of Babag along Cebu Transcentral Highway, this quiet but thrilling cafe offers dishes inspired by Filipino and Australian cuisines. They have a long list of meals, snacks, desserts, and coffee that you definitely have to try.


At this breakfast cafe, you can enjoy full meals or snacks that cater to any food lover. This is especially enjoyable after a long trip along TCH.

They have a couple of breakfast meals that will get you up and running.

One of their newer offerings is a set of six pieces of fried chicken good for three people. This includes gravy and three cups of rice, all for Php700. You can also buy a side of their cheesy bacon fries.

Other than rice meals, they also have a few appetizers and entreés for you to get your fill, such as their creamy carbonara and Brekkie Wrap burrito.

Want to stay alive, awake, and enthusiastic? Outback Servo also offers hot and cold coffee drinks, perfect for if you’re on the go.

One of their bestsellers is the Java Chip frappe, a coffee-based beverage topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

Turon from Outback Servo

You can also order some Filipino breakfast staples and light snacks. One is turon, which are banana plantains covered in a lumpia wrapper and deep-fried with brown sugar.

Finally, they also have a selection of desserts like cinnamon buns and cakes. Their Sweet Waffle Pancakes are a popular menu item. This dessert has a scoop of ice cream on top and slices of sweet mango.


Facade of Outback Servo

This is one cafe in Cebu with a view that will make every visit worth it.

TCH is home to some of Cebu’s most scenic tourist spots and outdoor dining establishments, and Outback Servo is the newest cafe to take advantage of the location’s aesthetics.

View of the mountains

Some cafes and restaurants along TCH, however, barely have a view, showing you a bunch of buildings and infrastructure instead of allowing you to appreciate nature at its finest.

But at this breakfast cafe, you have a view of a scenic horizon full of rich foliage and vegetation. The lush green trees can be a worthwhile alternative to the views of the city, which can get stale and overrated for some.

Area outside of Outback Servo

There are barely any nearby establishments, making the cafe feel more private and intimate. If you visit in the morning, you’ll likely have the place all to yourself.

The cafe is just along the highway, so it won’t be hard to find.

The first floor is covered in an impressive interior, giving the cafe a modern aesthetic. The wooden chairs offer a rustic vibe, elevated by wooden beams and large pots of plants.

Several artworks can also be seen scattered around the cafe, giving it the coffee shop vibe that most people love about cafes.

The second floor has the same rustic design, but it is more spacious and has a few chairs facing the mountains. These are perfect for selfies or portraits, or if you simply want to enjoy the ambiance and view.

Surrounded by luscious greenery and a relaxing cool breeze, it’s easy to see that every trip to this place will surely be worth it.

This breakfast cafe also has a selection of meals, snacks, and drinks that will satisfy many food trip enthusiasts. The mix of international and local favorites makes for a delightful continental breakfast.

Many establishments use the backdrop of the city as a selling point for their al fresco dining. Outback Servo, on the other hand, is a more private, intimate venue that isn’t so hard to find, and is one of the best places to get a good breakfast meal when traveling along TCH.



Exact Location:
Ipil-Ipil, Barangay Babag, Cebu Transcentral Highway

Operating Hours:
8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

  • Motorcycle Taxi

Like many other tourist spots at TCH, your best option to get there is to hail a motorcycle or habal-habal near JY Square in Lahug. Travel time will be around 45 minutes to an hour.

You can also bring a private vehicle since the cafe has a parking area.

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