A New Hip Record Store in Cebu: Unity Coffee & Vinyl

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Embark on a unique dining experience at this restaurant that's also a record store!

Looking to elevate your dining experience?

There’s a lot to love about the newest and hottest hangout spot in town. Unity Coffee & Vinyl is both a restaurant cafe and record store, known for serving good coffee, food, and you guessed it, music.

Vinyl records are one of the main selling points of this local coffee shop.

A lot of guests drop by the cafe from morning until night time. Whether they’re there for the food or coffee, they never fail to admire the selection of vinyl records on display as well. 

You can find all kinds of records at the cafe lounge, where the main restaurant is located, and at the record lounge on the second floor (which you can access through a secret door!). 

The cafe is situated near Cebu Provincial Capitol, behind Cebu Doctor’s Hospital. It used to be a House of Lechon branch.

They are open from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, with their menu consisting of breakfast and silog meals, salads, sandwiches, pica-pica, desserts, and more. For their drinks, they have fruit shakes, coffee, cocktails, and beer. 

What’s great is that you can order any of these at any time of the day.


Like many cafes and restaurants in Cebu City, Unity has an assortment of food and drinks available. Their menu is curated and prepared by the cooks of Everything Yummy, a locally-based restaurant. 

You can enjoy their silog meals with a cup of plain or garlic rice, with two sunny side up eggs and a side of deep fried banana plantains. Their Filipino breakfast staples include Beef Tapa, Hungarian Sausage, Chorizo, and more. 

The price range for their meals is between Php200 to Php450.  

For premium meat selections, they have The Rib King Full Slab at Php1,300 and Half Slab at Php720. Their Champion Chops also come with plain rice or mashed potatoes at Php650.

Lighter food options include the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, which is popular among many customers. It may be an American classic, but it’s not a common food item at other restaurants in Cebu City. 

There is also a selection of pasta, vegetables, chicken, seafood, soup, beef, pork, and sides. Rest assured, the food at Unity Coffee & Vinyl has garnered a lot of attention because of how good it tastes. 

Many have also mentioned that it’s worth the price.

If you’re interested in their pastries and desserts, you can try out their plain or blueberry cheesecake, sansrival, muffins, croissants, brownies, and more.

Their drinks are not something to skimp over either. All their coffee and tea drinks are below Php200, all served with quality taste.

Their Matcha Latte is a crowd favorite, with staples such as Spanish Latte and Americano making rounds among coffee lovers.

The Pink Salt Latte, however, is gaining popularity these days.

On the other hand, fruit smoothies make for a healthy and filling beverage to pair with your meals.

Enjoy their selection of cocktails as well as local and imported beer!

Upstairs, customers can chill in the record lounge where DJs play records in line with a particular theme. They use high-end record players with hi-fi sound quality.

They have comfortable chairs available where you can relax and enjoy listening to the music being played. You can also browse through their selection of vinyl records that adorn the walls and shelves within the lounge.

You will find some of the most famous albums from genres like Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Indie music, as well as soundtracks from various movies and musicals. 

Unity also has gadgets to improve your music listening experience at home, like hi-fi speakers, headphones, and even record players. 

If you don’t know how a record player works, you can ask the shopkeeper for tips or simply search it on YouTube!

Browse through a vast collection of vinyls at this record store.

You will find discographies of world-renowned musicians like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, and many more. You might find some of your all-time faves or discover new artists.   

There are also a lot of hidden gems worth exploring as you dig through their collection of records. 

There are brand new records and some that are used but in great condition. The shopkeeper also plays different records throughout the day for your listening pleasure. 

You can sit at any of their cocktail tables or the lounge chairs in the middle. Come alone or with friends and family. You are sure to enjoy and appreciate the hi-fi audio system in place.

The record store also holds events from time to time where vinyl selectors play their signature playlists, all on vinyl.


Despite the recent growth in digital streaming platforms, many audiophiles still prefer vinyl records because of their superior sound and culture. 

Physical copies of your favorite albums definitely make for a one-of-a-kind experience.

You can also check out the events at the record store and observe the vinyl selectors playing.

Take note that the turntables they have on display are brand new, in case you’re interested in an old record player that’s considered “vintage.”

This local coffee shop is not your typical cafe, because it brings your love for music to a different level as you enjoy the restaurant’s delicious offerings.

The vinyl records span decades’ worth of music, and there is a lot to satisfy both audiophiles and foodies alike. You can look forward to having an elevated dining experience that is like no other.

At Unity Coffee, come for the food, but stay for the vinyls.  

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