Enjoy Hearty Filipino Breakfast Meals at Silogan sa Opao!

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Enjoy Filipino breakfast meals any time of the day at Silogan sa Opao!

A silog is a Filipino dish combining sinangag (garlic rice) and itlog (eggs). These components are then paired with other famous food items like hotdog, bacon, or tapa (dried meat) to create a complete meal.

The combination of savory meat, egg, and rice has made it a Filipino breakfast staple. The simple medley is perfect for starting your day, but many food enthusiasts still look for this dish during lunch and dinner time.

The design of this Mandaue City eatery is reminiscent of a traditional American diner.

You can try this classic food combination at the Silogan sa Opao. This new bar-like diner in Mandaue City specializes in silog meals and other Filipino-adopted foreign dishes.

Its contemporary aesthetics are reminiscent of a traditional American diner, although some aspects are very much Filipino – like the wooden tables and chairs and the bamboo-covered ceiling.

One thing that restaurants and eateries like this are famous for is that people can enjoy a hearty Filipino breakfast meal any time of the day.


Other than their regular silog meals, they have Tuna Panga, Burger Steak, and more!


Silog dishes thrive on simplicity and do not skimp on servings. The three components make for a complete meal no matter the time of the day.

Sinangag is made from leftover rice from the night before and sautéed in a lot of garlic. Silogan sa Opao uses Java Rice and tops it with fried garlic to add some more flavor.

The second component is the sunny-side-up egg. The runny yolk adds more flavor to the sinangag. You can also cut up the egg and mix it to create a makeshift egg-fried rice.

Silogan sa Opao uses meat dishes from regular Filipino breakfast meals like Corned Beef, Tocino, Chorizo, and Lumpia. One of their more popular silog meals is the Burger Steak, which also comes in a sizzling version.

The restaurant’s bestsellers include Sisig, Tuna Panga, Pancit, and Batchoy. There are more options for side dishes, including a large plate of Nachos.

While Silogan sa Opao’s target audience is Filipinos, they also serve foreign-inspired dishes like Ramen (although it may not be authentic).

The restaurant’s design makes it one of the most instagrammable places in Mandaue.


The vintage interior design stands out, giving the restaurant a diner-like environment. Paintings and other memorabilia create a laid-back and photogenic atmosphere for one of the most instagrammable places in Mandaue.

Silogan sa Opao utilizes al fresco dining, allowing the open-air breeze to flow through the restaurant. This setup also has an old-school look to it that is popular in many contemporary restaurants and eateries in Cebu.  

Silog may be known as a Filipino breakfast dish, but the hearty serving makes for a great option for lunch and dinner as well. The restaurant’s lighting and outdoor setup also add to the appeal, making it easier for you to enjoy your meal. 

The restaurant is open until 1 in the morning. 

That’s not all! They also bring in local bands to perform live, which brings a whole different vibe to the restaurant and your dining experience. Customers may even approach the mic and perform a couple of songs if they want.


The menu that Silogan sa Opao serves is enough to interest most Cebuanos and tourists. Silog meals are famous for their reasonable price and generous serving.

While the dish has only a handful of components that many people enjoy, there are so many other variations that will suit your palette and appetite.

Also, everyone loves egg dishes! Pair them with whatever meal you like, and you get a lot of health benefits because of their high amount of protein. It can complement many meat dishes to give them some more flavor.

Silog meals are pretty popular among high school and college students because of how budget-friendly they are. Many food enthusiasts also flock to these small eateries looking for cheap meals with eggs and meat that can suffice for a long day at work.

You can even find other restaurants offering silog meals on online food delivery apps like Grab and Foodpanda.

As of writing, many of the silog dishes at this restaurant cost less than 100 Php, complete with soup and a glass of iced tea.

Silogan sa Opao serves a bunch of Filipino breakfast pairings in an aesthetically pleasing location. Add this restaurant to your go-to list if you want a quick but tasty meal, all while taking in the soothing ambiance and appreciating the affordable prices.

The restaurant also makes for a great hangout spot with friends and family.

All things considered, you can never go wrong with a simple yet filling silog meal.


Exact Location

G Ouano St. Opao, Mandaue City, Philippines

Operating Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Friday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 AM


The most common public transportation option you can take is via tricycle. There are a couple of tricycle drivers parked at Mandaue City Hall in Barangay Centro. You can also hitch a ride along Ouano Avenue near the Metro Fresh N’ Easy.

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