TD & Co: A Delightful Cafe That Serves Tea, Donuts, & Coffee

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A famous Filipino donut shop has arrived in Cebu, located at 8 Banawa Centrale.
(Photo courtesy of TD&Co Cebu Facebook Page)

“Life is better with a sprinkle of donuts.”

Would you agree?

Donuts are considered a timeless dessert. They are strikingly colorful, easy to eat, and irresistibly filling. They can come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. One thing’s for sure, when anyone hears the word donut, they know they’re in for a sweet treat.

That being said, everyone has their own go-to donut shop. But it’s always nice to see new players come along to offer something new.

Some specialty stores may add a special twist to these iconic desserts, with toppings and fillings of different delights to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Luckily for us Cebuanos, a popular Manila-based donut shop has opened their first branch in Cebu.

Welcome to TD & Co, a delightful cafe that serves more than just tea, donuts, and coffee.

This donut shop offers a ton of budget-friendly treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth. (Photo courtesy of TD&Co Cebu Facebook Page)

This local cafe first opened in 2021 during the height of the pandemic, going by the name “Tusweets Coffee Shop.” It was basically a small corner cafe in Marikina with moderately priced food items.

Their donuts became their main selling point, with its many variations gaining tons of attention locally. Their popularity skyrocketed the company to success, spawning many branches in commercialized spaces around the Philippines.

TD & Co officially arrived in Cebu in 2023, located on the second floor of 8 Banawa Centrale, open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily.


(Photo courtesy of TD&Co Cebu Facebook Page)

The first thing you will notice is the display of donuts and pastries covering one whole side of the cafe. Customers simply get a tray and a pair of tongs, take whatever donut or pastry they like, then pay for it at the cash register.

Each treat is exquisitely handcrafted and made to cater to the Filipino palate (also to give it a nostalgic feel), highlighting the country’s love for homemade desserts and dishes.

Their donuts come in over 30 different flavors, with many inspired by Filipino desserts. They do add more flavors from time to time – that way you can try different kinds of donuts depending on the season or trend.

(Photos courtesy of TD&Co Cebu Facebook Page)

The price range for their regular-sized donuts is around Php48 to 68. They also have mini donuts at Php25 each, which are easier to eat and carry around.

One of their classic donut flavors is Granny’s Best Old Fashioned, which is among the most affordable on the menu. It’s a pretty simple treat – a regular-sized donut coated in a generous serving of confectioners’ sugar.

But if you take Granny’s Best and crystallize the sugar on top, you get another one of TD & Co’s crowd favorites: the Creme Brulee donut.

This unique version of the dessert combines the chewiness of the dough with the crunchiness of the burnt sugar for an orchestra of textures. TD & Co also adds fillings to them for a distinct taste.

Their latest brulee donut flavors include Ube Cream Cheese, highlighting the donut shop’s empowerment of Filipino cuisine.

They also have premium donuts with a Filipino twist, like the Perikaye and the Yema de Leche. The former is their original ube donut, which has a rich ube filling and delectable cream cheese on top.

The Yema de Leche, on the other hand, is a brulee donut with a big leche flan piece in the middle. The gooeyness of the leche flan perfectly contrasts the crackling crunch of the burnt sugar.

(Photo courtesy of TD&Co Cebu Facebook Page)

TD & Co also has a selection of breads and pastries. They recently unveiled their stuffed pandesal offerings, with savory fillings such as tuna or corned beef.

They offer all-day breakfast meals as well. To top it all off, you can have free coffee refills every day until 10:00 AM.

Many of their products are pretty well-priced for the average consumer, especially with some donut boxes costing less than Php500. This could be a good budget-friendly option for a brunch date, study session, or just a regular hangout with friends.


Just by looking at their menu, you can tell that the people behind TD & Co are proud of their roots.

They source their ingredients locally, so you aren’t just supporting TD & Co, but also the hardworking farmers and distributors that work tirelessly for their harvest.

TD & Co expertly blends Filipino cuisine with some of your all-time favorite donut flavors. This delectable fusion is something that will appeal to Filipinos everywhere.

The company also strives for a homey atmosphere, with management treating everyone like family, not to mention the excellent service provided by their jovial staff.

TD & Co may be one of the newer donut shops in the country, but it’s definitely no slouch. Their unique donut flavors give the world-renowned dessert a Filipino twist that is a no-brainer for dessert lovers.

Drop by TD & Co Cebu and give their delicious donuts a try. Don’t forget to pair them with tea or coffee for a combination of flavors that will leave you wanting more!

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