We’ve Cocreate Cafe Banawa: Yarn Art & Tasty Desserts

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Visit We’ve Cocreate Cafe in Banawa with loved ones!

A new cafe in Cebu is making waves by giving customers a fun and unique way to enjoy their time while having their favorite cup of Joe.

If you’ve never tried weaving before, now is a great time to get into it. 

Why? Because We’ve Cocreate Cafe gives you the perfect space to enjoy this soothing activity with friends, family, and loved ones. Plus, it’s conveniently located in Banawa, Cebu City.

If coffee and desserts are your thing, you will definitely love a new spin on this satisfying combo. 

Check out Cebu’s first yarn-themed cafe, which highlights the art of crocheting by allowing customers to weave different designs and patterns. Inside the cafe you will also find displays of adorable finished products and pieces. 

A recreational activity like this is not only relaxing, it’s also easy to do!

Whether you want to test out your creativity or aim to have this as your new hobby, yarn art is something you’ll come to appreciate once you give it a try.

Because of how cute the place is, one may even consider it an Instagrammable cafe in Cebu City.


This cafe in Banawa highlights weaving yarn into beautiful art pieces.

Crocheting includes the use of hooked sticks (crochet is the French word for hook) to create various textile designs and products. It’s an intricate art form requiring skill and patience, but it can also be a rewarding hobby. 

This is great for artists looking for new outlets to show off their creativity. Even learning the basics is enough to help you create a complete design or art piece. 

Other than that, the activity is believed to be good for your mental health, as it serves as a stress reliever from the busyness of life. 

You can create tons of items to use as display pieces or gifts, which many have done and turned into a lucrative side hustle.  

If you’re looking for ideas on what to weave or crochet, this Banawa cafe has items available for you to take inspiration from. This includes various collectibles and outfits. 

We’ve also uses crocheted potted plants and berets as substitutes for interior design pieces. Their pillows have intricate woven designs for a more eye-popping look. 

If you’re new to weaving yarn, there are several books at the cafe where you can learn the basics of crocheting, and they have a complete set of materials to get you started. 

You can create your own pieces from the comfort of your tables. There are tons of different colors to choose from, as seen from their wall of yarn balls, which subsequently serves as the cafe’s centerpiece. 

You can even buy your own materials and learn crocheting at home. They have crochet hooks for sale so you can create your own adorable pieces. 

On display are some colorful crochet pieces made by Crochet Studio Cebu. This includes potted plants, hats, bouquets, and plushies of famous characters from anime shows and video games.


Apart from the unique activity itself, don’t miss trying out on their selection of coffee and desserts.

As for their selection of food and drinks, they have several cakes, sandwiches, pastries, and craft coffee drinks to satisfy coffee and dessert lovers alike. 

There are currently no meals available at the cafe, but their sandwiches are the perfect light snack to pair with your coffee. 

Their best sellers include the Classic Tuna and Spinach Pepperoni, all of which cost around Php 210 to Php 295. 

If you want something that’s good for sharing, they have the Herbed Cream Cheese Board, which contains slices of bread that you dip into their delicious herbed cream cheese.   

Their selection of cakes include the Choco Blackout, which is their version of a chocolate moist cake. They also have Mango Cheesecake, which is topped with sweet mango bits. 

Another cheesecake at the cafe is made with an ube base, topped with creamy icing and a layer of jackfruit.

Aside from cakes, they have a selection of pastries such as croissants and pain au chocolat, as well as chocolate chips and s’more cookies.

Whether you’re in need of a cup of coffee, a good dessert, or a fun and worthwhile activity, this cafe in Banawa may provide you with the perfect stress reliever.

Weaving yarn can be a form of self-expression, and We’ve Cocreate Cafe provides the perfect avenue for you to do this, all while enjoying your favorite coffee and desserts!


Exact Location: 

2nd Floor, 8 Banawa Centrale (right next to True Value and right above the Marketplace), Banawa, Cebu City

Operating Hours:

Tuesdays – Sundays

10:00 AM – 9:00 PM 


The easiest jeepney route you can take is a 12L from Ayala Center Cebu. Tell the driver you’ll be getting off at Banawa Centrale. 

Alternatively, if you are coming from the southern part of the city, you can ride a modernized jeepney going to IT Park, as they usually pass by Banawa.

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