The Queen of Cebuano Delicacies Since 1907: Titay’s Liloan

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Titay’s is Cebu’s oldest bakery, and it has served many Cebuano delicacies for over a hundred years.

Cebuano delicacies are far and away from your traditional cakes and pastries. Sweet and sour treats and other peculiar-shaped biscuits are only the tip of the island’s Filipino food mountain. In the northern town of Liloan, the oldest bakery on the island stands tall as one of the best places to buy baked goods anywhere in Cebu. Its popularity has spread all over the country, bringing the brand of local baking to a grander stage.

The main branch in Liloan is one of the most popular places in Northern Cebu, bringing in many customers each year.


Titay’s is one of the island’s most popular businesses, due to the selection of treats that have filled up the stomachs of locals and tourists for over a century. These delicacies are Cebu food culture favorites, bringing back memories for older Cebuanos and travelers who once got a taste of these iconic baked goodies.

The history of this renowned bakery began in the early 1900s when passionate young baker Margarita “Titay” Frasco gave homemade, nameless biscuits to customers who would buy from her store. She would add these with every purchase of soda, pulling in many customers from all around town who are interested in trying out these tasty treats.

The ring-shaped biscuits known as the Rosquillos is the bakery’s most popular product.


The biscuit was later called the “Rosquillos” after a visit from the provincial governor to Liloan. Out of curiosity, he asked what it was called, but Titay didn’t have an answer. This was when the name was coined due to the snack’s peculiar yet elegant shape.

Years later, the next generation of the Frasco family line, led by Corazon Frasco, brought their delicacies to other business centers like malls and markets outside Liloan. They also started to add more baked goods like breads and other homemade pastries to their product line. Titay’s reputation exploded, turning their products into go-to souvenir snacks at any Cebu pasalubong center. The mixture of flour, eggs, and milk, along with the secret formula to the Rosquillos recipe, made it a timeless classic that remains a favorite for many Cebuanos of all ages and backgrounds.

There are more Cebuano delicacies that you can try when you visit any Titay’s branch in Cebu, and they are just as tasty as the famous ringlet-shaped biscuits.


Rosquillos continues to be their flagship product. This delicacy has become synonymous with the town itself. Its crunchy exterior, pleasing aroma, and sweet flavor complements the many fun ways to eat it. Young children eating these treats wrapped around their fingers was a common sight in simpler times. You can ask locals who grew up in Cebu and chances are that they ate the famous Rosquillos treats the same way. It definitely added to the appeal of the snack, giving off a nostalgic feeling of comfort.

Though it is their most famous product, it’s not the only thing on their menu. Another famous Filipino food favorite from Cebu that they sell is the Otap, which was popularized by Shamrock in Cebu City. They also sell lesser known delicacies like the Hojaldres, the Galletas de Carmen, the Galletas de Bato, the Polvoron, and the Sinudlan. Most of these snacks are best paired with a hot drink like Milo or coffee. You can taste most of Titay’s favorites with their goodie bag filled with their best sellers.

They also have a special recipe for the Rosquillos Corazon which are sold to help with the bakery’s charity works.

The bakery is also known for selling a special edition version of their most popular product, the Rosquillos Corazón. Its main purpose was to help with the bakery’s charity programs, but it is also known for having a creamier flavor.

If you are traveling to Northern Cebu, you might want to visit the original branch that is located along the highway. There, they sell many breads and pastries that you won’t otherwise see in other pasalubong centers in the metro. They have an assortment of donuts of different flavors, as well as brewed coffee for a short energy boost. They even offer door-to-door delivery within the Liloan area, making it more convenient to get treats from their flagship store.

You can buy snack packs of Titay’s tasty Cebuano delicacies in other stores outside Liloan.

But what if you live further away? As mentioned, major malls sell these treats in department stores and supermarkets. Some might even sell a bundle where you can try out all of Titay’s best Cebuano delicacies. You might also find some of them in markets like Tabo-an or Carbon, or in any of the stores that sell Cebu souvenirs. Titay’s also has a small store in Raintree Mall, and another branch in Mandaue City.

If you wish to try out the pastries in their main branch, a bus ride to any northern Cebu town will suffice. Most public busses will pass by Titay’s since it is along the highway. It is only a few meters away from Gaisano and Jollibee near the town proper.

Titay’s has been the poster child of Cebuano delicacies since its infancy in the early 1900s, bringing together Cebuanos of all ages thanks to its nostalgia and taste. The Rosquillos will always be their flagship product, as it is what started this craze long before they started brewing their own coffee. As we get older, we tend to crave simpler times when we would eat these biscuits worn around our fingers like rings. It has a lasting impact that many locals are familiar with, and it will continue to be one of the best treats to pair with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, or for whenever you’re looking for a quick and satisfying snack. All things considered, Titay’s certainly does not disappoint.

If you are traveling to Northern Cebu, you might want to visit the original branch that is located along the highway. There, they sell many breads and pastries that you won’t otherwise see in other pasalubong centers in the metro. They have an assortment of donuts of different flavors, as well as brewed coffee for a short energy boost. They even offer door-to-door delivery within the Liloan area, making it more convenient to get treats from their flagship store.

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