Lantaw Cordova Restaurant Reopens after Typhoon Odette

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Lantaw Cordova re-opened after months of rebuilding after Typhoon Odette.

Typhoon Odette left the Lantaw Floating Restaurant in Cordova in ruins. The floating huts and platforms suffered massive damage, leaving nothing but broken wood and bamboo all around the area. 

While other tourist spots in Cebu took only a couple of days or weeks to resume operations, Lantaw Cordova took months before opening its doors to the public again. Its intricate design made reopening much more difficult compared to other branches on the island. 

The iconic Filipino restaurant moved closer to where the floating area used to be.

Fortunately, this iconic Filipino restaurant is back in business, albeit in a different form, but with the same resort-style ambiance that is instantly recognizable by most Cebuanos. 


Lantaw Cordova reopened in June 2022 on a new floating platform next to the bridge that led to the restaurant. It is much smaller, but it maintains a relaxing and photogenic atmosphere, perfect for al fresco dining

The restaurant maintains its open walls to let the breeze flow freely within the area. The atmosphere creates a comfortable ambiance for dinner dates, parties, and social gatherings. 

Despite its size, it still has ample space for you to walk around and take pictures of the open sea. You have a breathtaking view of the Mactan Channel, the nearby 10,000 Roses Cafe, and even the newly opened Cebu Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX). 

The restaurant removed its iconic yellow-green pillows but kept the instantly recognizable wood and bamboo furniture used in local restaurants and resorts. 

The intricate design gives it a distinctly Filipino ambiance because of the local materials used. Dining here is definitely an enjoyable experience for every customer.

The ceiling has a woven design reminiscent of blankets and beds made from local fibers like rattan. It will also remind you of old ancestral houses in the countryside.  

Lantaw before and after the destruction of Typhoon Odette.

Unfortunately, the iconic floating huts that used to offer customers some privacy are no longer around. The wooden footbridge leading to the main restaurant was also washed away after the landfall of Typhoon Odette. 

However, the management has mentioned that they will be rebuilding the floating area very soon, so stay up to date with the restaurant’s progress by following their website or social media pages. 

With its relaxing ambiance and impressive aesthetics, Lantaw Cordova continues to be a traditional Filipino restaurant that both locals and tourists will come to love.


The restaurant specializes in Filipino cuisine, with a variety of grilled meat and seafood dishes.

Lantaw Cordova specializes in Filipino cuisine with menu items ranging from local delicacies to lesser-known dishes from different parts of the country. The restaurant has a shortlist of popular grilled meat and seafood dishes as well.   

Cebuano cooking is world-renowned because of Sutukil, an abbreviation for the most widely used cooking techniques on the island. Sutukil stands for sugba (grill), tuwa (made into a soup), and kilaw (eaten raw).

They have a selection of fresh fish, and you can even ask the chef to have it cooked the way you want. 

Aside from this, the Cordova branch offers a variety of options for grilled food like chicken and pork that will fill up your stomach. The large portions of their food are also good for sharing with your friends and family. 

Their menu includes other popular Filipino dishes, from appetizers like baked scallops and specialty soups like tinolang manok (chicken soup). 

You can also cool down with any of their fruit shakes or a pitcher of their special Cordova coolers. This sweet drink comes in multiple flavors from various fruits mixed into the juice. 

The Lantaw SRP branch moved to IL Corso a few months after Typhoon Odette.


Lantaw doesn’t only have one branch in Cebu, as their branch at South Road Properties moved into a space within Il Corso in Talisay City. This new branch has two floors and maintains many of the tropes popularized by the first establishment. 

The SRP branch opened around June of 2022 and is already one of the busiest places at the shopping mall, as customers line up during dinner time, excited to try this unique brand of Filipino cooking. 

This branch could be a better option since it is more accessible to Cebu City residents, as the town of Cordova may be quite far for some. 

However, the Cordova branch is only a few minutes away from the toll gates of CCLEX, so you can take the bridge if you want to eat at the first establishment. 

Lantaw Cordova is known as one of the first floating restaurants in Cebu, and it’s now open to the public after having undergone several renovations. Cebuanos were more than excited to learn that this Filipino restaurant was back in business, serving its reliable brand of local culinary offerings.

However, this is not just a celebration of the return of a familiar hangout spot. Reopening the restaurant signifies the rise of Cebuanos after experiencing a terrible disaster. 

Time will tell when the restaurant owners will restore this iconic establishment to its original state, but it is a pleasant sight to see it serving new and loyal customers after half a year of rebuilding.


Exact Location: 

Barangay Day-as, Cordova

Operating Hours:

11:00 AM – 11:00 PM (last call 9:00 PM)

  • V-Hire

You can ride a V-Hire at SM City Cebu going straight to Cordova. Get off at the drop-off point at Gaisano. Look for the pink tricycles near the shopping mall and tell the driver to bring you to Lantaw. The fare going to the restaurant will cost 30. 

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