Easy and Convenient Travel Apps You Can Use in Cebu

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You were scrolling through social media when you noticed a friend posting photos of their most recent trip to Cebu. Turns out there are a plethora of beaches, resorts, and restaurants worth checking out. So you grab a pen and paper and start making your own travel plans. 

You’ve picked your destinations, listed the activities you want to do, and figured out your travel budget. 

But the thing is, you only have little knowledge of how to make your travel hassle-free. 

Well, that’s not a problem. If you want to make the most of your trip to Cebu, we have several tips to share with you. 

When it comes to planning and taking a vacation, most travelers rely on technology more than ever. 

So what does this mean? 

This means that most travelers’ lives have been made easier with technology. Today, mobile apps have become an integral part of numerous businesses, including travel. 

Tourism is no exception to this rule. Mobile travel apps make it easy and convenient to communicate with travel companies for booking tickets and rooms and searching for good deals.

That being said, here are some useful travel apps that you should have on your smartphone:

Transportation Apps


Commuting daily is definitely a hassle, especially when there are times when you need to be extra careful when taking public transportation. 

That is why it’s important to download the ride-hailing app Grab on your phone for safety and security purposes. All the drivers and cars on this app are verified and registered. 

Grab also doesn’t tolerate any form of harassment or unprofessional driver behavior. During your ride, if you feel unsafe, you can always tap the “I Need the Police” button – a call to the police hotline will be launched to connect you with the authorities.  

The Grab app also allows you to specify a pickup point at your desired address. Airports, shopping centers, and some tourist attractions may have multiple entrances. So choose the exact pick-up or drop-off point, and the driver will be there at the specific location. 


MiCab is the Philippines’ only taxi booking service that is available in five major cities, including Cebu. MiCab was launched in September 2013 – it offers the easiest and fastest way to get a cab. 

MiCab sets itself apart by allowing users to hail a cab through the mobile app using either their internet connection or via SMS. Within a two-kilometer radius, the SMS feature connects to MiCab servers and sends information to cab drivers with smartphones. 


Most people think that travel apps are all about giving you the best recommendations of places to travel or options for car or taxi services in a particular city or country. But have you ever tried a different alternative?

Since cars can get stuck in traffic, you have the option to use the motorcycle-hailing app Angkas. This is the most popular motorcycle-hailing app in Cebu, and it helps people avoid getting stuck in traffic. 

The fares are fixed, all the rides are tracked via the app, and feedback is easily given to ensure a quality customer experience.  

You can expect your typical commute in a car or taxi to be cut in half or more during rush hour when booking an Angkas ride. The fares are also reduced by almost 70 percent (mostly) compared to four-wheeled taxis.

Navigation Apps

Google Maps 

Google Maps is a web service that provides detailed information about geographical locations and sites worldwide. The map offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, and a 360° panoramic view of the streets. 

But wait, the beauty of this mobile app doesn’t end there! It even offers real-time traffic conditions and route planning with options for traveling by foot, car, or public transportation. 


Waze is an easy-to-use navigation app that you can download on your phone for free. 

This mobile app provides real-time route guidance and maps based on your information. It recommends routes that allow you to get to your destination faster. It also gives you accurate information on driving directions, estimated time of arrival, distance, and routes. 

Difference between Google Maps and Waze

While Google Maps offers walking routes and transit information (along with informational directions), Waze is primarily focused on guiding drivers. It doesn’t include topographic data or 3D buildings, both of which are available on Google Maps. 

Either way, both make good travel apps when you’re on the go.

Accommodation Apps


AirBnB is a globally owned app that functions as a third-party software service, allowing app users to book or find lodging and accommodation in a given destination. 

This mobile app includes homestays, which are privately owned or real estate properties. These real estate properties are offered up as tourist accommodation. 

AirBnB is very simple to use and provides users with a convenient way to find affordable lodging. 


Booking.com is a handy travel tool that allows you to book a room in over 470,000 hotels, apartments, and motels all around the globe. This mobile app is accessible in over 200 countries worldwide. 

Whenever you want to travel, you can look at hotels, which show you room rates, availability, and real photos and reviews by other users. 

Booking.com is an indispensable app for you to find a nice hotel that fits your every whim. 


Tripadvisor collects massive amounts of detailed information from millions of travelers. With the aid of this mobile app, you can easily find the best lodging options, dining establishments, transportation options, and tourist attractions.


The user interface of Agoda gives you a good overview of the best hotels. Agoda’s search engines include a variety of travel locations and luxury villas that are sorted by property name, desired city, or basic landmarks.  

Other Apps You Should Have


AccuWeather helps you prepare for the day with reports on temperatures, precipitation, allergens, and the UV index. You can choose daily, hourly, or minute-by-minute weather tracking. 

This mobile app is also supported in multiple languages that allows you to understand the data being presented by the mobile app. 

Learn Cebuano Phrasebook App

The Learn Cebuano Phrasebook App is the best mobile app when you’re actually in Cebu and you need to ask a local question in Bisaya. The great part about this app is that it includes audio so that you can hear the correct pronunciation. 

That being said, this app should be on your phone as a temporary necessity for getting around Cebu. 

Why Do You Need Travel Apps?

Travel apps provide you with all the information you need for your trip, such as location, accommodations, restaurant details, ticket booking cost, and so on. You can also use these apps 24/7 to acquire information regarding their different functions and features. 

In other words, you can use these apps at your convenience without worrying about the time zone. 

All things considered, if you’re looking to have a worthwhile experience while traveling, make sure to download these apps and look forward to a convenient and hassle-free trip!

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